Suede Jackets

Suede Jackets

Classic suede jackets are a proven fashionable outfit that will definitely not lose its relevance for several seasons in a row. High-quality suede has a high durability, so with proper care, such a product can serve you for a long time. In addition, suede looks noble and as if declares that you have good taste.

Strict suede jackets in cold weather will be for you a universal wardrobe item, because you can wear them with clothes in any style, using both as outerwear and as part of a business suit.


Suede jackets are a versatile outerwear that is equally well suited for men and women. Fashion designers constantly delight us with new forms and styles of stylish jackets made of this noble material, allowing all fashion lovers to find the perfect model for themselves.


Suede Jackets for Women may be fitted or loose at the waist, depending on what part of the body the girl wants to emphasize. Also, jackets differ in sleeve length, which can be both classic and ¾.

Shortened jackets are popular among young girls.that allow you to demonstrate the femininity of the figure, without hiding it.

But if you plan to wear your jacket as an outerwear in the off-season or on cold summer evenings, it is better to give preference elongated modelin which you will feel comfortable even in bad weather.

In addition, such a cut is able to smooth out the presence of "ears" over the hips, the presence of a small abdomen and other minor flaws of the female figure.

Different models of jackets and fastening. This can be both the usual number of buttons and zipper. In addition, there may be no fasteners at all. In this case, the jacket is either worn open or tied with a belt.

If we talk about buttons, the jacket can be either single-breasted or double-breasted. In the first case, it is fastened with one row of buttons, in the second - with two.


Men prefer more classic styles. Suede jackets for the stronger sex are also divided into elongated and shortened and may be single breasted or double breasted. Unlike women, they are rarely decorated. Designers prefer minimalism, decorating a simple fit jacket only with a collar and patch pockets.

How to choose

When choosing a suede jacket, first of all, pay attention to its quality. Suede used in the manufacture of a jacket should be well crafted and pleasant to the touch. The jacket itself should sit on the figure and not hamper your movements.

Remember also that natural suede can not be cheap. Buying an inexpensive product of dubious quality, you will be disappointed in your new purchase in a couple of days. To make sure that your jacket does not become unusable immediately after purchase, carefully check its finish, seams and quality of accessories. Carefully inspect the lining, which should also be of high quality.

And in order for your suede jacket to keep a well-groomed look for a long time, provide him with proper care. Always remove with a brush moistened with soapy water, even the slightest contamination. Whenever possible, wash the jacket by hand, using wool detergent. And if the collar of the jacket and cuffs get a scruffy look, clean the greasy areas with steam.

What to wear

Suede jackets are successfully combined with classic trousers and jeans. Informal image It will be especially interesting due to the combination of such different textures as suede and denim.

For creating business image use skinny skirts or dresses with straight cut. Included with them better look fit jackets. If you choose a decorated jacket with a rich color, then choose a quieter bottom for it.

Beautiful images

With a stylish suede jacket you can create many interesting looks. Try, for example, to combine a cropped brown loose jacket with simple gray jeans. The image will be especially relevant if you choose jeans with a high fit, and the jacket will be decorated with bulky pockets.

Or add to your image of femininity, combining a loose jacket, making your figure more fragile, with a simple white dress. The dress can, if desired, be replaced with a white skirt, complemented by an actual jacket in a thin black strip.

Female images in which there is a stylish suede jacket look elegant and unique. If you want to make a long-term investment in your wardrobe, give preference to just such a quality item that will last you more than one season.

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