Knit jackets

Knit jackets

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Knitwear is knitted, not woven fabric. Because of this, it is distinguished by elasticity, softness and good stretchability. Jackets and jackets made of knitted fabric, as a rule, are cheaper than similar products made of fabric. Knitted jackets look democratically, at ease and are suitable not only as office clothes, but are also good for informal events.


There are many models of knitted jackets, from strict to informal. Let's try to understand this variety.


Jacket for women often referred to as a jacket. Jackets are unlined, with buttons or zippers, with patch pockets. This model is relatively inexpensive and more like a cardigan, suitable for informal situations. More elegant models of knitted jackets, as a rule, are on a lining and have all the signs of a classic jacket: lapels, a collar and cuffs are stitched with a finishing line, patch pockets or welt pockets.


Knitted jackets are popular with men who prefer casual style. The most common single-breasted knit jackets, but there are double-breasted models. Knitted jackets are very practical, while they look more democratic than fabric and more solid than a cardigan. Jackets made of knitted fabric suitable for the office, where there is no strict dress code, and for the rest.

Color solutions

Depending on the color scheme, a knitted jacket or jacket can be inscribed in different sets of clothing in terms of style and purpose.

Black jacket

A jacket or jacket made of black knitted fabric looks more like a classic one. This allows you to combine it with clothing in a business style. At the same time, knitwear, due to its elastic properties, is more comfortable and convenient than a jacket made of thick fabric.

Navy blue jacket

Jacket of dark blue knit, depending on the remaining elements of the image and accessories, can be both formal and strict, and relaxed. This is a versatile piece of clothing, with which it is easy to make different ensembles by purpose.

White jacket

White color goes all and very well combined. White knitted jacket is indispensable for the summer women's wardrobe. It is suitable for an evening walk, and for working days, and for cool weather.

What to wear

A knitted jacket or jacket is a cross between a cardigan and a classic jacket. A reasonable question arises: what is it to wear, so that it looks appropriate and stylish?


The first option is to combine a knitted jacket with a shirt and jeans. Shoes are better to choose comfortable and concise, for example, oxfords or loafers. Get a stylish and fairly casual everyday image.

Sheath Dress

A cropped knit jacket with one or two buttons will look great with a dress case in a contrasting color. Shoe to the dress and jacket better concise shoes with high or medium heels.


Knitted jackets perfectly combined with skirts. Moreover, due to their informal look, they suit both short jeans skirts and pencil skirts made of knitwear of elegant midi length.


Pants or chinos are good combination partners for a knit jacket. Sleepers or espadrilles add a touch of elegance to casual looks.

Many fashion houses have already included knitted jackets in their collections, do not forget to add this new item to your wardrobe.

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