Beige jacket

Beige jacket

There is a small but important list of basic things that every woman needs. And the honorable place in this list is taken by a beige jacket. No wonder. After all, this garment is the most versatile and can not spoil any of your image. Low-key soft color is easily combined with any other, creates a contrast, coupled with bright and dark shades or emphasizes delicate tones.

Skillfully selected women's jacket will become an indispensable assistant when you need to hide minor figure flaws or emphasize dignity. In the right situation, he will hide your bare hands and warm in cool weather. To this piece of clothing you will always easily pick up shoes, handbag and belt.

Beige jacket is the most simple and casual option that can complement a chic look for any occasion.

Do not be afraid to experiment, just follow a few rules - there are not many of them:

  • pick up a jacket according to the type of your figure;
  • Avoid too baggy or narrow - moderation is important;
  • prefer a brighter make-up, because the beige color fades its owner;
  • try not to overdo the rest of the clothes with flowers to avoid their rivalry with each other;
  • The beige color is very close to the skin tone, so try to shade your image with contrasting details, at least to a small degree, so as not to be completely “naked”;
  • make a choice in favor of accessories to match the jacket, albeit not completely the same.


Each female figure wants to dress in her unique jacket, specific model and style, to appear in the most favorable light. Therefore, it is worth exploring all the existing varieties of women's jackets and choose the most optimal one for yourself.

And there are:

  • jacket - classic women's jacket, fitted, length to mid-thigh or to the waist;
  • Cardigan - an elongated jacket without a collar and lapels with a belt or a single clasp;
  • blazer - loose jacket, which allows itself to stand out with original buttons, pockets, emblems;
  • tuxedo - this is the "male" name are women's jackets with satin lapels;
  • Spencer - a playful short jacket that slightly captures the belt line;
  • bolero - short blazer with one clasp and sleeve length for every taste;
  • Mandarin - "Asian" jacket straight cut with wide sleeves and a stand-up collar, not allowing lapels. Instead, there is an asymmetrical row of fasteners.

When choosing a model, consider your height, type of addition, figure defects. Short girls suit suit short girls. An elongated jacket will sit perfectly on a tall lady. Narrow shoulders can be adjusted volumetric sleeves.

The volume of a particular part of the figure is easily reduced due to the large, but not contrasting details located on it.

What to wear?

It is difficult to come up with a piece of clothing that would not be combined with a beige jacket. A dress, skirt, pants and even shorts are perfectly complemented by a nude jacket. It all depends on your imagination and situation.

A popular combination is a jeans shirt jacket. The result is a universal image that you can try on for work, for a walk, in a cafe. Top preferably light: white or gentle warm and cool shades.

But jeans can be anything - straight or pipes, soft blue or rich indigo, torn, with small rhinestones or small print. The main thing, remember about moderation.

A skirt, pants or a dress of rich color will not lose its style in combination with the beige tint of your jacket. On the contrary, the jacket will create a light background, soften the catchiness and add a zest to the image.

The beige jacket works perfectly in a contrasting combination with a black, dark blue / green / brown color.In contrast to the contrast with white, this option is smoother and more moderate, depriving the severity and stiffness.

Having chosen a predatory print for your image, do not forget to dilute it with a nude jacket. Leopard clothing colors not only look harmonious with beige trimming, but also lose that excessive “aggressiveness” that many women are so afraid of.

Spectacular images

In casual style. The formality and severity of a classic jacket is removed by light jeans jeans with a shirt or a polo shirt. Simple and convenient, but not without taste. Ideal for a walk. The image will be brighter if you add a pair of stylish accessories and choose shoes with heels. Do not forget about the appropriate makeup.

Perky coquette. A more frivolous version is the flirty blazer and the perky flared skirt above the knee to match the jacket. Do not be afraid to wear a catchy blouse with a floral print, soft tones will hide excessive brightness. Suitable for young and slim girls.

Star of the evening. But the same chic contrast - beige jacket with a straight cut and deep black trouser overalls or a suit of flowing fabrics. Add some uncomplicated gold or gilded jewelery, and you are in the spotlight.

Brave party girl. A bold combination of short denim shorts with a catchy top is balanced by a voluminous nude jacket. Shoes to match the brightest garment will complete the look. Ideal for party and night club.

Miss Spring A neat classic jacket with contrasting buttons will accentuate the immediacy and airiness of a light chiffon dress with a herbal or floral print. Bright, neat shoes will not weigh down the image.

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