Do you still think that the most feminine wardrobe item is a dress? Blouses, popular this season, will destroy the stereotype established in society. For the first time this type of clothing appeared in the 19th century, when the ancient Egyptians decided to divide the traditional attire of women of that time - the dress, to the top and bottom.

Women took this division well, because now they could experiment with their own image, combining blousons with all sorts of skirts. Initially, such a "top" differed shortened cut, but over time, there were other varieties of it, which are now incredibly fashionable.

What is a bluzon

Fashionable hit this season - blouson, is a type of elongated blouse, which is usually worn for release. It can be supplemented with a stitched elastic belt or be distinguished by a free flowing cut.

A mandatory attribute of this style is a tightening element at the bottom of the product, which is often supplemented with a cord. This tightening element acts as a belt and tightens the hips, making the upper part of the product more free. The length of the products may be different, but the shortest model is usually not shorter than the middle of the thigh.


A distinctive feature of a blouson is the sleeves, which always go without an armhole. At the same time, they can be both long and short, be flared or have cuffs. The neckline can be closed, V-shaped or round, but sometimes in this area a fastener in the form of buttons, a snake or buttons is simply sewn. The fastener itself can reach both the center of the chest and the hem itself.

To whom

But the main feature of the shirt is that it fits absolutely all women without exception. Girls with curvaceous hips can make the figure more proportionate if they choose a fitted jumpsuit with a strap at the waist. Young ladies will be able to emphasize the beauty of their breasts by choosing a blouse with a V-shaped neckline, and a model of a blouse with ruffles will help to add volume in this area.

Girls with a noticeable tummy seem more sophisticated in a high-waisted blouson, and wide-shouldered people will look harmonious in models with a bright accent on hips and waist. Individuals with the perfect figure will be able to flaunt all their virtues if they choose a shirt of light flowing silk and chiffon.


Each girl can choose the shape of the shirt on her body, but on which models should we stop to look fashionable as well? This season, elongated blouses with sleeves - a bat - have acquired a trend status. No less popular are the models of shirt cut with a belt, and without.

Long sleeved blouson models are especially relevant in the offseason, so the designers decided to make them laced and cuffed. Blouses with an asymmetrical bottom plate can be called the most hit ones and they often choose just the models where the front part is shortened and the back part is lengthened.

New models of blousons are complemented with embroidered pockets, decorated with appliqué, embroidery (often in national motives), beads and prints. The most fashionable prints of the season are colorful, striped, leopard and abstract.

Popular colors

The most popular this season are the blousons of red, white, blue, green brown colors. Lovers of other colors can stay on the shades of those shades that are considered fashionable in 2016.


A shirt of this color will look great on girls of winter color type - with dark eyes, bright tone of face and hair of black, chestnut or ashy color. Aquamarine and sky color is also your choice.


If you have tanned skin, copper or chestnut hair and green or light gray eyes, a sandy-colored blouson is perfect for you. You can also choose caramel, nut and vanilla tones.


Most often, blousons are made of light flowing fabrics like chiffon, silk, flax or cotton, but models from other materials are also found.


Enjoy great popularity because they are not crumpled and ideally sit on the figure. Jersey jersey can be worn both in the cool season and in the warm, because this material retains heat perfectly, but does not allow the body to overheat. Knitwear is pleasant to the touch and light, therefore it is ideal for everyday wear. Blouses from such material are suitable for girls with any type of figure.


Ideal for extraordinary personalities and lovers of the original style of clothing. Needlewomen can independently knit openwork jumper from floss, mohair or natural wool. A full flight of fantasy is allowed in the decoration, but striped, rhombic and checkered motifs are often present in factory-made products.

Irish knitting

A jumper knitted with Irish lace will surely attract the attention of others. An integral element of such binding are floral motifs, which can be complemented by leaves and original curls. Such a product can be made luminous and worn over a T-shirt or top, and can be knitted tightly and used as an independent element of the wardrobe. By combining a similar blouson with other things from yarn, you will make your own image extraordinary, but harmonious.

Models for obese women

The main rule that should be remembered by young ladies with magnificent forms is to avoid overly tight and too baggy things. In the case of the selection of blouson you should focus on the following tips:

1. Avoid dense and shiny materials, preferring light, flowing and translucent. Lace is also welcome.

2. For decorative elements in the form of lace and frills should be treated carefully, but a straightforward simple cut - what you need.

3. Models with vertical stripes will help to visually stretch the silhouette and make the figure smaller. Large figure, the abundance of rhinestones and horizontal stripes should be avoided.

4. Sleeveless styles are not always the best option. For the summer, you can choose blousons with 3/4 sleeves, which are complemented by cuffs. Fashionable now blousons with a bat sleeve is also better not to choose. But shirts with long sleeves and cuffs fit perfectly.

5. Coloring is not necessary to choose dark. Today there are beautiful models of red, white, blue, blue, beige, brown, lemon shades, which are tailored in such a way that no one will notice the drawbacks of the figure.

The ideal option is a shirt shirt made of lightweight materials with a belt or elastic under the breast.

What to wear

Elongated shirts are perfectly combined with jeans, leggings, tight pants and ankle-length pants. You can combine them with all sorts of skirts and shorts. If the model of the blouse is too elongated and reaches the knee, it can be worn as an ordinary dress. But remember that only ladies with perfect legs can afford this option. The selection of jewelry should be approached responsibly, because if the blouse is already decorated with an abundance of rhinestones, sequins and beads, they may not be needed.

Beautiful images

You can make an image truly fashionable if you put a bandana on your head from the same material that the shirt is made of. You can pick up a simple bandage on your head to match - it will play the role of the final element in the image.

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