Silk blouses

Silk blouses

It is no secret that blouses are a very feminine wardrobe item. Among all the models, the most delicate are silk blouses. Light fabric flows through the body, giving a feeling of freshness and lightness.

What to wear

Reflecting on the question of how to combine a silk blouse, it is important to remember the rule of one bright and intricate thing in the general image. This piece of clothing is a silk blouse, so the bottom should be made in pastel or dark colors.

For the office, a monochromatic silk model with short or long sleeves can be combined with a classic skirt. The color of the blouse can be any from the traditional white to delicate violet. If the company's dress code allows, a silk blouse will become even more spectacular if there are flounders, a jabot or a gate in its design.

For a summer walk fit silk products in the form of tops with one-piece sleeves or shoulder straps. A harmonious tandem for them will be short denim shorts or light skirts to the floor.

The only limitation in the selection of the image is the second silk thing. A silk blouse and trousers will transform a casual look into pajamas.

Fashionable styles

Silk is the favorite material of designers, so the models of blouses are so diverse. To choose from them that very ideal can be very difficult. In order not to get lost, it is enough to remember a few fashionable styles.


Blouses with short sleeves - salvation for a business image in unbearably hot weather. The sleeves are classic, 3/4 long, in the form of flashlights, as well as with a minimum length that resembles a one-piece blouse.

For silk blouses, sleeves ¾ and models with long sleeves, but rolled up to the level of the elbow, are the most popular. These models of blouses received their demand due to the presence of assemblies in the sleeve zone, allowing the fabric to sparkle with natural shine.

Long sleeve

A long sleeve blouse is always a win-win option, because with the right selection you can hide the fullness of your hands and add elegance to your look.

Classic shirts with long sleeves made of silk do not go out of fashion. They can be worn in the office or dressed for a walk, combining with a different bottom and turning a strict business style into airy and casual.

Long sleeve "flashlight" is a great way for obese women to make their figure proportionate. If the hands weight the figure, it is enough to choose a sleeve of a similar style with a small width.

With an image

If the reason for choosing a wardrobe is very romantic, then a blouse with a pattern will be a suitable option. Silk perfectly conveys the brightest shades, and gentle overflow enlivens any print.

Among the patterns on silk are floral motifs, animal prints, geometric shapes and various stripes.

Vertical stripes on a silk blouse are suitable for women with any type of figure. Their drawing is simple and suitable for office, however, the image thus becomes bright and modern.

With drapery

Drapery - is the creation of fabric assemblies and folds. This effect on blouses is achieved in two ways:

  • allowing tissue to flow naturally and freely;
  • creating drapery artificially using different stripes.

Silk is draped well, so with a decorative tucks fabric on a blouse formed soft assembly.

Artificial drapery is present in styles with different frills and frills. Such blouses will become indispensable allies at parties and all kinds of celebrations.

Elongated blouses with natural vertical folds are able to visually stretch the figure and make it slim.The thin belt in combination with a similar model focuses attention on the waist.

With floral print

Flowers and silk - a favorite combination of designers. With their help, you can create a summer look, and you can make an office wardrobe item if you choose a white blouse with a plain plain floral pattern.

On the models of blouses of the last season, cornflowers, juicy poppies, scarlet and white roses have blossomed. Sakura branches also adorn silk blouses this season.

Daytime look will help to create blouses of pastel shades with a light floral pattern, and for evening bows peonies, roses and red poppies are able to demonstrate all the luxury of colors.


Women of fashion have long appreciated the effect of wearing a blouse with a basky. The waist in this style gets thin outlines, and the image becomes more feminine.

Silk blouses with basque are very practical, because due to the natural property of the fabric to form soft folds, the blouse with basque does not need to give an aesthetic appearance by smoothing the folds.

In 2016, the most popular are silk blouses with basques, complemented by a floral motif and a wide belt.

With lace

A silk blouse with lace will be a good ally when creating a romantic and evening look. Lace can be made sleeves or neckline. Another stylish solution are the individual elements in the form of stripes on a silk blouse.

For women with full hands, it is better to give up blouses with lace sleeves fitted to the cut. Lace patterns on such models will stretch.

Silk blouses tops with lace neckline and straps remain the stylish decision of the last seasons. Recalling their appearance night underwear, they create a unique seductive image.

Popular models

For each image there are models of blouses that will be most appropriate for a particular case.


Summer blouses should be very light, comfortable and weightless. The ideal option is silk fabric.

Models with one-piece short sleeves and a wide shoulder area will be comfortable to wear even in the hottest weather. Sleeveless blouses are also suitable for summer look, they can be supplemented with a basque or bow at the collar.


Thanks to the highlights of naturalness, a silk blouse of any silhouette will look solemn, especially with the glow of evening lamps.

Blouses decorated with lace and long sleeves with a “flashlight” suit for an evening look. Blouses with ruffles and flounces on the sleeves are also ideal for a solemn evening.

Business woman

To create a business look, it is enough to wear a silk blouse with a straight or fitted silhouette in the form of a classic shirt. It is combined with straight strict trousers with arrows and a pencil skirt.

The business blouse in the summer gets a short sleeve and a free cut. Extended base colors with an asymmetrical cut can also become an element of office style.


The image with a silk color blouse will delight the surrounding shades of brightness and transition tones.

Popular models are colored blouses with abstractions, where the tones smoothly turn into half tones, and the rich color replaces the delicate and muted.

Bottom for such a blouse should be chosen necessarily monophonic. White denim shorts or deep-colored trousers are suitable for light colored blouses.

What are nice blouses made of silk?

Before talking about the benefits of silk blouses, it is important to determine the fabric. Silk is natural and artificial. Both materials have their fans, but learning how to distinguish them is very important.

Rayon is at times cheaper than natural, it is not so pleasant to the touch and tends to crease. Its brilliance is sharp, especially in the sun. Artificial silk blouses are democratic and are popular for this, however, such models are only good in appearance.

Natural silk blouses are beautiful in appearance and unique in their sensations.This fabric is able to acquire body temperature and become a second skin. It is never hot in silk, because it flows along the skin without having close contact with it, which means that the perspiration evaporates naturally.

Silk is a hypoallergenic material, putting on such a blouse, you can not be afraid of the appearance of irritation on the skin.

Yes, the cost of a natural silk blouse is high, but it can become a basic element of the wardrobe, which will please for a long time with its appearance and softness.

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