What can women wear with a black jacket?

What can women wear with a black jacket?

Planning to buy something new in your wardrobe, it is not uncommon for girls to slip in the idea of ​​purchasing a jacket? But what should women wear with a black jacket and does it really suit your figure, temperament, tastes? To answer these questions, you must try to find out everything about the features of black jackets.


Many people mistakenly believe that a black jacket is exclusively a version of business clothes. Depending on the chosen model, in such clothes you can safely go to work, walk, party, without becoming a gray invisible mouse at the event. Or rather black.

The options for the performance of a women's jacket include:

  • Vests;
  • Jackets;
  • Bolero;
  • Basques;
  • Tails;
  • Spensers;
  • Tuxedos;
  • Double-breasted jackets;
  • Single-breasted models, etc.

Moreover, each of the presented models of jackets can be made in several forms.

With one row of buttons

These are mostly single-breasted models, where it is not necessary to fasten with a smell. Looks elegant, refined. It is not necessary to keep all buttons always buttoned. Fashion trends and the question of practicality suggest that the bottom of 2 or 3 buttons is better not to fasten.

With two rows of buttons

This is a distinctive feature of a double-breasted jacket, where one row serves for fastening, and the second plays a decorative role. Because of the smell in front, an additional volume is created, which complicates the choice of a double-row jacket for certain types of figures.

No buttons

Fashionable solutions, which are mainly used on shortened models. Such jackets play the role of a cape, but the lack of buttons makes the image very attractive, original.

On lightning

Lightning can perfectly replace the classic buttons or make them a pair. Not rarely models of jackets are made so that they are fastened with a zipper, but buttons are still present as a decorative element.

Species length

The length of the jacket is a purely individual choice. It all depends on your goals, desires, features of the figure and the level of shyness. All jackets can be divided into three types of length.


A universal option that is suitable for both the classical style and for a real challenge to society.

Make sure that the average version fits in with you, it does not make the image heavier, does not make you too low, or vice versa, does not emphasize impressive growth. The rest of the problems with the choice of medium black jacket does not arise.


Classics of the genre, the main requirement of which is to cover the buttocks. It is noteworthy that a long jacket can serve as a wardrobe item for an office image, as well as create a real sample of refinement from a modest girl. The elongated models are perfectly combined with classic trousers, or vice versa, short shorts.


This is more a jacket than a jacket. Short jackets have become a real trend of the season, they are eagerly worn by young women of fashion, combining a jacket with jeans, miniskirts, and sneakers.

A short jacket will perfectly complement the evening look with your cocktail dress, or it will serve as a magnificent element of a bow, consisting of youth denim shorts and bold sneakers.

What to combine and how to wear?

Black jacket already replenished your wardrobe? Fine. Then it's time to carefully examine the contents of their cabinets and determine with what exactly it will be combined and how to properly wear a jacket for a given occasion of life. Consider the most popular and attractive combinations of options, approved by fashionistas and stylists.

With a shirt or blouse

The most classic of the classic solutions is a pair of blouse plus a jacket or shirt plus a jacket. Do not think that in such an outfit you can only go to work. Even a combination of a black shirt and a black jacket, complemented by jeans, original shoes and accessories, will make you the queen of the party, the most prominent figure in a restaurant, or simply provide comfort during an evening walk.

By choosing classic plain shirts with blouses, or preferring bright, bold colors, you will create the appropriate image with a black jacket.

With dress

If this is a short dress, the little black short will suit you perfectly or, on the contrary, an elongated jacket. Under long evening dresses, boldly wear short models so as not to hide the main element of your image.

No less successful combination would be a black dress with a similar jacket. Only in this case, use slightly different materials so that the clothes do not merge.

With pants

Since the jacket came from the male wardrobe to the female, the classic men's jacket combinations remained relevant for women's fashion. Therefore, putting on a blue jacket under a black jacket, gray or white dress pants, you'll never go wrong. But pay attention to the style of the pants, so that they emphasize the beauty of your legs or hide their flaws.

Many girls mistakenly believe that hiding beautiful slender legs behind the pants is a big mistake. In fact, with the proper selection of pants and their proper combination with a black jacket, the image will be surprisingly appealing. With all the apparent conservatism, you will not look away from you.

With jeans

Various models of jeans allow you to use a black jacket for any occasion. Wear tight classic jeans, and paired with a dark jacket will get a great outfit for the office. Using fashionable jeans, cropped models or even denim shorts, along with a jacket, you will get a great youth bow, challenging society and your conservatism.

Jeans, as well as pants, can be safely considered the ideal "partner" for a jacket, although this combination of the combination came frankly from men's fashion.

With tie

What can be called a more masculine item of clothing used when putting on a jacket than a tie? However, women and it adapted to their needs.

Do not rush to think that you have no other options besides a shirt with a black tie and a classic black jacket. Why not use a blue or red tie on a naked body with a shortened jacket? Bold, sexy, charming.

A tie will help create a playful image for spending the evening with your loved one, to highlight your unbridledness. The tie personifies restraint, severity, and in combination with your sexual image, complemented by a business-looking dark jacket, you conquer the heart of your beloved. Although it is possible to do without a tie.

A more youth option is a jacket, tie, sneakers, skirt or shorts.

With sneakers

Not all girls believe that sneakers can complement a black jacket. And in vain. Such combinations are included in the trend of the current season, are found in many collections of contemporary designers. Here the main thing is to correctly collect the image of several items of clothing. So, under a black jacket, you can wear a T-shirt, blouse, sweater, shirt, and the bottom to complement their skirt, shorts or jeans. Sneakers to match the jacket or contrasting models will help you get a stylish, current look and set the mood.

Instead of sneakers, classic sneakers are great, so you can combine a dark-colored jacket with sports shoes in the most incredible way.

Finally, a few rules to adhere to when using a black jacket in your image.

one.When combining a black jacket with other items of clothing there are no clear rules and strict restrictions. This gives you the freedom to experiment and select the bow that looks perfect on you. Do not play by the rules, as they do not exist as such.

2. Try not to overdo it with black color. Its excess will lead to the fact that instead of a bright interesting image you get a mourning appearance. Because the first rule - if you wear a black jacket, be sure to dilute it with other colors.

The use of a completely black top is allowed, in which case the bottom should have a different color design.

3. Use bright colors, prints, embroidery and ornaments that complement both the jacket itself and the items of clothing that go along with it. But here, too, you should be careful, as unnecessary decorative objects can make a sample of bad taste in your face from a bright original image.

4. Ideal partners for a black jacket are dresses made in bright variations of primary colors or pastel colors.

5. A black blazer and jeans are a near win-win option. Because this combination safely use for every day. For owners of slender beautiful legs there is an even more attractive solution - short shorts with a dark-colored jacket.

Spectacular images

To create a sensation, it is not at all necessary to dress up in a frank open evening dress. Using the usual, as it seems to many, black jacket, and properly complementing it with other wardrobe items, you will look no less impressive.

Let's start with the classics. Since the jacket is originally a business style of clothing, many girls prefer to wear it to work. To make the image not boring, put on a mini or mini skirt under your type of figure, and a black jacket on top, a light blouse or a bustier with a seductive neckline.

This image is perfect for work, but at the same time it will immediately after the end of the working day go on a date and be irresistible there.

If you are an active person who not only follows fashion, but also appreciates practicality, a straight black jacket, complemented with skinny jeans, short shorts or even a jeans overalls, is perfect for your spectacular look. Very bold, bold and original.

To be at the same time in a trend, not to deprive yourself of comfort and make a pleasant impression on others, try to complement your dark jacket with trousers, jeans and a plaid shirt. Moreover, the cell is better to choose a large one. Such a bow creates a positive mood, making you bright and noticeable. By fitting the right accessories to your image, you will be irresistible.

Street style - one of the most relevant in this season. A black jacket here will be most welcome if you add it with a short bright dress, a full skirt or even a vest. A great solution for a young, energetic person who is not afraid to be original.

If you have a beautiful proportional figure, wear a tight skirt or pants that will accentuate your buttocks. From above you can use blouses, T-shirts, T-shirts with an intriguing neckline. And the ensemble is completed with a light shortened black jacket. The main thing here is to choose the right combination of colors and styles to suit your image.

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