Blouses for obese women

Blouses for obese women

Gone are the days when clothing for the full had the appearance of overalls. Now fill up the wardrobe with a beautiful thing for curvy shapes is very simple. The main thing in the selection is to know the features of your figure and skillfully hide the flaws.

Blouses that slim

One of the most popular purchases of women with curvy shapes are blouses. The convenience of combining this element of wardrobe with skirts and pants makes them very practical.

Full-bodied girls are not so easy to choose the perfect blouse. It is important to know which of them slim the figure and make it more proportional.

Blouse for full must necessarily fit the size. Only accurate measurements of the figure will help you choose the right size. Blouses of a larger size will add volume, and smaller ones will highlight all the irregularities and folds of the figure.

Another rule of a good blouse is a careful attitude to the groin area. Experts advise to choose the length of the blouse, covering the groin, if there is a belly.

Stylish styles

Things of large sizes can not only mask imperfections, but also be stylish and fashionable wardrobe items. Designers with each new collection supplement current models for the full ones, and women of fashion have already selected the most beloved ones from them.

With smell

The model with the smell will emphasize the beauty of the female body, regardless of size. Thanks to the smell of a blouse creates a V-shaped neckline, emphasizing the chest. For obese women, this is a great way to remove excess volume from the upper body and lengthen the neck, making it more graceful.

Wrap blouses are suitable for any type of body shape, however, the length should vary according to the shape features.


Baska is a shuttlecock sewn to the blouse at the waist. Undoubtedly, the basque blouses are very attractive and feminine.

If there is a problem of wide hips, the stylists suggest wearing a bass-colored blouse with an oversized waistline. It will smooth the transition from the narrow top to the wide bottom. Baska in this case is above the hips.


Among all existing blouses for full elongated - the most popular option. You can feel comfortable in them and not be afraid that your back may become bare, and your blouse will be unpleasant to bully.

A blouse with a belt at the waist is ideal for any type of figure. It does not create excess volumes, and the forms acquire proportionality.

A blouse with a long back will hide all the flaws of full hips. When choosing this option, do not forget about the closeness of the inguinal zone.


Models for the full delight with its variety of styles. There are not only their classic variations, but also combinations.

So, you can find an elongated blouse with a smell, suitable for any shape. The model should be selected on the basis of the height of the woman, the lower the woman, the shorter the length.

The smell in tandem with basky is also found in modern models. Baska emphasizes the waist, and the smell - the decollete, while transforming the shape and image as a whole.

Design features

If the ideal style is chosen, you can proceed to the choice of pattern and color scheme, because they play no less a role in improving the shape.


Polka-dot models can create a tender look, or they can distort the shape and add a few kilograms.

To avoid this, it is important to choose the exact size. The peas should not stretch and change their shape, otherwise the image will be spoiled.

Large peas make a slimmer figure, especially if white peas appear on a black background blouse.Small peas should be worn with care, skillfully selecting the bottom of the image and accessories.


Any woman wants to look bright, but often ladies with curvaceous robes wear black and are not pleased with interesting things. Fear of bright colors and patterns will pass if you buy a vertical striped blouse. This model slims and pulls the figure.

Horizontal stripes are contraindicated for women. Only the option of a horizontal striped blouse in combination with a classic jacket or a plain cardigan is possible.

Blouses with diagonal stripes are suitable for women who want to hide big breasts.

With print

Printed blouses frequent the catwalks on new plus-size collections. Such models look harmonious if the color range is chosen in soothing colors, and the design is not too large.

Adhere to a calm tone prints should be regardless of their nature. Floral motifs, ethnostyle, geometric patterns and abstraction will give the image brightness and individuality.

If there is little experience in choosing such blouses, you can purchase a blouse with decorative elements. Flounces, sleeves, pockets and neckline can be decorated with various prints. It is impossible to make a mistake in this case, because bright notes on small parts of a blouse will not be able to add extra volumes.


Not so long ago white color and fullness were considered incompatible concepts. However, designers worked on the creation of white blouses that can adjust the shape.

White blouse is universal, because you can wear it in the office, or for a walk or a romantic meeting, choosing the right style. White blouses are able to make a slimmer figure, if made in a style with a smell or decorated with basques.


Black color is loved by most women. Dark colors give grace to the silhouette, however, is not the case with baggy things.

Black blouses for the full last seasons delight with their adjacent style. Black lace blouses are especially popular.

A model with black lace should not fit the figure, and the sleeves should be slightly flared. With such a blouse, you can combine jeans and a skirt, use it for everyday bows or use it for a gala evening.


Shades of red excite the hearts of men. This seductive color is regularly used by fashion designers for the full, because beauty does not depend on size.

Red blouses for the full are decorated with a belt at the waist in black, with a bow at the wrap-up blouse, as well as massive decorations at the blouse of a simple cut.

Red color does not have the ability to complete, however, on particularly hot days it is better to avoid similar shades. The red blouse will blend with the blush from the summer sun, and the face will acquire unhealthy redness.

Beautiful models

The blouse will be one of the favorites in the wardrobe, if it has not only a fashionable style, but also a beautiful and pleasant fabric. Wearing comfort ensures self-confidence, so choosing a fabric for a blouse should be approached responsibly.

What material to choose the best?

Flowing materials are made for obese women. They fit in the figure, not clinging to it and not exposing skin folds. In addition, chiffon and viscose allow the skin to breathe.

Natural fabrics are also suitable for clothes full, they absorb sweat well and look very stylish due to its simplicity. For example, flax blouses in their simplest form will be the perfect thing for everyday wear.

From chiffon

For obese women, chiffon blouses will be relevant in a loose cut, as well as long models with a belt at the waist. Such models look airy, enveloping the figure with a delicate cloud of fabric.

Choosing a model, you should pay attention to the fineness of the fabric. Too thin and transparent chiffon will expose the folds on the body, so the material should be of medium density.If the flaws of the body still appear through, under the chiffon blouse, stylists recommend wearing a basic top on the straps.

Of lace

Lace and femininity exist next to each other. The beauty of openwork patterns attracts tenderness.

Lace blouses for the full will create a romantic look, as well as hide extra inches. The rich texture of the material will distract attention from the problem areas.

When choosing a lace blouse the best option would be a model with lace elements. The lace pattern in this case will not stretch on certain parts of the body and will retain its original beauty.

From guipure

Blouses with guipure will please owners of magnificent forms. The beauty of the fabric will allow to combine such a model with different styles, without creating additional volume on the body.

Guipure blouses for full created by designers in dark colors that effectively simulate the silhouette. Indigo, emerald and burgundy are perfect colors.

From flax

Indispensable for full ladies blouses from flax. The skin in them breathes, and the air circulates.

Flax blouses are made under the general idea of ​​minimalism in detail. Blouses with straight cut, having an average length and a small embroidery in the form of jewelry, will please a woman for a long time.


The most popular material for blouses and sweaters could not help but get into fashion collections for obese women. Known for its elasticity and convenience, he has long won the top ranking among the fabrics.

Designers created knit models of blouses for plus size, turning them into jackets that can be combined with basic tops. Such a dense knitwear allows a woman to get a clear shape and hide the irregularities of the figure.

Fashion trends

For a fashionable image, it is enough to have a shirt in the form of a shirt in your wardrobe. In 2016, such a youth model at the peak of popularity. Its free cut hides the flaws of any type of figure, and all sorts of colors make it look unique.

The V-shaped notch on the blouse also appeared on the catwalks last season. The beauty of a magnificent breast is ideally underlined with the help of a similar model, and it is impossible not to use it.

Blouses for girls with curvaceous shapes are able to change and model the figure, creating new accents and adding bright touches. Each girl who wants to look attractive and stylish is obliged to have them in her wardrobe.

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