Elegant blouses

Elegant blouses

Hearing the word "blouse", many women will remember such an image as white top and black bottom, but thanks to modern luxurious materials and original design solutions, they are produced in a variety of styles, colors and design. In the women's wardrobe there are many elegant and feminine things, but it is a beautiful and elegant blouse that can give that incredible charm and lightness to your image.

What to wear?

Modern designers use a variety of materials and colors, so today every lady can choose a blouse for classic skirts or pants, as well as jeans and shorts of different lengths. At the same time, you can create original stylish bows that will highlight your delicate sense of style, femininity and elegance.

A blouse is considered a universal item of clothing, as having correctly selected the color and style, it can be put on for a festive event and for a walk on a warm summer evening.

Creating original and elegant images, you can choose a blouse as an addition to a costume, or make it a central object of attention. The main thing is to correctly combine colors and materials in order to create an original and light bow.

A festive celebration, wedding or other event requires a special festive attire, so for these moments you can choose elegant blouses with an abundance of jewelry. You can create an incredibly beautiful and feminine bow, wearing classic dark-colored trousers or a skirt, as well as matching a luxurious satin blouse with frill or ruffles.

The original decision will be with a short knitted skirt and a chiffon blouse, this image can only beautify your radiant smile and good mood.

For jeans, you can buy a beautiful blouse made of natural material decorated with a light laid-back pattern or embroidery. This image can be used for a walk or a hike in a cafe with friends.

Thin heels and a light translucent chiffon blouse with dark skinny jeans are a great way to go with your loved one to the cinema or restaurant.

A blouse in any case decorates you with its simplicity and elegance, or, conversely, with luxurious materials and decorations. When creating an image with an elegant model, combine the colors correctly, you should not experiment, because the blouse should emphasize your femininity and lightness.

A white blouse will be appropriate in any image, because white can be combined with all shades, as well as skirts, pants, shorts and jeans. Making a purchase, do not forget that you adorn any blouse, but not it you.

What material to choose?

Women's blouses are made from a variety of materials, but elegant models should match their vocation. To create a light and casual look, you need to choose an elegant elegant blouse made of chiffon. Having correctly picked up color and a style, such product will decorate the woman of any age.

Chiffon blouse in the form of an elongated tunic with thin straps can be bought in the summer. Such a model can be worn with jeans of strict cut, and with skirts, and with classic straight trousers, and sandals or shoes with thin high heels will make you an object of desire and adoration.

Chiffon elegant models can also be made in the form of a shirt, top, tunic or blouse with various decorations, such as ruffles, ruffles or flounces.

Massive jewelry in the form of brooches will not fit to such a product, if you want to decorate such a blouse, pick up a necklace of natural stones or massive and stylish bracelets.

Silk and satin blouses have not lost their popularity for many years. Such products can be combined with different types of clothing, the main thing is to properly combine the materials of the bottom and top. Silk elegant models of blouses look very easy and relaxed, so you should choose the bottom of the material thin and delicate.

Jeans from thin material can be used to create the image, but they should be tight to the body and have a shade darker than the top. Also, silk models can be combined with skirts and straight trousers from thin knitwear, such an image can be created both for going to a restaurant and for a business meeting.

As for satin, this material looks more dense, so these blouses can be combined with a dense knit bottom. Satin products can have various colors from delicate and light to dark, and can also be designed as a top or blouse with sleeves.

Lace blouse will be a central accent and make you more feminine and elegant. If you wish, you can pick up delicate jewelry that will only highlight your beauty and elegance, and stiletto sandals will make you a queen on any occasion.

Blouses of satin can be decorated with massive products, they will give it a more festive and elegant look, although the atlas itself looks quite luxurious.

Knitwear and crepe de chine blouses will be an excellent choice for cold autumn and winter, since such materials are more dense and heat retaining. Having picked up stylish trousers and boots or boots you will be able to create the original image for work or study. And by adding a few touches, such as an elegant handbag and jewelry made from natural materials, you can be the center of attention at any celebration or event.

Connoisseurs of the classics will be suited with plain, elegant blouses with unobtrusive jewelry, but if you prefer a freer style, you can buy a knit blouse or crepe de chine with an interesting print. In this case, you can choose an accessory or shoes with a similar pattern and create a stylish and casual bow.

Guipure blouses look luxurious and ornate even without decorations or additional accessories.

Guipure blouse can be combined with skirts of different lengths and pants. This option is most suitable for the summer, since the guipure product is very gentle, light and thin.

Lace blouse will be a central accent and make you more feminine and elegant. If you wish, you can pick up delicate jewelry that will only highlight your beauty and elegance, and stiletto sandals will make you a queen on any occasion.

We combine style

To always look stunning, you need to properly combine the styles of clothing, and in our case the styles of women's blouses. Since wearing a frank blouse for parties for a wedding or a walk, you can completely spoil the opinion of yourself. For youth parties or discos, you can freely buy open and frank models. These can be cropped blouses, models with a deep neckline in front or behind. Also, products for parties can be decorated with rhinestones, massive brooches or necklaces. In such dresses, every girl will attract the attention of not only the strong half, but also admiring glances of the weaker sex.

For a wedding celebration, you should buy an elegant blouse with a strict cut, but this does not mean at all that it should be boring. An elegant model for celebrations can also have a beautiful neckline, elegant cut and shining decorations, but in moderation. The material you can pick up very different, for example, silk, satin or chiffon. You can also decorate such products yourself, choosing unobtrusive brooches, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.The main thing is that in the final result you look royally luxurious, reserved and no frank or vulgar dresses.

For a trip with your loved one to a restaurant or theater, you should create a stylish evening look so that you always remain the center of attention. Such a bow should not be frank and catchy, it is better to choose the variant with a skirt and a light blouse with a print, original sleeves or a collar. The evening look should be fascinating, so you should be as elegant, light and feminine as possible.

You can create a summer look with a blouse of any model and cut, the main thing is that the materials are as light as possible, and the models as open as possible. Tops, tunics and T-shirts with thin straps or sleeves are no more ¾ An ideal choice for summer. As for the materials, for such a hot period you should choose natural and delicate fabrics, such as silk, chiffon, satin.

The combination of styles is also not in last place, to look stylish, you need to properly combine materials, styles and colors and you will always look luxurious.

What to wear for the weekend depends on where you will spend them. Weekends are a time of rest from the daily routine and uncomfortable office suits, so an elegant blouse should bring you maximum comfort and pleasure. The blouse should be selected to the bottom, most often it is jeans, denim shorts, mini skirts or maxi. If you have decided on the lower part of the image, select the top and the color scheme so that both parts stand out and harmoniously blend into one stylish bow.

We select the appropriate style

To make an elegant blouse sit beautifully, hide flaws and emphasize advantages, you should buy it according to the type of figure. Women with a swan neck should buy models with a collar, they can be the simplest and decorated with stones and rhinestones. Such an accent collar will make any blouse luxurious, and a woman stylish.

Owners of the “rectangle” figure should emphasize the waistline, with this task an elegant and feminine blouse with a basque will cope. It can be combined with a mini skirt and a pencil, as well as with straight and tapered knit pants. Such a model can also have an original collar, oval or V-neck.

Slender girls with a pronounced figure fitted models of blouses will be the way. Such products emphasize thin waist and elegant forms, and thin material will give the image lightness and femininity.

Women with the "triangle" type should buy models with sleeves or small flounces to highlight the shoulders. Products with short sleeves will be an excellent choice for a holiday celebration and just for a walk.

Models with long sleeves should be selected for cool weather, with such a decision you will be doubly win because you will look elegant and luxurious, and you will not be cold. Blouses with long sleeves can be made of different materials, besides the shape of the sleeves can also be different. For example, if the model is made in the style of a shirt, then the sleeve will be straight, and if the product is sewn in the form of a blouse, the sleeve may be in the form of a flashlight or flared to the edge.

Design features

Modern designers create unusual stylish designs of blouses, but in the wardrobe of every woman should be universal white and black products. White and black are combined with all the colors of the rainbow, so with such outfits, you can create many original and stylish images.

Striped print is always in fashion, regardless of the width and color of the stripes. These original models can be used in different styles, so they should be your wardrobe, regardless of the type of material or style.

A variety of striped patterns is that stripes can be horizontal and vertical.Slender tall girls are quite able to afford a blouse with horizontal stripes, and short, fluffy women of fashion can visually increase their height and add slenderness to a model with a vertical arrangement of stripes.

Images of spring-summer

This spring-summer season, items made from lightweight, luxurious and airy materials such as silk, chiffon, lace and satin remain relevant. Knitted and crepe deer products also have a place in designer collections. As for the design, floral and sea prints on warm colors will be the basis of your wardrobe for this summer season.

Stylish blouses with basque, flounces, collar and original sleeves will sparkle on the catwalks of famous fashion designers, except that colors and prints will be more refined. Bright, juicy and neon colors are most in demand, but warm pastel shades do not lose their popularity. Therefore, your spring-summer images will completely depend on your taste preferences, imagination and original taste.

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