Beautiful blouses

Beautiful blouses

Fashionable wardrobe is impossible to imagine without a touching and feminine blouse. She is able to create romantic images, fatal combinations with trousers and seductive bows with short skirts. This season’s armament includes frank cuts, garter decorations, quilling, and rivets.

The main trend is monochrome duets. Therefore, for blouses with original prints, pick a solid bottom, stand on a heel or platform.

Popular models

Fitted blouses made of fabrics with a metallic effect will help you to feel in the center of attention: batch file, body, shemizie. The pleated or asymmetrical model, a double-breasted linen blouse, a bebidoll style, with a bodice and a bell-sleeve looks interesting on a slim figure. An elegant image is painted with a “underwire” bustier, a stylish apache collar, a bow a la Coco Chanel or a chiffon blouson. The popular models include products with ethnic motifs, original cuffs, retro styles made of satin and silk. The favorite is also natural shades: cream, coffee, beige, pastel.

With a collar

When choosing a wardrobe, consider such nuances as finishing, groove, pockets, cutout form of the product, as well as decorative ornaments. Flirty and sexy image adjust the collars. The total look of the season is a collar-stand, openwork Bertha, Peter Pen with rounded edges, reminiscent of a school uniform. Prim looks do the collars-tabs, fastened with a jumper on one button. The spring-summer version will adjust the butterfly collar, and the spread collar or “shark” from the 20s will be the hallmark of any interview.

With patterns

Everything in life is back, including fashion. So popular models of blouses have become things with a leopard print, ethno patterns, monochrome colors. Fitted blouses with cuffs favor vegetable, animalistic motifs. Abstract and geometric patterns, all kinds of embroidery and immortal polka dots will not be superfluous. Today, it is possible to compose curious patterns on batiste, cotton, knitwear, crepe-chiffon with the help of beads, rhinestones, and decorative thread.

With lace

Openwork models are loved by numerous brands, like Marchesa, D & G. Lacquer shoes and high heels are a good company for such models. Quite often they are decorated with flirty pleats on the sleeve, a deep cut on the back. Many summer models from Ralph Lauren are the time to combine with denim, snow-white skinny or worn boyfriends. Models with basky, flared bottom, fold-over or round collar or separate lace inserts (Maggie Sottero, Anne Barge) look winning.

With long sleeve

Elegant models with long sleeves showcases Lady Secret, Faufilure, Lucky mum, Djerza. They are combined with black pencil skirts, straight miles, skinny pants, plain cardigans and jackets. For a free street style fit hippie models without a collar, with cuffs. A long sleeve blouse will express such trends in fashion as boho, ethno, Provence. They can be worn under denim shorts, as well as the bottom, decorated with fringe.


Going out on a date, “arm yourself” with asymmetrical ruffles, ruffles, a calm print and a short sleeve blouse. Models with a mandarin collar look very playful. It can be knitted batch file, clothing made of translucent chiffon with guipure elements. On fashionable catwalks, luxurious figures in the style of the East are increasingly noticed. Do not lose if you pick up a model with a silver or gold groove.

Without sleeves

Sleeveless blouses are designed for hot summer, are made of air fabrics, not oversaturated with accessories. You can easily find a denim blouse with spectacular spikes and rivets. The "sleeveless" models can differ in the shape of the collar, which will determine the style. There are both office options with a rack, jabot or apache, and rave ones. In the palette of colors use trendy indigo, delicate coral, cream, and from prints do not refuse peas, stripes and folk notes and art drawings.

With bow

"And everything, except that, is easy to settle with the help of ..." bant! Play in a yoke or unapproachable lady succeed in dressing up in a blouse with bows. It is easy to arrange with an apache collar with ribbons falling on the chest. Landmarks of the beauty industry turned vectors on femininity, delicacy, correct manners.

Best of all, an image of a lady will reveal a blouse with a bow, which can be tightened on the neck, under the bust, in the hips, or on the back.

Current outfits

You can combine stylish images with the help of blouses and a good bottom. Skinny options allow you to wear both flared and skinny skinny, leggings, jeans classics. But the free cut of chiffon or satin models requires the strictness of the trousers, the “case” styles of the skirts.

Use the heel for social events, presentations and business negotiations, and for evening walks "go down" on the flat sole of ballet shoes, sandals, sandals.

For parties

An elegant blouse should have an original cut, attractive decor. These are shiny satin, silk or air chiffon models, decorated with lace inserts, beads or rhinestones. For trips to the club, pay attention to products with sequins, trendy prints, unusual cuts. Perforations, frills and numerous folds will set you apart from the crowd, refreshing the image. An elegant look is emphasized by jackets, jackets and monophonic skinny pants under the hairpin.

To the wedding

Wedding ceremonies for guests and bridesmaids do not always prescribe a strict dress code. Instead of a dress, you can wear a guipure or silk blouse to match the design of the event. Asymmetrical styles, open shoulders, back, volume elements and unusual fasteners look festive. You can experiment with collars, all kinds of strings, clasps, making them a highlight of appearance. For the wedding fit blouses without sleeves, a combination of guipure and knitwear, crepe-chiffon and lace, models with ruffles, plisse, bodice.

On the weekend

On picnics, weekend walks or shopping, “arm yourself” with practical blouses made of durable fabric with a minimal amount of perforation. Products with a collar Berta or polo fit the slim figure, and under the curvy shape it is better to pick up things with frills, ruffles and a free cut. Such blouses are easily combined with casual jeans, light skirts, leggings or shorts. To be trendy, look for prints with paisley or “Indian cucumber”. On Saturday evening, a chiffon translucent blouse with narrow jeans, creepers or slip-ons and a shuttle bag looks so cool.


In warm weather, refer to cotton or linen. This material will give many colors and styles, as well as become a practical "argument" of style in the wild heat. Models without sleeves, with bare back or shoulders will do their work on the part of coquetry. Combining a colorful blouse with classic midi skirts, denim trousers, you run the risk of running into compliments.

Add more interesting prints to the fabric (birds of paradise, feathers, popcakes, stars).


For an evening out to the cinema or the park is to choose a more discreet version of the blouse. Brands Jaeger, Emilio Pucci are advised to add more silk to the wardrobe, to use luxury jewelry, such as pony fur, gold jewelry. Yves Saint Laurent offers to wear a blouse with an ornament and a deep V-neck, and Anderson - to combine them with leather or suede. According to A.McQueen, a cotton blouse with a jacket, cropped trousers, a miniature clutch and suede shoes looks fashionable.

Color solutions

Fashion industry is preparing stylish options for blouses this season. The color palette is suitable for any type of appearance. Classic black and retro polka dots are favorites of modern catwalks. Pay attention to the extraordinary colors of lime, fuchsia, smoky gray and ultramarine. Colorful blouses are best combined with a monotonous bottom.


Deep black is the “architect” of an elegant, strict look. Successful options for the fabric for him - velvet, cotton and shiny silk. In the classic version, use a minimum of decor. It is better to combine such blouses with contrasting belts, light jeans with lace, short colorful skirts. For black, the “best” friends are the pair of Labuten.


Office style on the one hand and innocent - on the other. White models of cotton or linen - a solution for a hot summer, business negotiations. They are decorated with an elegant stand-up collar or blotches of beads, sequins, rhinestones. Decorative buttons, silver or gold thread will not be superfluous. White blouse is combined with a classic wardrobe and does not like cheap jewelry.


Bright yellow model chose the favorite color of the season lime. Wear a yellow blouse for a walk or a movie to get the spotlight. Pants with a low waist, elements of country or boho will help to cheer up the image. The summer model allows for colorful underpants, Aladdin pants, and a full skirt. For the rest, you will be supported by high wedge sandals.


A red blouse, especially with polka dots, is a challenge to modern fashion. She should be worn under jeans, black pencil skirts and heels. This outfit is able to fall in love at first sight. Complete it with a black clutch, a sexy choker and scarlet lipstick.

An irresistible image makes red elements on a single-colored blouse (pockets, darts, prints, embroideries).?


Playful green model will ask you to wear a skinny. Emerald total look form products from atlas and crepe-chiffon. In this form, it is not a shame to get into people, to important negotiations, presentations and social events. For green blouses suitable shoes with a membrane, leather slip-ons. They play the mood, only increasing the degree of fun.

How to tie a bow on a blouse

For the official style, it is better to tie a bow on a blouse like a stand-up collar. It will look spectacular accordion on the neck. Depending on the structure of the fabric, it is interesting to straighten the tails of the bands (model Ascot), tying pretty-looking knots on the chest.

Looks gorgeous bow on the back and aristocratic - on the side of the neck. The bow is suitable for blouses with a smell, gathered at the waist, from metallized fabrics.

How to dress up a blouse in jeans

Stylists recommend dressing a blouse in jeans somewhat casually. So you express the essence of the styles casual, new look, Preppy. You can make the rear part of the rear, and gently fill the front in boyfriends. Also, do not miss the fashionable bow - a blouse released only on the side under a pleated skirt and athletic shoes.

Never refit slim models - only free or classic.

Images and bows

Actual styles, types, colors make elegant, everyday, business and trend things from models. This season, pay attention to details, tips, designer fashion houses. Total bows are built on the type of fabric, decorative novelties and a successful combination. Atlas, crepe-chiffon and cotton will show unusual pockets, prints, ornaments. A trendy jeans with twists, worn effect and high landing will be the best companions of the blouse.

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