Women's leather jackets

Women's leather jackets


The leather jacket, which was previously considered to be exclusively a masculine wardrobe item, like many other things, was rather quickly copied by women into their fashionable wardrobe. Adapting a men's jacket to fit your needs, making it more feminine and functional from a feminine point of view, beautiful ladies made this piece of clothing a must-have and one of the most favorite elements of outerwear. Both long and short models are popular.

Short jackets remarkably demonstrate the advantages of a female figure. They can be warmed with fur from the inside or decorated with them outside. Spring-autumn shortened models of women's leather jackets resemble an elegant jacket.

They can be fitted and free cut. Models with a stand-up collar and a zipper with a lot of staves and pockets can be safely attributed to the military style. Jackets with a turn-down collar, buttoned and slit pockets look more like a classic style.

Extra Long Leather Jackets prefer women who value equally fashion and comfort. Such models not only look very stylish, but also provide excellent protection during rainy and windy weather. The length of the jacket can reach mid-thigh. The belt present on the waistline favorably emphasizes it, making the figure more attractive.

Elongated oversize jackets (one size larger) will help you look stylish while hiding extra kilos.

Combined jackets with leather sleeves became a real hit this season. Shelves and back with a cut out of thick fabric, fur, or knit from wool. This is the original and the new version of women's jackets using leather that fits easily into a stylish set of clothes. This jacket will tell you about the good taste of its owner.

How to choose

In order to properly choose a leather jacket, you must first decide on the budget that you plan to spend. Then, choosing a style, think about where you will wear it and with what to combine.

The style will depend on the type of your figure, its fullness and growth. Since, if you have the perfect figure, you can choose absolutely any model of the jacket. If it is necessary to hide excess volumes, then it is desirable to opt for jackets that hide extra kilos, such as oversized or flared models.

Consider the fact that the jacket is put on clothes and in size it should not be you "butt". Choosing a model in the online store, be sure to make all the necessary measurements and select the appropriate size by the values ​​in the proposed table. As a rule it is: the volume of the chest and waist, the length of the sleeves and shoulders, as well as the total length of the product. If you plan to wear a jacket on clothing, then measurements should be made wearing.

What to wear?

Leather jackets are ideally combined with almost any pants. These could be jeans, military models and casual models. Looks great leather jacket jacket with classic pants.

All these sets are perfectly complemented by a classic shirt, and if it is white in this case, then in such an ensemble it is quite possible to go to work in the office. Also, a strict office option is obtained if you wear a leather jacket with a black pencil skirt or a midi skirt with a straight silhouette.

Unusually winning and gentle look can be created by wearing a leather jacket over an airy dress.. The length of the dress should depend on the features of your figure and the place where you plan to go in this set.

With a classic leather jacket, both short dresses and models of midi and maxi are perfectly combined. In this way, you can safely go on a date, be irresistible and confident in their beauty.

Leather jackets are in perfect harmony with leather shoes. These can be shoes, ankle boots, loafers or high boots. Their colors can be as traditional in brown and black, and in very unexpected bright and juicy shades.

Jacket and shoes do not have to be the same color. It will be much more interesting to look a set of leather elements of different colors.

Beautiful images

Romantic image with a leather jacket and a fluffy dress or skirt is considered the most tender and weightless. A short laconic jacket and a flying dress made of light fabrics harmoniously complement each other and reflect the individual style of a beautiful lady. A stylish bag and / or ankle boots will be a charming detail.

Leather jacket as if created specifically for images in the style of casual. Trendy casual looks are easy to choose using shorts, pants or jeans, complete with a leather jacket. The black leather jacket is universal for other colors and you can not limit yourself when choosing the bottom of the set. Jackets made of colored leather will bring brightness to the kit and emphasize the attention of others.

A full leather set is a win-win option that favorably distinguishes a woman, emphasizing the femininity and beauty of her figure. A leather jacket with pants, shorts or a skirt made of leather will be the ideal way for a spectacular appearance: city walks, shopping or meeting with friends. If there is no strictly dress code at work, you can easily put on a leather outfit in the office, complementing it with an office shirt and high-heeled shoes.

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