Long jackets

Long jackets

A long jacket for several seasons has attracted the attention of designers. Now it is often used to create winter bows or dresses for the off season. But his story goes much further than the past decade.

For the first time jackets began to be worn at the time of the popularity of the Gothic style. Like many other things from the women's wardrobe, the jacket was originally worn only by men. The tight-fitting jacket was worn by middle and upper classes. The length of the jacket changed over time, and by the middle of the last century, both the shortened models and reaching the middle of the thigh became popular. At about the same time, jackets entered women's fashion.


The classic elongated jacket is a jacket with long sleeves, a turn-down collar and a number of buttons. Double-breasted jacket is different from the usual double row of buttons.

The jacket can be decorated with lapels or pockets. According to the rules of etiquette, hands cannot be kept in pockets, therefore they are often sewn up during manufacture. In this case, they perform an exclusively decorative function.

Also there are models with a slot. The slot is a slit that is located at the bottom, on the back of the jacket. Its presence provides freedom of movement. Some models can do with two slots.


Despite the fact that the jacket was originally worn, mostly men, female models are now much more diverse. Fitted jackets look good. Often, such models are made by designers with just one button.


Male models are rigorous and restrained. Straight cut and calm colors make it versatile. However, there are more democratic models, for example, jeans.

In addition, rather conditional division, jackets differ in style and cut. Like many others, elongated jackets can be straight, fitted and with sleeves of different lengths, and even without them. Fitted models help to focus on the waist and effective neckline.

Long jacket

Stylish jacket with long floors perfectly fit into the official bow. This outfit is suitable for special occasions, because it looks spectacular, strictly and attracts a lot of attention.

Sleeveless Jacket

An interesting novelty is a long sleeveless jacket. They look almost the same as elongated vests, but are combined with other things. They also differ in texture. Blazers without sleeves are recommended to be worn in summer or just in warm weather. Under this top fit tight top or turtleneck neutral shades.

Popular colors

Stylists do not recommend choosing too bright colors, as they are difficult to combine with other items of clothing. It is better to prefer the elongated jackets of the basic colors.


A proven option is a black jacket that goes well with shoes that resemble men's shoes with loose T-shirts or T-shirts. With the classic narrow pants with an arrow, you can make a good business bow.


Solid white jackets made of thick fabric are able to distinguish you from the crowd, emphasizing your individuality. Bows with a light jacket look very fresh and interesting. Best of all jackets of this type are combined with blue or black trousers. Such a classic is always in fashion.


A good compromise for those who do not know black color to choose, or white, is a gray jacket. It can be an excellent base for making interesting bows. Forget about the stereotypes, according to which, jackets of this color are relevant only in the office and boldly complement the gray jacket of bows in any style.


The most popular denim blue jackets are blue. Denim all shades of blue perfectly fit the image of youth.

However, the blue color of fashionistas is associated not only with jeans. Stylish look classic models of elongated jackets, made in dark blue color. This dark color can be an excellent alternative to classic black, because it looks less beaten and more youth.

What to wear?

If earlier jackets were part of an official wardrobe only, now they can be combined with almost all things.

With dress

If you like femininity in clothes, then the combination of a classic jacket with a dress will be ideal for you. It is necessary to select a dress so that it is either shorter than a jacket, or the same in length.

With jeans

An elongated jacket can be worn with jeans. It is recommended to select models of saturated colors, tapering. Shoe under the bow, consisting of a jacket, one-colored top and skinny, you can shoes or ankle boots.

With pants

Stylish combination of an elongated jacket with classic trousers with straight cut. Under the jacket you can wear tank tops, T-shirts or sweatshirts. The easiest way to create a stylish bow is to choose a solid top under the jacket.

In these bows look great high-heeled shoes. You can also use stylish accessories to create feminine looks.

With shorts

A combination of a long jacket with short shorts looks quite arrogant. You can create a current bow by adding a dress with shorts with a high waist and a T-shirt tucked into them. As shoes, you can choose flats or less comfortable, but stylish sandals on the platform or wedge.

With skirt

An elongated jacket blends nicely with a pencil skirt. In order for this tandem to look elegant and feminine, choose a fitted jacket and not very catchy tones.

An extended jacket is a good alternative to more informal cardigans. Choose for yourself such a stylish jacket and try all the proposed combinations of things, creating new outfits, and making your image more multifaceted.

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