Wool Jackets

Wool Jackets

Woolen jacket - a classic that never goes out of fashion. Today, designers offer several current models of such jackets and blazers, differing in cut, color and details.

Pros and cons of fabric

Wool fabric, like any other, has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • It warms well, retains heat and has breathability;
  • Wool almost never wrinkled;
  • Hygienic;
  • Holds a form.

The disadvantages of clean woolen fabric include low resistance to abrasion, so today clothing made from such material is rarely found. Also, woolen items have a rather high price. To reduce the cost of fabric for clothing used wool containing other materials, such as acrylic, cotton, silk. Such things are durable and durable.

There are several types of stylish, warm and beautiful wool fabric: crepe, drape, molton, gabardine, boucle. Drapes are traditionally made from coats, gabardine is suitable for dresses and skirts, and jackets are made from Boston, tweed or boucle.


Fashionable women's wool jackets today are divided into several types of cut:

  • single breasted classic with a narrow collar and one button;
  • Stylish, double-breasted, slightly fitted models with wide lapels and a straight bottom;
  • jackets oversayz in a large cell;
  • Original versions with a smell and a belt.

Men's wool jackets are less diverse, but no less interesting. They are still in fashion, but it is worth looking at certain models:

  • strict classic suit jacket (should be matched to the pants);
  • non-business wool blazer that can be worn with pants, jeans, turtlenecks and original shoes. The presence of such a jacket will demonstrate excellent and selective taste.

Felted Wool Blazers

Felted wool is a delicate and warm material that is great for outerwear, including jackets. Today, fashion designers offer beautiful and original felt jackets for men and women. It can be a soft jacket without a collar with a long belt, a single-breasted jacket with rounded floors, a blazer-jacket.

When choosing such clothes, it is worth considering that you need special care for them:

  • hand wash with a special detergent;
  • horizontal drying;
  • Do not twist or wash in a washing machine.

Jackets made of dried wool are relevant in the autumn-winter season - they go well with classic trousers, skirts of different lengths and democratic stylish jeans.

As for the color of these jackets, designers advise to pay attention to the traditional shades of gray, brown or blue, as well as colors such as Marsala, emerald, beige.

What to wear?

Woolen jacket today is present not only in the business wardrobe, it can be combined with simple everyday, classic or trendy things. A single-breasted tweed jacket with buttons combines well in a single image with narrow dark jeans and a tight top or shirt. As shoes you can choose ankle boots or shoes.

Casual trousers, denim shirt, thin cardigan and a loose, soft woolen jacket are an example of unbanal layering. This image is fashionable to complement a small bright leather bag and fashionable glasses.

A Chanel-style jacket made of soft structural wool has not gone out of fashion for many years. It can be combined with different things in style: short shorts and ballet flats, sheath dress and pumps, mini-skirt, etc.

Woolen jacket, jacket or blazer is a profitable and fashionable investment in your own wardrobe, with which you can diversify the images.

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