Women's jackets

Women's jackets

Jackets have appeared a long time ago, initially being an attribute of only men's wardrobe, making up a set with classic trousers that were not customary for women to wear. But with the passage of time and changes in fashion trends, jackets began to be popular among the fair sex.

Initially, girls wore jackets only in a pair with a skirt, and a little later with trousers that make up a pair of suits with him. But, as previously mentioned, fashion does not stand still, and now the jacket is used as a separate piece of clothing that lives an independent life.


Of course, among the abundance of fashionable clothes at the present time, designers have not spared the jackets, developing new types of models. We present to your attention the most popular and stylish models of jackets this season, past which no fashionista will pass.


Jackets with a fitted fit are very popular this year., but he will sit on you only if you have a slim figure and a flat tummy. Since this model focuses attention on the waist, it is better for full girls to avoid buying such a jacket, so as not to pay attention to the figure flaws.

As for slim, to emphasize the slim figure and make the image more stylish and attractive, you can use a thin leather strap and fasten it to the waist.

English collar

English collar is a classic version of a jacket collar. In addition, the model with the collar, buttoning on one button is quite popular this season. Such a jacket can be both standard length and elongated, and shortened, and it will still look stylish and fashionable.

With short sleeves

For a long time, lapel pants that look incredibly fashionable have been successful. Recently, a new trend has come into fashion, calling for wearing jackets with slightly shortened and rolled sleeves. Such a model looks easy, defiantly and in a sense even hooligan.


Baska is a kind of frill, quite wide in size, which is usually sewn into the waistline on skirts, jackets, dresses and sometimes even pants.

Jacket models with basque are incredibly popular this season because they look stylish and unusual. Basque can also help to visually adjust your volume, emphasizing the waist line and slightly reducing lush hips.

Youth jackets

Great demand and popularity among young people enjoy long jackets, and sleeveless jackets and for good reason we’ll introduce you right now.

Extra Long Jackets, to some extent, look like trench coats, so many girls prefer to wear them in cool weather, for example, in the fall or spring. Such a model jacket can have from one to five buttons, and in any version will look great, betraying the image of sophistication.

Sleeveless Jacketwhich is a kind of vest with sides, is wildly popular this season, because it looks incredibly stylish and can be ranked as an accessory among clothes. Such things perfectly complement both everyday images, suitable for an informal atmosphere, and office bows, which need to give a stylish zest and special personality.


The variety among the fabric preferences in tailoring blazers is as great as the color and model ranges. Different fabrics are suitable for various life situations, as well as a variety of weather conditions and combinations with other things. Let's take a closer look, from which fabrics blazers are most popular, as well as with what things it is customary to combine this or that material.


A tweed jacket is a classic British version of a sporty type jacket, since such a fabric as tweed is of purely British origin.

Models of the classic cut are usually made from tweed, and often they are used as a variant of outerwear in cool weather, since the tweed fabric has a characteristic coarse pile and an appropriate structure.


Knitted jacket is a prominent representative among the models of sports style, because basically this model, due to the peculiarity of knitted fabric, sits on the figure as well as any Olympic shirt.

For the most part, this model is in demand among girls who prefer a free, light style in clothes, not burdened with classic and strict wardrobe items.


In some ways, denim jackets could be classified as ordinary denim jackets, if not for the V-neck and double-breasted lapel. This model will be ideally combined with various kinds of trousers and T-shirts of various colors.

As for the combination of a jeans jacket directly with jeans, it is necessary to take into account the main rule - jeans products should match each other in tone so as not to stand out from the image and not make it tasteless.

From flax

Linen jackets are a bright representative of summer models, designed for use in fairly warm weather. Often, these options have bright, saturated colors, because there is no need to burden yourself in the summer with heavy dark shades.

Color solutions and prints

Nowadays, the variety of color palette in clothes is very large, since there are no restrictions whatsoever on the choice of a particular color. The only rule always and everywhere will be the relevance of the thing and its colors in relation to any event.


Gray is ideal for a tweed jacket, because it is one of a number of classic shades, but has an advantage over such colors as white and black.

The white color may be too branded for a jacket, which is not very convenient, as you will often have to resort to cleaning. Black color, albeit classic and fashionable at any time of the year, but it looks a bit gloomy. Therefore, gray, bordering between them, would be the most appropriate option.


This color has a very good, enviable quality: White combines well with many other colors, absolutely any shades, since it is neutral in itself.


Blue is one of the representatives of a number of classic colors, but its combination with others is not as great as in the case of black and white colors. And yet the blue color goes well with many light and dark shades.

For example, blue and yellow make up a fairly good refreshing combination. And also, all shades of green, purple and gray are perfect for blue.


Green color is quite popular because it is to some extent a warm summer color, and everyone wants to feel some heat in cool weather.

The most popular shades of green in clothes are light mint, dark green, turquoise, some prefer malachite tint, but the main thing is to combine them with other colors correctly. All these shades are perfect beige, flesh-colored, cream-colored, as well as all shades of brown and ivory and champagne.

Fashion trends

The most popular jackets are slightly elongated model, with a short sleeve, on one button, because this model is fitted and emphasizes the dignity of the figure.

Tips for choosing

The main and main advice when choosing a jacket relates to the type of figure, since some models are able to visually increase your volumes, which will undoubtedly play in the minus. In addition, as has been repeatedly stipulated earlier, it is necessary to take into account the choice of the fabric from which the jacket is sewn, in accordance with the situation in which you plan to wear it. Jackets fit perfectly with almost any bottom, with the exception of sweatpants.

As for shoes, there are no restrictions, as the blazer is perfect as high heels, stylish oxfords, sandals, and stylish sneakers.

What to wear?

Any fashionistas know that every outfit should be in place. And jackets are no exception, since not all models will be appropriate for a given situation. So let us examine in more detail what to wear and with what.

With pants

With trousers, a tweed jacket is ideal, just a little lower than the waist, fitted cut, with a double-breasted collar and a buckle on two main buttons, having two more decorative buttons. The image will be very stylish and elegant.

With skirt

In combination with a skirt, you can use the same jacket, which is suitable for pants, because it will look good in both versions. In addition, you can use an elongated version, which in appearance resembles a trench coat and is more functional in retaining heat.

With jeans

Regarding jeans, you can not worry too much, because they will be perfectly combined with absolutely any jacket model. But still, the most successful option would be a knitted jacket.

Beautiful images

For romantic people An excellent choice would be a tweed gray jacket, combined with a white t-shirt and a beige sun skirt. The image can be supplemented with lacquered ankle boots with thick heels.

Great outfit in a business style. will be a linen two-piece suit consisting of a jacket of an elongated model and shorts of medium length. The image is perfectly complemented by a light knitted blouse and sandals with heels, as well as a stylish roomy handbag.

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