Fashion blouses

Fashion blouses

In the wardrobe of every girl should be things that help create feminine images. She wants to stay beautiful and special in the workplace, a walk with her friends or a date with a loved one. The most suitable element for this is gentle blouses. Designers offer a variety of models, among which it is easy to choose the option for each day, making interesting combinations.

Original models of blouses are the most appropriate clothing for creating office bows. With their help, you can emphasize your style and personality. They must be distinguished by a certain degree of rigor, not open shoulders, back, have a decent neckline. Therefore, time-tested classics are always appropriate and acceptable.

For office

Blouses resembling men's shirts are relevant this season. Having turn-down collars, elongated sleeves with cuffs, they remain elegant due to a beautiful fitted cut, inconspicuous tucks on the chest and lightness of fabric. Always white trendy options that perfectly fit with trousers, skirts and jackets of different shades.

Blouses made of opaque fabrics such as satin, silk or organic cotton are most appropriate. If it has a light shine and shimmers, the model should be of a concise design, not oversaturated with decorative elements. Bows, ruffles and stylish ties can be added to matte calm tones.

On the weekend

On a typical day, a modern woman has many interesting things to do when she needs to look simple but elegant. Blouses can give a lot of interesting variations with jeans, skirts of different cut. Unlike office style, everyday allows you to embody light patterns, play of colors, original cut. Lace inserts, original buttons, voluminous or cropped sleeves greatly diversify the wardrobe and bring fresh solutions. A combination of a cotton T-shirt with thin straps and a translucent wide blouse that fits any type of figure looks unusual.


Great mood and sunny days are simply created for beautiful light images. The most trendy blouse of this season has no sleeves. Sewed from fine chiffon, decorated with embroidery, it is perfect for hot days. Such patterns look great with shorts, loose-fitting trousers and flying skirts. For the rest are suitable options with deflated sleeves, with asymmetry and a free wide neckline.

We select the appropriate style

The varied design of blouses this season surprises with fresh ideas on the design of sleeves. The most relevant on the catwalks:

  • sleeveless, resembling T-shirts;
  • with lush lanterns;
  • with classic length;
  • with short.

The model should be selected not only in accordance with the fashion, but also without forgetting about the drawbacks of the figure. The same applies to styles that differ in variety, fit on the figure and the complexity of tailoring.

Without sleeves

Such a thing is simply irreplaceable in the wardrobe of a modern woman. Depending on the combination with other clothes and accessories, it is acceptable for a business lady or a young student. It is appropriate in a romantic style or more casual casual.

Under a strict jacket with a skirt, a pencil is the perfect bow for a summer day in the office. With jeans or colored skin, it will create a youth look for any event.


Short sleeves nicely expose hands, give lightness and allow you to improvise with everyday things.It is possible to realize a romantic or classic style. The severity can be diluted with a collar, small neckline or small ruffles. By cut, it can resemble a flashlight or wing, bend around your arm, or have a small incision.

With long sleeve

Blouse with a long sleeve should be a woman of any age. In addition to the standard classic cut, it can be in the form of a tunic or an elongated men's shirt. Fashionable this season is retro, decorated with exquisite jabot, contrasting trim or lace edging. Designers skillfully play with colors, diluting the collections with coral, menthol flowers, adding khaki and sparkling indigo to youth.

Down sleeves

Many designers offer to focus on the shoulders, emphasizing their line with the help of a lowered sleeve. With its help, you can slightly open the clavicle and visually lengthen the neck, making a playful summer bow. Such a thing is acceptable for obese women, especially if it has a voluminous appearance and hides a large breast.

Lowered sleeves give a slight carelessness, but with the right combination of bottom and shoes, great for everyday wear or parties.

Famous stylists advise you to replenish your wardrobe with fresh ideas, choosing the blouses that are most relevant on the catwalks:

  • With deflated shoulders, beautifully exposing a graceful neck, giving a unique romanticism and femininity. Made of flying chiffon, delicate silk, they look beautiful in evening dress.
  • With a collar: this season, blouses are complemented by a classic stand, an old jabot and decorated in the shape of a bow. The collar can be trimmed with a braid, cord or lace, in a contrasting or adjacent shade.
  • Basically: a fashionable element gives a special femininity to any image, emphasizing the waist and hiding small flaws. In its new models they propose to remove from the lace, to make it flared.
  • Fitted: in a trend graceful curves, therefore blouses emphasize a waist even in a shirt cut. Some have a belt of fabric or leather, or an original imitation of pockets.

What material is better

Models of fashionable blouses have no restrictions on the choice of material. Each season only dictates the style and preferences, so again in the trend:

  • Knitwear: stretch fabric is simply indispensable for tight-fitting and fitted models. Blouses from it are pleasant for skin, beautifully sit on a figure and hold a form. This is a great option for office blouses, products with basques and without sleeves. Knitwear may contain lurex threads for evening bows.
  • Silk: this is a classic material for blouses of any cut, which can have a pattern, blurry patterns, pastel or neon shades. High-quality silk is dense enough to sew blouses out of it for office or business style. It lies beautifully in products of free or asymmetrical cut, playing with modulations in the light.
  • Chiffon: a universal fabric for blouses, which due to its transparency gives romance and tenderness. Chiffon perfectly with lace inserts, voluminous sleeves, make an unusually light and weightless image.
  • Cotton: he is back in fashion thanks to a shirt cut. Good natural fabric is used by many designers and is appropriate for a business shirt, casual sweater.
  • Atlas: thick to the touch, it is incredibly beautiful. Fantasy creators of fashionable clothes again brought him back to the podium. The most original atlas looks in blouses with large bows on the collar.
  • Guipure: almost inappropriate in a working atmosphere, he quickly came to taste young fashionable women wearing such blouses with straight cut trousers, pencil skirts for fun activities.

Design features

For a warm summer, the brightness and juiciness of prints, ornaments, and a clear geometry of the drawings are best suited. This season was no exception, and many collections were filled with feminine models in beautiful shades for every taste.Despite the trend of pastel monochromatic blouses of different styles, beautiful ornaments of ethnic themes on translucent chiffon, flax or cotton look cheerful and attract attention.

With floral print

Beautiful floral design on a light fabric looks fresh and feminine. In the trend separately located large buds, small flowers, arranged randomly. Floral patterns are beautifully blurred, flowing one into another. Designers offer to wear things with a pattern of noble plants, Japanese accents, giving them grace and nobility.


The summer look is created by striped blouses, allowing you to visually adjust the volume and height. The color of the stripes does not matter, combining several basic shades in one thing.


The gentle peas located on the blouse practically do not lose their positions. It has long been pertinent in office bows, clothing for parties and walks due to its tenderness.


White goods are again at their peak of popularity. They can be of any cut, resemble shirts, have a belt or a wide bow instead of a collar.


Awesome classics made in black are elegant and sexy. Such options are offered with lace inserts, guipure from light chiffon.

What is in fashion

Despite seasonality, blouses are always relevant and relevant. The main thing is to choose the right accessories:

  • Spring: lightness and floral prints will bring tremendous mood;
  • summer: the original options without sleeves will help in any heat look fresh;
  • Autumn: thick satin and cotton will complement the bow with straight-leg trousers;
  • Winter: knitwear and a high collar blouse will help you stay elegant at an important meeting.

What to wear

A blouse is a universal thing that combines with most of the usual things, refreshing the images. In addition to pants, skirts and shorts, it is important to choose the right shoes that will complete the image, emphasize style. Original expensive jewelry can make bright notes, diluting the solid color. It looks interesting to repeat the main color on the blouse in shoes or boats.


The highlight of the fashion shows was the return of retro. Picked up by designers and an idea with a collar tied in a bow, tie. Some note the relevance of asymmetry, which is expressed in the elongated cut of the back, lowered sleeves. Manufacturers refuse unisex style in favor of female beauty, so blouses will remain relevant for more than one season.

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