Guipure blouses

Guipure blouses

Guipure blouse - one of the most popular items of clothing of every woman.

Guipure has a long history. For the first time guipure fabric originated in France. Translated from French, the word "Guipure" means delicate lace. After all, the guipure fabric is created by interlacing the finest threads in such a way that a relief embossing appears on it. It looks very gentle, feminine and elegant.

In Soviet times, the guipure fabric was used to produce lacy underwear, which could give the body such seductiveness and desire that no nudity can give. But relatively recently, fashion designers have revised their views on guipure and began to make outwear from this amazing material, of which blouses are the most widely used.

What to wear

Guipure blouse can be worn almost anywhere and with anything. Another great advantage of it is the versatility of the product - it can be put on at rest, in the office, at a club party, for a birthday party and many other events. It is only required to think carefully about the combination with other items of clothing.

In case this wardrobe item is planned to be taken for rest, then a fitted, fitted blouse will look very good with short shorts. You can also create a relaxed and stylish look, complementing the blouse skinny or tight jeans.

A classic skirt, harmoniously complemented by a jacket or jacket, is ideal for the office. If the guipure blouse is put on work, then special attention should be paid to the choice of underwear. Here it is best to dwell on the skin color models.

Fashionable styles

This season, two main styles of products have become widespread - they are fitted and free cut. It all depends on the features of the figure. Elegant girls with beautiful shapes are better suited to the first option. It will give movements of particular flexibility, and the image of femininity.

The second option will be the ideal solution for women with curvaceous, because the fabric itself has the visual effect of reducing the parameters of the body. Such a remarkable feature allows you to adjust all the flaws of the silhouette as much as possible and add an attractive look to the image.

A special length in this season is a three-quarter-length sleeve, which is a peculiar element of flirtatiousness and mischief.


Models with short sleeves are very well suited for leisure and for an informal atmosphere. In the summer, such a detail of the product will please the eyes of those around you with a fresh and rich tan.

With long sleeve

Long sleeves will look very harmonious in an office complex or in a theater. He does not look defiant, but rather radiates femininity and style.

With inserts

Models with inserts should be worn with great care. The fact is that guipure as a material is absolutely self-sufficient. Products from it have a finished and harmonious look and absolutely do not need additional elements of decor. Naturally, there are very interesting and attractive models of blouses with original inserts, but you should not pay them too much attention. It is better to focus on creating a full-fledged image using a homogeneous guipure model.

With guipure sleeves

This option may be very interesting. When the base of the blouse is made of fabric, then on top of it you can safely wear a classic vest.In this case, the sleeves of guipure will show around all the elegance of female hands.

There are models of blouses with sleeves made of guipure, which look especially impressive.


Such a model should also be given due attention. She can afford to create a very feminine and sublime evening look.

With a collar

Much depends on the type of collar in almost any image. This part of the product can make the image softer, more formal or informal. The variant with a semicircular collar speaks of the gentleness and tenderness of its owner, and the sharp, almost masculine version of the collar will show others that this is a real business woman who cannot imagine her life without office fights. Moreover, the collar can be used as an insert and be made of other materials, which also became a definite trend this year.

With lace

Since guipure itself originated from lace, it is not the best solution to complement it with lace. Perhaps you should pay attention to stamping and drawings made from the same guipure material. In addition, the embossing of guipure has its own volume, and can also be created from threads of a different color.

Popular models

This season, the most popular models are dark colors, because they give the image additional mystery and some ephemerality. It looks really great, attractive and very fashionable.


It is said that the guipure fabric, due to its lightness and airiness, evokes thoughts about summer. Therefore, much depends on the purpose for which it will be used. For summer models include all blouses with short sleeves and a minimum collar. They leave the arms and neck open to the warm rays of the summer sun and enthusiastic men's looks.


For evening specimens should include blouses with long sleeves, as well as most of the strict images in which they are used. For an evening out, you can use a very good combination of a short skirt or classic trousers. Just do not forget that the pants must be complemented by a beautiful jacket or jacket with a three-quarter sleeve. This bow looks very elegant and stylish.


This option is very similar to the evening outfit. In addition, here it is worth paying more attention to the choice of linen, preferring the skin color, because guipure, in addition to all its merits, also has transparency, which causes a flurry of emotions in others.


Romantic models include items with a short or missing sleeve. Also for this image it is preferable to choose pastel variants of bright colors, such as pale pink, peach, caramel, purple and aqua.

When choosing underwear the fair sex can not limit themselves. All the interesting model and color solutions of bras will always be relevant here.

Stylish tips

Guipure blouses can and should be worn in the warm season. Shorts are better suited for models with short sleeves, for strict office skirts - models with long and slightly flared sleeves. Also, a black guipure blouse with a sharp collar, made not of guipure, but of black silk, will fit into the office image very well.

It is worth paying attention to the color of the buttons. The ideal option are colors that harmoniously complement the rest of the image details.

Under the blouse, you can also wear beautiful bracelets that can be clearly seen through the transparent fabric. In the summer of 2016 guipure blouses remain "in trend." Therefore, this beautiful piece of clothing must be present in the wardrobe of every girl.

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