Dress jacket

Dress jacket

The tendency to combine different items of clothing in one model has never failed designers. A striking example of this is the dress jacket. Today, this thing is not very widespread, but already loved by many style icons.


The first models appeared in the 70s of the last century with a light hand from Yves-Saint Laurent. He presented a typical tuxedo, where the main emphasis was placed on the shoulders and thin waist. The image was feminine, sensual and fragile. After the first success there was a significant evolution of the style of the jacket dress. And now we have the pleasure to admire and choose among a multitude of models uniquely unlike each other.

Classic models are traditionally trimmed with lapels, buttons on the sleeves and side pockets. Fitted or straight cut, they look like a typical elongated jacket. The only difference is that the hips are securely covered. By the way, it is permissible to wear a skirt or pants under such a dress, using it as a jacket.

Looks uniquely sleeveless jacket dress. This is a summer version if the model is made of lightweight fabric. A thick warm fabric will turn such a thing into a vest, perfectly combined with blouses and pullovers.

The dress jacket with a smell favorably emphasizes the thin waist of its owner. There are no buttons, and instead a wide belt or belt. Laconic and stylish.

The basic material of a jacket dress, as a rule, are fabrics such as wool, velvet, corduroy, linen or cotton. They can be combined and matched with lightweight fabrics, such as transparent sleeves or lace hem.

As for the color range - it is quite scarce. Dress jacket made monotonous in restrained colors or with a light "jacket" print like "Christmas trees." However, many designers do not stint on the decor and decoration. Often there is a large insert with a bright print, leather insert or lace trim, ruffles and zippers.

Hem length can vary from bold mini to luxurious maxi. The same applies to the sleeves.

What to wear?

Dress jacket undoubtedly refers to the official style, regardless of its decoration and design. However, a deep neckline and provocative length caution to wear this piece of clothing on a naked body. A contrast top or blouse should be worn under the V-neck; this will favorably emphasize the length of the neck. And if you pick up a similar bottom in the form of a skirt, pants or even a dress, you get a thoughtful, full-fledged suit.

The role of accessories in the image of a jacket dress can not be overemphasized. It is on these details depends on what direction you give your style - the official classics, comfortable casual, refined romance or youth courage.

Shoes fit preferably closed. In the summer version of the dress jacket pick up shoes. Massive ankle boots weight the image by adding a fatal zest. And sneakers in combination with an elongated jacket will create an informal style for every day.

Just do not forget that the rest of the accessories should follow the style of the chosen shoes: an elegant handbag, a clutch on a chain or backpack, a strap or a wide belt, a massive watch or a thin laconic bracelet. The same applies to the headdress, if you intend to use it in your image.

Pale mean tones enliven bright details and appropriate makeup. Dilute the gloomy dark shade with contrasting small accessories or decorations.

Beautiful images

Black velvet jacket dress with gold buttons and black pumps. Voila! Fatal and unique image is ready. A minimum of details, a bright makeup, and you are irresistible this evening!

Elongated nude jacket, plus high shoes to match his tone. The image has turned out strict, but touching at the expense of color scale.Notice that the three-quarter length sleeves against the background of the shortened hem add height

Flirty summer jacket without sleeves harmoniously suitable for special occasions. The contrast button and in the tone of her laconic brooch dilute the cutting eyes whiteness. And the asymmetrical hem leaves no chances of strict formality.

A bright and bold dress of scarlet shade will suit a courageous lover to look stylish. Deep neckline can be limited by pulling a black top under the dress. And black strict shoes will complete the image.

And here is a playful jacket dress with an original finish. It looks like a cheerful summer sarafan, where the small golden buttons added a little seriousness. And again, the preference for unchanged black shoes. They are in harmony with the image due to the sharp nose and lightness.

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