Summer blouses

Summer blouses

Summer is a great time to change into bright, “airy” things. Fashion designers have prepared a place in the wardrobe of fashionistas for the most current element, a blouse. Their lineup includes dozens of styles and thousands of shades. They are literally created for soft fabrics, prints, draperies and a magnificent fashion show.

Popular styles and models

Actual styles of the summer “top” this season are a frank bardot “under the bones”, a business batch file, models with a stitched belt, a V-shaped neck, notches on the back, a cowboy shirt, a sports cut “polo”. To create an individual image, pay attention to three things:

· Collar shape,

· The presence or absence of sleeves,

· Depth of cut.

Casual casual style allows the use of styles such as shemieu, blouse with a yoke or high-tech plisse.


For a strict classic suit business blouses, such as a batch file, with a jabot collar, a safari shirt or a shirt, gathered on a bodice with sleeves-bells. Simple cut blouses are worn under skin-tight, skinny or cropped skinny, chinos, cargo and a steady heel.

Without sleeves

Interesting blouses without sleeves made of cotton, viscose, crepe-chiffon are suitable for the warm season. Feel free to dress in beige Empire style blouses with drapes and floral patterns. On slim girls looks interesting model with an American armhole.


Summer look will easily create charming models of a gathered peasant blouse or a country blouse with boho elements. As a rule, they are sewn from linen lightweight fabrics, combining sand, snow white, beige and ayvor palette.

With long sleeve

For cool summer evenings, you will need a cotton or crepe-chiffon blazer. By the way have a pleated model of flowing fabrics. Together with her, wedge sandals, T-Strap'ami so easy to achieve a feminine, dreamy image.

Without collars

Lime, green, turquoise collarless collar colors are preferred by adventurous girls. They easily combine them with pencil skirts, denim shorts, skin-tight skinny or chinos with doorways.

With a collar

Jabot, stand, "school collar" and a lot of other styles of blouses look great in black, smoky brown, ultramarine, cranberry color. Combine them with a contrasting bottom and sleek loafers, pumps or ballet flats.


Trendy blouses with basque emphasize the fatal image of the lady. Light cotton or silk is perfect for such a product. Models with drapery, folds, ethno prints are most relevant for the season.


Sexy fitted models are suitable for a casual look. A sapphire, soft red, light yellow shade will accentuate the perfect tan of the skin, and a cold tonality will be an excellent complement to the fatal style.

Fitted blouses are best to wear under wide bloomers, afghanis, cropped carrot, leggings. They are suitable for slender girls, emphasize a beautiful chest, gait, long legs.

Suitable style

In order to choose a successful model for the style, evaluate your parameters. The styles with collars, aggressive prints and all kinds of draperies best express the styles of casual, preppy and grunge. Beach look will make blouse with a cut in a marine strip. They are made of knitwear, cotton, decorated with rivets, ribbons, lacing of twine.For a summer walk, it is better to take a pair of espadrilles, slip-ons or open sandals.

For parties

Evening or club entrances are best accompanied by elegant guipure blouses, models with openwork inserts, cotton products with basques, flounces, and a V-neck. Fabrics can have a glossy or metallic appearance. Combine a shemizier, charming “peplum” and “babidoll” with short skirts, jeans and a high heel.

On the weekend

At a picnic, barbecue, in a cinema or on a visit you can change into retro-styles: checkered shirts in a milky color or with any juicy print, pattern, ornament.

Inspired by the ideas of Sonia Rykel, allow yourself to be inimitable on Saturday evening with a sleeveless blouse made of translucent fabric. In this case, the collar is decorated with beads, shiny stones, and shoes with open toes are shod on the feet. In the "tandem" with yellow, red, blue models with an American armhole often torn jeans with the effect of wear, "vintage mood", openwork inserts.


The summer version obliges fashionistas to change into overt models, such as bardotki, products with a pronounced bodice and strapless. Decorate such blouses with a marine stripe, floral tie dye, ombre, leopard print. Original look large collars in the form of a bow or stylish knots. In hot July the most popular textile solutions are lace, lace, fine mesh.


For parties, allow yourself to completely relax and trust Valentino's taste. Here you can find collections of blouses with elements of tulle, nylon and chiffon. They look presentable and memorable, and frank style for a couple with labutenes, skinny or "pipes" will allow you to collect a lot of compliments and "likes" in one evening.

What material is better?

For the hot season, give preference to light knit blouses and shirts made from crepe-chiffon, flax, cotton, and satin. Fashionable prints on silk and chiffon will also be able to distinguish you from the crowd. Most importantly, they will give a feeling of comfort and an easy walk.


Cotton blouses look more like shirts. Their style "imitates" a strict blazer. Fashion designers often experiment with basques, assemblies at the neck or along the fastener, decorate with pockets, interesting cuffs. Ethno-patterns, abstract drawings and any drapery are suitable for cotton.


Models of batiste look luxurious and elegant on the hottest day. They are suitable for office dress code, perfectly combined with a skirt-case, knitted pants with arrows, carrot and cargo. Batiste blouses can be performed with or without a collar, with long or short sleeves.


Light chiffon outfits, perfect for the summer season. Flowing fabric in a funny Indian ornament with a modern paisley print or simple geometric figures will emphasize the individuality of both the rebellion and the mannered lady. Chiffon products are combined with leather sandals, knitted leggings, denim trousers.


Striped babydolls, fitted blazers, along with a lightweight vest, jacket, short shorts and a high platform, make up awesome casual options for everyday exits. Place accents on colorful jewelry, natural accessories and a palette of trendy blue, sapphire, pink, beige.


Knitted blouses without a collar, denim shorts, ballet flats, a miniature shoulder bag, nude makeup - and you will achieve the image of "Nabokov Lolita." Exquisite cotton yarn in white, dairy, brown or peach tonality creates spectacular look for the summer.

Design features

In design, the main thing - do not overdo it. Blouses with a basky in a small or large cage, peas, in peach, gray shades will look elegant. Decorate such products with embroidery, ethnic patterns, fringe, original inserts in the spirit of the patchwork.


A tricolor model, a wide red or a thin blue stripe in the style of Gautier will help to be in the center of attention.


Girls like models "peplum" and "babidall", decorated in "peas". This will add childishness and look’s ease.


For fans of nude makeup and restraint, it is better to choose pastel colors or a win-win white color. And jeans, and black stretch, and cotton pants fit this tonality.


In favor of the classics - black, concise accessories in the form of a bag-postman, leather strap, ring with a stone. Lace or guipure black blouses will create luxurious looks for every day.


In the color palette, give preference to sapphire notes, Arctic hue, soft blue, indigo. Pick the top of natural fine cotton yarn, satin, polyester. For a cool evening, wear a blue blouse with a knit collar with frank guipure inserts.

What to wear?

Fans of non-standard styles will find suitable clothing among blouses gathered on top or with pleats along the fastener. Combine them with loafers, creepers, sneakers, elegant heels, Wedge wedges. Under the jeans or skirt close fitting options are shemieu and models with a yoke, Basque, polo-collar.

Topical summer blouses are considered products with a deep neckline or a sexy neckline. For a romantic look, choose a blouse with an American armhole, frills, ruffles or bows. A business lady will certainly pay attention to the model with a basky, perfectly emphasizing the waistline, hips.

Stylish images

Fashion designers around the world are working on sewing stylish models of blouses. Total look of modernity - a white openwork blouse with a stand-up collar for any contrasting bottom and high heels. Unusually look products with a pattern of wild flowers. Throw a voluminous jacket on top and pick up a short bell skirt.

The blouse-sleeveless jacket with a standing collar in a moire, abstract print will be seductive. Flirty image is easy to achieve with checkered patterns with sleeves "flashlight".

This summer, dress up in the "blues" mood!

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