Sports jacket

Sports jacket

Respectable appearance distinguishes the jacket from other elements of outerwear. Sports jacket (jacket) retains this feature in everyday life. Jackets styles change, disappear and return to fashion. A wide selection of trends allows you to choose a jacket for any type of figure.


Actual models of the jacket of the last seasons are:


Decorated with a fringe, the classic jacket loses its share of presentability and goes into casual style. Another fashionable bow - clothing in tone. Business suit complement the shirt to match.

With a belt.

Six years later, this model returns to fashion, becoming the leader of the shows.


The feminine cut of the jacket allows you to hide figure flaws.

Large pockets.

In tone or contrasting jacket complemented by a bow tie or other accessory of the same color.


Presented in a wide variety of styles and colors. This may be a military style and a model resembling a rider's jacket. Jacket in a cage or monophonic, similar to a jacket with patch pockets.

Without clasps or with a clasp on the top of the jacket.

As a jacket - a cape it is convenient in daily wear.

The tuxedo.

In the monochrome fashion model of the jacket of different lengths.

With a zipper.

They range from simple conventional models to combined ones. The original jacket is reminiscent of a double-breasted blazer with decorative buttons and a working zipper.


Jackets of free cut are combined with shortened pants in tone, neutral and bright colors.

Without sleeves.

The elongated fit of the jacket pulls out the figure, hiding the figure flaws.

Short sleeve or 3/4.

Jacket cut mainly shortened, free.


The jacket can be completely made of fur or have fur parts: sleeves, cuffs and collar, bulky fur collar or patch fur hood.


Both monophonic, and bright models with ethnic patterns of a various cut.

On one button at the waist.

Fashionable are models of different lengths, often straight cut.

On ties

Made of lightweight fabric, resembling an elongated cardigan.

With a print.

The usual floral print or ethnic motifs, ornament and bright colors of these jackets attract particular attention.


Unpredictable models with lace and cutouts at the waist.

With all the variety of models it is worth remembering that the jacket should be made of natural fabrics. In this case, he adequately performs the functions assigned to him.

What fabrics are they sewing?

Jacket, as a variant of outerwear, is made of dense fabrics. The main materials are wool, cotton or linen. Each material has variations and can weigh or facilitate appearance.

Therefore, the choice of fabric for different models of the jacket should be individual. Female models of jackets, similar to harsh jackets or tunic, try to sew from less dense fabrics.

Most often sew jackets from wool. It is divided into several types:

  1. Yolochka. Thick, soft fabric, not very thick, but warm.
  2. Boucle. Creates the look of bulk fabric. In fact, light, warm, with different thickness.
  3. Gabardine. Hard and loose fabric. It is easily damaged when working with it.
  4. Tweed. Soft, light and warm fabric that allows you to create both airy clothes, and more weighty monophonic or patterned.
  5. Swanskin. Soft fabric with a nap, easily draped.

Among cotton fabrics are used:

  1. Jacquard.With its help, create the most unusual models with patterns, bright festive and historical.
  2. Velveteen. This material is the base of a casual style jacket.
  3. Denim May vary in softness, density and thickness of the fabric.

Linen fabrics also found in jackets, but much less. Regarding other materials, it is worth noting that the fur or leather on jackets can be natural or artificial.

In addition to the variety of styles and fabrics, there is also a wide choice of colors. Along with the neutral base colors, there is a list of relevant in a particular season.

Color solutions

For the majority of jackets designers began to use neutral colors. Black, gray, white without bright accents in the image. For the classic models of jackets entrenched black. Gray and white are also contrasted with black.

There are also basic colors such as brown and ivory. Popular blue and burgundy. Among the most striking is red. Malachite is still fashionable.

In their collections, designers continue to use not only a cage or floral prints, but also vertical stripes, various applications.

Using familiar colors pays off with new ideas to combine different items of clothing. The jacket is now adjacent to unusual things for themselves.

What to wear?

One of the unusual combinations - elongated jacket and cropped wide pants. Although the set with narrowed trousers or trousers of classic length remains more conservative.

Sports jacket is by its nature accustomed to an independent existence. Recently, however, more and more often they began to combine it with trousers or skirt from the same fabric.

Classic black jacket can now make a company Pleated skirt of the same color.

To jacket with belt fit pants and skirt of any cut. Tied up jackets make up a romantic image with summer dresses and skirts of different lengths.

For wide pants and shorts fit into the kit fitted jacket Jacket straight cut complement the long narrow skirts. Cropped Jacket with 3/4 wide sleeves looks harmonious with a pajama suit.

Jackets with a print Monophonic skirts or skirts with a similar pattern can easily be added. Sets of a jacket and trousers with a pattern Decorate a bright scarf to match the blouse.

Fur products can be combined with shortened trousers or classic length trousers and a hat.

A good ensemble make up leather jackets and skirts. An interesting option is a jacket, trousers and black leather vest, dress shirt and tie. The contrast of a leather jacket and translucent elements of clothes in one look attracts attention.

Experimenting over the images in clothes, you begin to feel the importance of a particular piece of clothing or accessory. The jacket, as a rule, completes the set, reliably performing practical and aesthetic functions.

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