What is a double-breasted jacket, with what to wear it and what are its differences from single-breasted?

What is a double-breasted jacket, with what to wear it and what are its differences from single-breasted?

Women's jackets recently moved from the wardrobes of the strong half. Women's jackets have gone a long way to change, to become a full-fledged thing in the female images.

Two hundred years ago, the jacket was considered a strict men's clothing, which could be combined only with strict trousers. But today, women's models are popular in the style of casual, combined with mini skirts, midi and maxi, as well as with lax trousers. Female models of jackets are divided into single-breasted and double-breasted. Their difference in the number of rows of buttons, the first have one, the second two rows.

What is a double-breasted jacket

Single-breasted models are considered more stringent and classic. Often they have two or three buttons, but in some cases four. If a single-breasted jacket has four buttons, then you can only fasten two in the middle or a maximum of three, leaving the bottom one unbuttoned.

A jacket of such a model can be fitted and free, and even baggy, it depends not only on preferences, but also on the type of figure.

Single-breasted models in most cases have a lapel, that is, cuffs that can reach the top button. But there are models in which such flaps are absent, such jackets can be fastened with a zipper.

Double-breasted models have wide sides and two rows of buttons, but only one is considered working, since the left row performs a decorative function.

What is different from single-breasted

Such models should be worn buttoned, because when they are unbuttoned, they add volume to the chest and abdomen. Both single-breasted and double-breasted jackets have slots - cuts on the sides or back down. Thanks to the slots, the jacket allows you to feel relaxed and free. There are jackets in which there are no such cuts, often they are shorter models.

Also single-breasted and double-breasted models may differ in length and design of the bottom. The lower part of the women's jacket can be straight, this style is suitable for strict pants. The model with rounded edges is better to wear a pencil with skirts. Softer and smoothed corners of the jacket look feminine and stylish, so these models can be combined with skinny jeans, dresses and mini and midi skirts.


The length of the jacket plays an important role in creating a stylish image, choosing such a product, take into account all the nuances, because one little thing can spoil all your efforts. There is an opinion that short jackets for young and confident girls, and long ones for strict and status ladies, but this is not at all the case. Each fashionista can choose an elongated or shortened jacket, depending on the image and clothing with which it will be combined. Long models are very capricious and not suitable for every figure, style and color also play a big role.

Elongated women's jackets can be combined with dresses, mini skirts, jeans, skins and shorts. At the same time it is necessary to select not only the color, but also the material. Delicate dress made of chiffon and a long pale pink jacket made of cotton, a great option for hiking a walk or to the restaurant. The most popular products are made of wool, tweed and flannel, for the summer period you can pick up bright color options of flax, silk and cotton. Elongated women's jackets can also be thin and lined, the latter are more stringent.

Long double-breasted models of thick fabrics should be combined with skinny trousers, jeans or skirts of thick fabrics.Light summer products, respectively, with trousers, shorts and dresses made of light fabrics of bright or pastel shades. Medium length double-breasted jackets blend perfectly with trousers and jeans in a classic cut, as well as pencil, midi and maxi skirts.

Despite the fact that the jacket belongs to classic clothing, today they are combined with such styles as business, casual, street, glamor and jeans. To create a stylish look for going to the cinema with friends or to a party, you can choose a stylish jacket of medium length, jeans, taverns or shorts, a blouse made of lightweight material and sneakers or slip-ons.

Short jackets with two buttons are the perfect choice for women with the correct proportions of the figure. This model can be put on not only for work in the office, but also for a party, choosing a model with a deep neckline in the neckline. This model of a jacket is not recommended for a magnificent lady, since two rows of buttons and a shortened model will make the form even bigger.

Thin girl should carefully select this model, because it can visually enlarge the shoulders, so it’s better to stop on elongated jackets. A short double-breasted jacket can be correctly chosen and a pencil skirt for going to school or work should be followed; in this case, one should adhere to a strict cut and dark shades.

If you do not have to adhere to the dress code, you can choose a bright blue, pink or green jacket, a blouse or a vest with jeans or shorts and be free to go in business. Fitted models are designed to emphasize women's dignity and highlight the figure. If you can not boast of ideal or close to the ideal forms, it is not worth the risk. In this case, it is better to choose a straight or baggy model. Fitted double-breasted jackets can be with cuffs, opening the neckline.

Such a jacket can even be used as independent clothing, without hooking anything under it, but such an outfit will suit courageous and confident women. If you choose a product without a collar, you can combine it with blouses or tops, as well as narrowed trousers and skirts. The model with the Basques is already the last century, but in this case the double-breasted jacket is an exception. For a business meeting or work in the office, such an outfit will become just a godsend, besides, you will look fashionable and stylish, adhering to a strict dress code.

What to wear

Having migrated to the women's wardrobe, the double-breasted jacket had many changes, but it remained the basic part of the wardrobe. Fortunately, women have the opportunity to combine double-breasted jackets with any clothing and look stunning at the same time. With a cool spring or early autumn, you can replace a jacket or a park with a woolen or tweed jacket, and in the summer use lighter models like a cape on a cool evening. Products made of cotton, linen, silk are ideally combined with light, delicate and elegant dresses, as well as skirts of different lengths.

You should not run for fashion trends and choose unusual models. The jacket is a classic, so no matter the style, color, presence or absence of a collar or pockets, you will always look stylish and original.

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