Blouse with open shoulders

Blouse with open shoulders

A thoroughly forgotten blouse with open shoulders has again become trendy. This season, designers offer to wear it not only for evening events, but also to include in everyday wardrobe. Blouses with cutouts on the shoulders look elegant and sexy, but not too frankly and completely devoid of vulgarity.

What to wear

Modern fashion is democratic. Thanks to this, you can make a lot of stylish and original images. You can wear a blouse with open shoulders or cutouts on the sleeves with almost any bottom. Consider the possible options.

With skirt

The blouse with the open shoulders of the cut "Carmen" with a cut on the elastic band is perfect in a pair of a free long skirt to create an image in the style of boho. The fitted blouse of neutral colors with small cuts will complement the pencil skirt well. This combination can afford to even wear to work. in this case, choose a closed, suitable shoes with stiletto shoes or shoes with a heel-glass.

With shorts

During the summer holidays, it will be appropriate to wear a loose blouse with cutouts along with cotton or thin jeans. If the blouse has a free cut, and with scuffs and holes, then it is worth complementing the ensemble with a variety and a straw hat and in it you can walk to the beach. Do not forget to use sunblock when going to the sun, otherwise ugly tanned spots will form at the cut-out of the blouse.

With jeans

In order not to overdo it with an open body, by the open shoulders pick up the closed bottom. Perfectly fit jeans, skinny and elegant shoes at high speed. If you decide to combine a blouse with cutouts and flared jeans, you will get a retro image in the hippie style. To make it complete, dissolve your hair, make a natural make-up and put on moccasins or sandals on a flat sole.

Jewelery made of wood, long beads made of beads and stones also harmoniously blend into the retro ensemble.

Stylish images

A blouse with open shoulders or cutouts on the shoulders allows you to create many stylish images. In order not to spoil the impression of carefully selected combi-partners, do not forget to choose the right underwear. Under the blouse with open shoulders, with thin straps or model "Carmen" on an elastic band should wear a bra without straps. A blouse with cutouts on the shoulders allows you to wear a traditional bra model. However, it should not be noticeable under the blouse, and the straps are not visible.

For parties

For parties, make a memorable ensemble: leather pants and a blouse made of shiny material or with large sequins. A unique mix of rock and disco styles will not leave anyone indifferent. Another spectacular evening version is a black silk blouse tucked into tight pants or a high-waisted skirt, platform shoes.

On the weekend

For leisure, choose comfortable shoes, loafers or slip-ons, knitted blouse and jeans. You will feel at ease and easy. Exactly what is needed!


A blouse with open shoulders will make a wonderful set with shorts, light flying skirts, white trousers. With the addition of a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, you can wear a thin cotton or linen blouse for walks and to the beach. For the summer set relies shoes with thin straps or models with straps between the fingers.


For evening walks, wear Marlin Dietrich-style trousers with cuffs, a blouse with cut-outs on the shoulders of a shirt-cut, a wide belt and high-shoes. The image will turn out refined and elegant. If you like casual clothes, pick up chinos and wedge shoes as a set for a similar blouse.

Suitable style

Choosing the right style is a matter of responsibility. After all, at the moment there is not one variant of cut with an open line of shoulders. Consider the most popular.

On an elastic band

The model of a blouse with a rubber band in the neckline is called “Carmen”. This is the most classic option. Beautifully looks such a blouse in bright and juicy colors, wide cut, with a waist on the drawstring.

With frills

A wide shuttlecock along the cut-out line reminds us of a Spanish woman and a flamenco dance. In a pair of such a blouse, buy a wide skirt. To avoid excessive theatricality of the dress, the colors should be muted, soft. And no frills on the skirt! Only on the neckline blouses.

With a corset

Cropped shoulders of a blouse in combination with a corset evoke associations with national Bavarian clothing. We emphasize this similarity with suede breeches and a pattern in a small cell fabric. Shoes choose closed, on an average steady heel.

Sleeves "flashlights"

The sleeves of this cut give the volume of the upper part and send us to the romantic style. Blouses with sleeves-lanterns will suit young romantic girls of a fragile physique. We do not recommend purchasing this part of the wardrobe for ladies with massive shoulders and arms.

Design features

The design features of blouses with an open shoulder line or with cutouts on the sleeves are emphasized by the pattern and texture of the fabric.


Striped blouses in navy style are combined with bleached, light blue jeans or shorts. Such model of a narrow cut from knitted fabric looks best of all. On the legs hug the striped espadrilles.


Large or small white peas on a red or black background will play on a wide blouse with an elastic band. The fabric will fit well draped, without gloss. For example, thin linen or staple. Black or colored polka dots on a yellow or green background will look bold and playful. This option is good for young women of fashion with a bright appearance.


A white blouse in the open shoulders of a shirt cut is a designer novelty. It looks like a regular white shirt, the only highlight of which is the cutouts located on the sleeves. This blouse can be worn to work in the office. A strict dress code is easy to get around by putting a strict jacket over it.


The black blouse is sexy in itself. Silk satin fabric will make it gorgeous. A black blouse with open shoulders of batiste with sewing is suitable for everyday wear.


Deep blue is the best match with red accessories. Bright blue is good with jumpsuits and dark denim jeans.


Dresses with an open line of shoulders show many fashion houses. Sexy and gentle and touching at the same time, they are also loved by women of fashion. Shirts with open shoulders and blouses with thin straps were added to the classic peasant blouses and blouses of the “Carmen” cut.

Choose an option to your taste, because fashion is so changeable and fleeting, do not miss a reason to update your wardrobe!

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