Knitted blouses

Knitted blouses

The first mention of knitwear can be attributed to a few centuries ago. At that time, such products were not as popular as they are now. Often, the royals of the king and wealthy citizens gave their preference for products made of silk and lace. But already in the twentieth century knitwear gained wide popularity and occupies high positions until today. For the first time knitted blouses saw the world thanks to Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli.

Knitwear products are distinguished by the softness of the fabric, ease of use, as well as a number of other positive features. In addition, knitted blouses and T-shirts nicely adhere to the body and do not cause allergic reactions on the skin. Also worth noting is the fact that these blouses fit well on the figure and correct obvious flaws.

What to wear?

Modern knitted blouses are present in almost every wardrobe of the fair sex. Explain such wide popularity can be based on the pricing policy of the product, as well as a variety of styles and colors. The most common material from which knitwear is made is synthetic. But it is worth remembering that synthetic fibers do not allow air to pass through, which is why the skin practically does not breathe during long wearing blouses. In most cases, such models do not shrink after washing, and do not lose their color saturation.

Based on the visible characteristics of knitwear, it can be noted that the fabric includes a high elasticity. Due to this fact, any tight knit blouse will be able to emphasize the advantages of the figure and skillfully hide the flaws. Any knitwear is harmoniously combined both with the official style and with a romantic, casual and even sporting image.

For the official style, it is recommended to make a choice in favor of simple knitted blouses of classic cut and pastel shades. As accessories, designers advise to use massive beads and earrings of the same color.

Picking up shoes for such a bow, it is best to take high-heeled pumps or open sandals on a medium wedge.

Romantic image brings a pleasant feeling and desire to look more natural. For this it is worth using blouses with open cut and bright colors. Such a bow goes well with classic jeans or a high-waisted skirt, along with high-heeled ankle boots. From accessories, you can select long beads or chains and small lacquer handbags.

The bow looks elegant on the basis of a white knitted blouse and a long skirt.

For a casual look, it is better to choose more simplified knitwear models with a comfortable cut and acceptable color. Most often in the role of casual bow look on the basis of classic jeans and plain blouses with a slightly loose cut. Shoulder bags, small backpacks and massive jewelery can be used as accessories. Shoes should be practical and comfortable.

Knitwear should fully comply with the parameters of the woman’s body and not restrain her movements throughout the day.

Elegant styles

With each fashion season, designers delight the fair sex with a wide variety of novelties with beautiful prints and unusual styles. Recently, a trend has appeared on knitted blouses and tops with various inserts, for example, leather and lace.

Also in recent years, classic blouses of pastel shades do not go off fashion podiums. Knitwear is unpretentious in operation and does not require special attention. Young girls love these models for the simplicity of their styles, bright colors and interesting prints.


Summer variations of knitwear are different from other models in bright colors and interesting prints. For ladies with curvaceous shapes, you can choose a good version of this product, which will skillfully hide the figure's flaws due to the peculiar cut. Such blouses often have a free style and a minimum of decorations.

Knit garments in a cage, in a strip and with so popular "animal" print look beautiful.

Blouses with short sleeves can be combined both with skirts of different lengths, and with classic jeans or trousers.

With long sleeve

Knitwear with long sleeves are most often bought for the autumn-spring season, as they have a rather dense texture. Designers annually produce a wide variety of variations, thanks to which you can create truly unique and interesting images for any occasion of life.

Such blouses on tall girls in combination with classic jeans and high-heeled shoes look very stylish. Due to the specific cut, these models visually pull the silhouette and make the figure significantly slimmer.

High waist

High-waisted blouses are widespread among women who have a curvaceous shape. Based on the features of the style, such knitwear can hide the flaws and concisely emphasize the chest of its owner.

Most often they have a bright print and various decorations in the form of sequins, rhinestones or beads. Wear a high-waisted blouse, recommended in combination with classic jeans or pants.

With drapery

Blouses with drapery allow you to correctly place accents and hide figure flaws. Thanks to an unusual cut, this model visually enlarges the breast and adds sexuality to it. Such products are suitable for tall girls with model parameters, as well as miniature ladies.

As for the representatives with curvaceous, they are best to pay attention to other models. The color range of drapery blouses ranges from pastel shades to brighter colors.


Knitwear products with a basque look most advantageous on girls with model parameters. Most often, these blouses are used in business style in combination with a pencil skirt and high-heeled shoes.

As accessories you can take massive beads or earrings. Thanks to an unusual cut, a basque blouse visually reduces the waist, and the silhouette makes it more attractive. Designers are advised to buy such clothes in bright monochromatic shades.

With a collar

Blouses with a collar are the best fit for an official meeting, as they bring perfection and harmony to the look. In most cases, such models are made in pleasant pastel colors and have a classic cut.

Designers combine them with tight pants, high-waisted skirts, and also use a fitted jacket over the image. In addition, to create an original bow, you can use the volumetric cardigan. Blouses with collars are suitable for almost all women, regardless of the features of their figure.

With lace

Recently, blouses with lace inserts have gained wide popularity. Such models give their owner femininity and natural beauty. Most often, these models are made in pastel colors and have a minimum of decorations.

Young girls often use blouses with lace, both in business style and in everyday life. With properly placed accents, you can visually stretch the silhouette, as well as emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Popular models

Currently, there are several most popular models, depending on the season and season. Designers do not cease to amaze the beautiful half with stylish novelties and fashion trends.


Summer variations of knitted blouses include variations with short sleeves, high waists, and various inserts. Among young girls are popular models with images of celebrities and cartoon characters. Also quite often there are blouses with interesting inscriptions and bright decorations.


For evening blouses should include items with lace inserts and long sleeves. Most often, these blouses are combined with classic trousers or skirts to the floor. But here it is very important to choose the right color scheme and place accents.


Business style blouses are made in a classic style and monochromatic colors. In most cases, designers use bright knitted blouses in combination with a black skirt or trousers. Over the finished image you can wear a fitted jacket or coat.


Combined products look complete and quite harmoniously in combination with things of business style. Such blouses can be worn at important meetings, or for a walk with your loved one. The main thing is to follow fashionable advice and select things that correspond to the features of the figure.

Fashion tips

Designers recommend when choosing a bow to pay attention to the style of the product, its color and features cut.

It is also very important to correctly place accents and combine things depending on the type of figure. For women with curvaceous forms, it is better to give up fitting things, while more slender women are not recommended to wear unnecessarily loose things.

Knitted blouses are quite versatile and are suitable for any style, from official to casual. With a well-chosen image, you can get the most interesting and harmonious bow.

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