Polka dot blouses

Polka dot blouses

The British called funny circles on the clothes “polka dot”, associating it with a schematic polka, the Germans called Thalertupfen due to the similarity with the thaler coin, the Spaniards - the “little moon”. Such lyricism of the “pea” was reflected in fashionable look. The pea fans were Elizabeth Taylor, Eleanor Roosevelt, Margaret Techcher. Even the police women in the 70s of the last century wore polka-dot uniforms. Such houses as Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Emanuel Ungaro, Carolina Herrera often use it in their collections.

We select the appropriate style

Depending on the style and color of blouses, the image changes from office dress code to street casual. Lovers of elegant style adore fitted batch file, blouses with collars "apache", "halter". The style of the bustier or corsage will turn you into a real lady, and clothes with a stand-up collar will allow you to decorate the image or a scarf. For retro lovers, it is better to turn to the ideas of the 50s, borrowing them from Coco Chanel. A polka-dot blouse perfectly complements the style of wide, narrowed pants and knee-length skirts.

With a collar

Peas on blouses with collars look charmingly. The most popular model of this season was Ascot.

A retro stand displays elegant edges that extend into wide ribbons. They can be tied in various combinations, experimenting now with strict styles, then with informal ones. Blouses in this design are perfectly combined with classic pants, skirt straight cut.


This type of style is most often selected by owners of magnificent forms. With a basque blouse, they emphasize the waist, dressing up "triangular" or "rectangular" silhouettes. Clothes in polka dots in a similar design looks with monophonic, slimming figure. It is better to refuse non-classical jeans. Try on a retro skirt in the form of a tulip or bell, as well as fitted options from light flowing fabrics.

The brands H & M, LoLoBu can spy on the idea of ​​wrap blouses in a nice "pea". Slim and feminine adds cut, intersecting the silhouette diagonally, creating a V-shaped neckline. Chiffon, thin jersey, knitwear or cotton models are sewn. The blouse with basky is also called baby doll. The girdling area is above the waist, it has a nice build at the bottom, dressing up in a puppet image.


Versions that fit the waist, are represented by batch file, classic models with button fasteners, body, polo shirt. Fashion trends show funny polka dots on stretch, knit fabric. Pay special attention to how it fits into the styles of blouses with an American armhole, Empire, and extravagant asymmetry. Fitted variations of the blouse with ruffles on the bodice, sleeves-bells will add playfulness to the image. A blouse with pleats along the buckles, decorated with ruffles or frills, looks no less romantic.


In hot weather, you should wear amazing blouses with short sleeves with small polka dots. The most popular model "Sabrina" with a boat neckline is combined with narrow jeans. Short sleeves can also be found in raglan-type products, which make it possible to visually narrow shoulders. Casual casuals insist on wearing Fox Black, and Semi Sheer, Joie Pinot simply roll up their sleeves, like in a Rool sleeves style. Combine safari and pea print with leggings or skinny skirts to the middle of the knee.

With long sleeve

Split sleeve style or long-sleeve blouses with a slit from shoulders to wrists is a must have of the current season, like in Vestido bata. Sleeves choose from personal preferences: tight or loose cut. Such products successfully hide the extra volume of hands.

But the cut-out shouder blouse boasts spicy neckline shoulders. Mix dense fabrics of a blouse with jeans, and chiffon and other translucent materials - with a tight skirt.

Design features

The peculiarities of the design of modern fashion were unmatched versions of polka-dot blouses, like “Knot front”. They are tied to a knot in front, skillfully flirt. Shorter cut allow shod except sandals or sandals, sports sneakers, sneakers, etc. The trend of the season is “pea asymmetrical”, reminiscent of itself from the 80s. Here you need to abandon any kind of decoration and “arm” with cafes, large earrings.

Feel free to replenish the "arsenal" of polka-dot blouses with models such as apache, bustier, with a smell, halter collar or standing turn-down, blouses, and a cowboy shirt. A desperate retro with a “spotted” wardrobe returns to fashion. Modern designers are experimenting with the color of peas. Looks great shades of rose quartz, serenity, peach and green tonality. Black, white, blue and even rainbow-spot prints are able to set the desired tone for style, mood.

In small peas

Small peas fit into the image of an office lady. Combine the pattern with feminine patterns of silk, crepe-chiffon. Here it is necessary to observe conservative colors, find models with narrow ruffles. The trend of the season - small black circles on the coffee background, cuff, tucks, original sleeves and belts. Peas fine feels on chiffon, satin, batistov products; with jeans, midi skirts, high heels.

In large

Big pea - the lot of self-confident and strong in spirit. Black and white colors resemble retro and elegantly fit into the image of the fatal seductress. Classic knitwear or silk blouse is combined with plain skirts, breeches or strict trousers. From shoes it is worth looking at sandals with a membrane, sandals on straps, a hairpin. The right accessories will add sexuality to the image: miniature gold chains, pendants, earrings.

Trendy colors


The blue spots scattered on the blouse is a peep of modern fashion. Fresh images on the background of ultramarine peas combine several styles: eclectic, casual, chebbi-chic, glamor. Under them fit light blue jeans, shorts, knit skirts, jackets with a sleeve in three quarters. White peas on a blue background will help to express individuality. Summer wardrobe option will allow you to try on hats of different styles, platform sandals or elegant shoes.

The black

A classic blouse, as in the Kardashian collection with a turndown collar and shiny buttons, is a must have. Black peas emphasizes the solidity of the image, suitable for office dress code. The print is combined with the elongated silhouettes of the blouses; Cutouts should be modest, like a boat, and the sleeve - barely cover the elbow. Background clothing, choose a blue palette, golden, brown or white.


The red model is immediately conspicuous especially if it is complemented by blue jeans, slacks, an expensive leather belt, mustard-yellow accessories. "Poisonous" red peas are certainly combined with scarlet lipstick, a striking make-up. The lace skirts of pastel colors against the background of red peas look unusual. Distinguished in the new season on the part of the "experimental" collections - Zara and Mango. The fiery tonality, the sensational color of Marsala and the muffled crimson color of the blouse will certainly take root in the women's wardrobe.

What to wear

If you pick a fitting blouse with underwire, a fitted batch file, or a cowboy jacket with a stitched yoke, pay attention to the solid bottom. Black boots, skirts of various lengths, light blue skinny, shorts or a high-waisted skirt will fall into a romantic top. You can try on a bright jacket or a denim jacket with rivets.An interesting blouse with a zip on the placket goes well with lightly flared trousers. Do not be afraid of a decent "duet" of peas and strips.

Summer images and bows

Non-standard images in the new season fascinate fashionistas. Designer blouses with polka dots will “sing in a duet” with denim shorts, short skirts, plain-colored leggings. On the feet it's time to shod open shoes, espadrilles, sandals on a tractor sole or colorful moccasins. Arm yourself with free cut styles, tight-fitting models with puffy sleeves, cuffs, stand-up collars. Rounding the cutouts, you will achieve a retro-style, and making it asymmetrical - a trend new look.

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