Black blouse

Black blouse

Black laconic blouse is the basic thing in any women's wardrobe. It is suitable for both work and evening walks. This blouse can be worn all the time, just change the ensembles and not be afraid to experiment. It is difficult to find a girl who would not fit this beautiful thing.

What to wear

Black blouse is combined with different items of clothing. With it, you can create unusual everyday bows or options for holidays. It all depends on how you beat it and what you add to the ensemble.

White skirt

The classic combination of white and black will never go out of fashion, and will not lose its relevance.

They harmoniously shade and complement each other, creating an incredibly beautiful palette. This kit can be used for different life situations. If you add concise black shoes and black, then you can safely go to work.

If you want to make bright colors and need a set for a date, then red pumps, bright bracelets and a clutch of gold color with a metallic effect will make you simply inimitable.

A black blouse and a white skirt are the basis with which you can work based on your needs and desires.

Red skirt

A bright red skirt in combination with a black blouse also looks very beautiful and elegant. These colors are perfectly "friendly" together and create interesting sets. If you choose an office option, then the shade of red should not be too “screaming.” It is better to opt for a noble muted range.

The combination of discreet black and bright red is not a business scale at all. It is more suitable for parties or a variety of holidays. In the cool season, the skirt and blouse can be supplemented with pantyhose.

If the product has a non-standard wide cut, then in some cases, stylish leggings, which today have found a second life, will do. Ideal will look options in black and white or white and red stripes.

Blue skirt

In case you are tired of the standard combinations, then pick up a blue skirt to the black blouse. Just a couple of seasons ago such a set would have been considered tasteless, but today everything has changed. If you do not know which option to choose, then give preference to skirts of midnight blue and dark blue shades.

You can add to the kit something similar in color, for example, a belt or bag. Make fresh colors help accessories beige or white. The bow will be completed with a beautiful and stylish moonstone necklace.

Do not think that the blue skirt and black blouse is an exclusively business combination. If you change the pencil skirt to an interesting year skirt or a pleated model, you can create an incredibly beautiful ensemble for walking, going to the cinema or having a romantic date.

Black bra

Remember that the impression of even the most beautiful set can quickly spoil the wrong clothes. It is very important to correctly select a bra under the blouse. This is especially true if the product is made of thin chiffon or satin material. The best option for this piece of clothing - a black smooth bra, devoid of any decorative elements.

Designer blouses

Today, a huge number of designers around the world produce beautiful black blouses. All of them differ not only in their style, but also in all sorts of details.

Black and white

Special attention in the 2016-2017 year deserves a luxurious black and white blouse. So the designers decided to dilute the usual range.Popular are black models with white polka dots, which look very cute and flirty. But remember that with such clothes you need to combine exclusively monophonic things.

Also in fashion blouses in a strip of black and white. This print will never become obsolete, so every real woman of fashion should have such a blouse in the wardrobe. In addition, the vertical strip visually pulls the figure, makes it slimmer.

With black stripes

The trend of this season is a stylish blouse with black stripes. This interesting effect can transform any kit. Moreover, the strip is not striking and looks very elegant. If you are tired of the standard black blouses, then this option was created especially for you. Models with black stripes are perfectly combined with different trousers, skirts and jeans.

With lace

In summer collections you can often find elegant variants of blouses with elegant lace. This thing can be a worthy element of a festive bow. You can’t think of a better option for a corporate party, going to the theater or for a traditional date. Very often, this decorative element is complemented by transparent blouses, which themselves are extremely sexy. Lace gives them piquancy and special zest, distinguishing them from all others.

With finishing

Many ladies simply can not imagine my wardrobe without feminine blouses with trim. Anything can be used as a decoration, from the sleeves-lanterns to ruffles. Their flirtatious appearance perfectly harmonizes with the skirts of different cut, the main thing is that they are not too overloaded with elements. To complete the ensemble, you need to pick up stylish sandals with thin heels.

What kind of blouse to wear in summer

In the summer, it is extremely important what material is made of clothing. If you do not take into account this factor, then you can seriously damage your skin and overall health.

From chiffon

Chiffon is a very popular material, from which various shirts and blouses are made quite often. In such a product you will not be hot even the warmest day. The fabric is perfectly blown and does not interfere with air circulation. In addition, chiffon is a very beautiful canvas, from which stunning blouses are made.

This piece of clothing well emphasizes the female bends and adds sexuality due to the translucent texture. Chiffon products are in perfect harmony with other fabrics. With it you can combine trousers, skirts, jeans, knitted cardigans, jackets, sleeveless jackets and much more.

From cotton

You can not imagine a better option than a cotton blouse. This natural fabric on the properties takes the leading positions. In hot weather, you will feel fresh, as the natural fiber allows the skin to saturate with air.

In addition, cotton is hypoallergenic and does not cause unpleasant consequences. Today, blouses made of this fabric produce completely different colors, but it is better to give preference to a natural delicate palette. Cotton blouses will never go out of fashion, as they are very comfortable to wear.

From batiste

Airy and light batiste is often used for sewing beautiful blouses. This material has a great appearance and good performance. Batiste blouses have excellent wear resistance and do not lose their original beauty. Even in the process of long socks blouse will have an attractive look. Durability and high level of comfort - these are the main advantages of cambric clothing.

From silk

Silk at all times was considered an expensive and exquisite fabric that not everyone could afford. Today silk blouses are also expensive. But if you get such a thing, you can never refuse it.

The appearance of silk can be compared with some kind of precious stone. Its deep and noble texture allows you to create true masterpieces.Plus, silk is a natural canvas and absolutely safe for health.

This material adapts to body temperature and allows you to keep it at the optimum level. So you will not be hot in summer, and you will not feel discomfort.

From satin

The atlas is a shimmering fabric that is loved by the fair sex for its texture. Blouses from this material look very elegant, but they need to be able to wear properly so as not to seem tasteless.

Remember that atlas does not fit well with similar in texture matters. Also, do not add chiffon or translucent fabrics to it. Discard rhinestones, sparkles and other shimmering details.

How to choose

A blouse is a fairly common subject of women's wardrobe, but not everyone knows how to choose it correctly. If you have a perfect figure and there are no flaws, then any options will suit you. But for girls with some drawbacks, it is important to consider some points when choosing.

So if you have plump arms, then you should not choose models with an emphasis on them. Avoid blouses with sleeves-lanterns and models, where the decor is placed on the sleeves. You'd better pick a sleek, long-sleeved blouse.

If you have beautiful breasts, you can focus on the neckline. Also suitable for you today with the smell of blouses. Girls with a small tummy is better not to choose blouses that tightly fit the body. A great option could be a model with a basky.

A lot depends on color. It is worth noting that in 2016-2017, stylish blouses with all kinds of prints are very popular. Pay special attention to floral patterns and geometry.

There are blouses that depict whole pictures or fragments of them. As for colors, among the trends can be distinguished: emerald, gold, burgundy, silver, gray, beige, pink and white.

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