Classic jacket

Classic jacket

It is difficult to imagine the wardrobe of a modern person without a jacket. At the time of the English lords, this type of clothing was worn exclusively by men. However, thanks to Coco Chanel, the fashion for jackets has spread to the women's wardrobe. Now jackets are an integral part of the everyday image.

Classic jackets are made of high-quality material and elegant cut, stitched with a conservative look. The best jackets are made in Italy. There they are sewn by hand according to family traditions, which may already be hundreds of years old. The texture will take exactly all the curves of the human body, will not gather or wrinkle.

The article will introduce you to a variety of models of jackets and their illustrations. We will tell you how and with what to combine them correctly. And also you will learn about tasty and spectacular images with this seemingly familiar element of the wardrobe.

Jacket Models

Both men's and women's jackets are divided into two types: single-breasted and double-breasted. It depends on the number of vertical rows of buttons. And if there is only one such row of buttons in a single-breasted jacket, then there are two of them in a double-breasted jacket.

Single-breasted jackets look looser, do not require formality. An interesting example of single-breasted jackets are models with elbow pads and jackets, whose names reflect their homeland: Britain, Italy and America.

  • Tweed jackets with elbow pads. Men's coats with elbow patches are a great way to diversify your look. It can be combined not only with a shirt, but also with a jumper and jeans. It should be remembered that the main emphasis falls on the elbows, so do not overload the image with an abundance of additional accessories.
  • English jackets. Ideal for both women and men. Of course, they differ in details, but generally they have a common style. These are fitted models with underlined but not widened shoulders. This model is suitable for business people, and also demonstrates exquisite taste.
  • Italian jackets. Refined and elegant models of the Italian version of jackets demonstrate the superiority of the figure. Perfectly emphasize the beauty of the female body and the male torso. The style is also suitable for obese people, because the straight lines of the jacket hide all the flaws in the figure. We recommend to combine with jeans, (both tabernacle and boyfriend jeans are suitable for women), a basic monophonic T-shirt, you can play with accessories.
  • American jackets. This model is suitable for lovers of comfort. The jacket repeats the natural shape of the shoulder, has no lining, and fastens with only two or three buttons. Suitable for meetings in an informal setting.

Double-breasted jackets for men and women have a strict look. Therefore, this model is suitable for business negotiations, visiting a charity ball and official receptions.

What to wear with jackets?

Men's Guide

It should be noted that classic and strict jackets should be worn only with classic trousers and a shirt. Often we notice people who combine jeans with classic models. It looks not at all stylish.

But the blades of free tails, for example, tweed with elbow pads and American jackets give a wide base, and it all depends on your imagination. Combination with jeans, gray wool trousers, and chinos (cotton pants) of various color ranges look great. However, it must be remembered that the top and bottom should not be the same color.

It is possible to add a set with a shirt, a monophonic t-shirt or a polo shirt. Complete the image with a massive watch, tie.

For women, it is possible to combine an item from a man’s wardrobe with feminine things.For example, wear a little black dress, jacket and pearl thread for an evening out. A more casual option: a cotton or floral dress in combination with a jacket will add a bit of grunge to your style.

Do not forget about the basic things. Looks good with plain t-shirts and jeans, with blouses of luxurious colors and a pencil skirt, with a white shirt and brocade trousers. Finish off with a discreet gold bracelet or pendant. Lovers experimenting will be interested in a combination of a jacket and a bustier, oversized jackets with delicate silk undershirts.

Spectacular images

A dark blue jacket in combination with sand-colored trousers looks quite laconic and fashionable. Choose plain T-shirts, and you can decorate your jacket pocket with a silk scarf in soothing colors.

For cool weather, combine a shirt with a vest and jacket. Multi-layering is a trend that will always be relevant. The color scheme can be absolutely any. From brick shades and Scottish cells to rich crimson tones.

Oh, strip. How many motives she blows. Do not be afraid to experiment and match striped jackets with a t-shirt and jeans to match.

Style in simplicity. Arm yourself with a white alcoholic T-shirt, skinny jeans and white converse. And the color of the jacket - to your taste.

For an office style, choose a black double-breasted jacket, dark-tone jeans and a white chiffon blouse or cotton shirt. You can color the image with a massive necklace and corners for the collar.

A jacket of pastel shades will help gently. To him boldly wear a dress or skirt. Complete the image with curly locks, nude boats and invisible accessories.

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