Red blouse

Red blouse

A blouse is an essential item in every modern woman’s wardrobe. In the world of fashion, she is considered a thing that can create an elegant and feminine image. Red blouse can embody the sensuality and sexuality of women. With the right choice, she will emphasize dignity and hide some imperfections of the figure.

What to wear

Traditionally, red blouses are made to wear with skirts. Skirts can have a different cut and length. Fabric for a skirt can be any. This combination is considered all-season, suitable for everyday wear, and for publication. Excellent red blouses will look with pants, shorts, jeans, as well as with open jumpsuits.

Red color attracts the views, so you need to more carefully choose the tone of other elements and accessories. In the bright image every detail is important. Do not get involved in the abundance of large jewelry. Massive colored plastic earrings significantly “cheapen” the overall look and look ridiculous. Delicate blouses are in perfect harmony with gold or silver jewelry.

Black skirt

A black skirt with a red blouse is a timeless classic. The combination of red and black is always advantageous. The skirt can be of any length: mini, maxi, "to the floor." It all depends on the occasion and where you are going to go.

Elegant red blouse with a black pencil skirt. The cut of the skirt can correct the hips and emphasize the subtlety of the ankles, and the drop-down blouse will perfectly hide the problematic tummy or sides.

White pants

In this outfit you can go to a business meeting or exhibition. White trousers straight or loose fit to light or chiffon blouses. The airiness of the image will complement the shoes with a thin heel. The outfit is summer and festive.

Owners of perfect legs can afford to wear a red blouse with tight white pants. Bulk bag and sophisticated shoes emphasize femininity.


The combination of shorts with a red blouse is suitable for summer walks and romantic dates. Prefer the shorts of a classic cut. As accessories, fine straps and elegant jewelry are perfect. The choice of footwear stop on openwork summer shoe boots.


World fashion houses have developed collections of clothes based on a combination of a red blouse and denim trousers. Jeans fit almost any: straight and skinny, flared or with a high fit.

The main thing is that the image is harmonious and elegant. A blouse with torn or wide jeans should be combined carefully. Please note that shoes must be classic.

The best combinations

The most spectacular is considered to be the red top and black bottom. This image is the embodiment of femininity and style.

For an office style, blouses with straight trousers and skirts have become the best combinations.

Romantic style requires in the image of flirting and temptation, so the combination of a red blouse made of transparent and thin fabrics with shorts and flirty skirts became optimal here.

For a casual look, blouses with jeans and pumps have become the leading combination.

Modern designers do not cease to amaze with new collections of models of red blouses in absolutely unexpected versions.


The “timeless” peas are back in fashion. Density of application, as well as the size of the peas can be any. The most popular this season was dense small peas in white or black color.


The classic longitudinal or transverse strip this season is mixed. Designers connected the direction of the strips, getting a bold abstraction. The strips are arranged in sections, creating intricate geometric patterns. Contrast look narrow multidirectional stripes, made in black.


The hit of the season was a red blouse with openwork inserts. Lace not only emphasizes femininity, it creates an erotic and attractive image.

Red blouses with lace on the back or on the sides look bold and bold. Having decided on such an outfit, be prepared to catch curious and admiring glances.


One of the most popular models of this year was the chiffon red blouse. Such models are ideal for trousers or skirts in soothing colors. A stylish solution would be a combination of chiffon with a bustier dress or an open corset. For everyday wear chiffon blouses require T-shirts with straps.


Natural fabrics are fashionable, practical and comfortable. Silk has excellent hygienic properties. In it the body breathes even in the hottest heat. Silk has the unique ability to hide the imperfections of the figure. Flowing in waves, it excites and delights.

Silk red blouse is an aristocratic luxury that should be in service with every modern woman. Thin fabric goes well with cotton.

The summer season of 2016 allows you to wear a bright silk model not only at a party or a disco, but also as a subject of everyday wear.

Actual models

This season, convenience has come together with finesse. Stylists have tried to create models that are suitable for different ages, types of appearance and figures. Now every woman of fashion will find for herself her super stylish red blouse.

Without sleeves

The model of a sleeveless blouse is more suitable for summer sunny weather. The absence of sleeves focuses on the elegance of the hands. If your hands are in perfect shape, such a blouse can emphasize them.

With a collar

The collars for blouses can be classic or semi-circular, “stand” or soft waves. Often the collar, like the cuffs, is made in a different color, for example in black. Models with contrasts look very impressive and stylish.

With frills

Flounces on thin fabrics look elegant and festive. They emphasize the femininity of the figure, and a wide shuttlecock on the open shoulders looks insanely sexy. Asymmetrical blouses with frills look original. They are usually sewn on the center or on the sides of the blouse, they make out the sleeves and collars.


Baska is a decorative assembly at the bottom of the blouse and fits perfectly into the wardrobe of a business woman. Baska came into vogue for a long time and does not lose popularity today.

Due to the undulating cut, this element of the decor perfectly hides minor figure flaws. Basque blouses are suitable for business style or for a romantic meeting. They look gentle and elegant.

Bat sleeves

One-piece sleeves do not give up their leading positions. They look original and spectacular. No wonder such a cut has become a favorite of world fashionistas. In dresses and blouses with sleeves "bat" dressed many Hollywood actress.

A blouse of this style can be put on a secular party, a theater or an elite restaurant. They look most advantageous with a narrowed bottom. For example, a narrow black skirt "to the floor" or a traditional pencil skirt.

Stylist Tips

When choosing each piece of clothing a woman has certain goals: to emphasize the dignity of the figure or hide the flaws, give the image severity or seduction. This season is red on top of fashion.

Choose a blouse according to your type of appearance and body. Create images suitable for the occasion and place. Separate holiday and casual wear.For the office, it is better to choose muted red tones, while at a fashionable party you will look gorgeous in a rich red blouse.

Combine the fabric correctly, it is not necessary to combine fine silk with velveteen or thick wool. You should not make up the image of a red skirt and a red blouse of one tone.

Pay special attention to detail. A bright image requires the correct selection of all the details. Better not to use red lipstick. Limit your lip gloss to a delicate red. Dress stylishly and brightly every day.

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