Corduroy Jackets

Corduroy Jackets

Velvet, which used to be used mainly in vintage looks, is now quickly returning to fashion. Velvet fabric looks expensive and stylish. In addition, corduroy - a very practical and durable fabric. Velvety material has a pleasant appearance.

Velveteen jackets are sometimes very difficult to combine with other items of clothing and stylish accessories. But, since in 2016 jackets from velvet in the trend, you should learn how to create bows based on them.

Fabric features

Velveteen - it is a recognizable tissue, which is difficult with something confused. This is one of the few materials with a nap, not located inside and outside. This dense matter has a clear pattern in the form of scars.

One of the main features of the velvet fabric is that this material is complete. That is why the jackets of velvet is not recommended to wear a bit fat girls. For the same reason, stylists recommend avoiding combinations of corduroy coats with turtlenecks and voluminous sweaters.

Differ and the thickness of the scar. When choosing a product, give preference to a jacket with a thin scar.

Do not forget that Velveteen is a durable and practical material. But in order for it to retain its attractive appearance for a long time, it must be properly looked after. Velvet in a matter of seconds is able to collect dust and dust particles on it, so it must be cleaned regularly.


Textured corduroy jackets themselves look recognizable and bright. Therefore, they do not need additional decoration. But different models of jackets themselves look original and recognizable.


Most velvet jackets designers create for girls. A variety of female models on the market is quite large. The most common of them - fitted.

The velvet jacket emphasizing smooth, feminine curves, looks very good on women of any age and fits well with official bows.

More democratic option - jackets free cut.

Also relevant jackets with collar that looks like a stylish decorative element. If you do not have excess weight in the abdomen or thighs, try to buy a jacket with pockets that can be both functional and decorative.


Men's corduroy jackets are also simple. Classic blazers are well suited for office wear. Loose and slightly elongated can be worn informally.

What to wear?

The main rule, which is to adhere to, creating images with stylish velvety jackets - do not use in your bow more than one thing from velveteen. In combination with corduroy jackets, things look good from a smooth material that compensates for the embossed texture of the corduroy top.

Also it is not necessary to combine the corduroy jacket with bright colored things. Better to choose a pair to him something calm and monotonous. Jackets themselves are better to choose light or noble dark, for example, burgundy, emerald, beige, dark blue.

Corduroy jackets look great with jeans. You can select and narrowed skinny and classic trousers straight cut. To create a harmonious image Pick up jeans on a shade or two lighter.

If you choose jeans as an addition to a corduroy jacket, remember that the chosen model should be minimally decorated. Rivets, rhinestones and factory scuffs do not go well with a classic corduroy jacket.

Jacket of velvet fits well in the classic style. It can be successfully combined with ankle boots or high-heeled shoes. In such a bow, a velvet jacket of light brown color with a thin small scar will look very stylish.

The combination looks elegant Velveteen jackets with stylish skirts. This combination is suitable for an evening out. Instead of the classic tight skirt, you can choose a lightweight dress, for example, chiffon.

Since the velvet jacket is able to heavily weight the image, do not forget about the right accessories and matching shoes. Comfortable shoes or ballet flats and bulk suede bags are best for casual looks. But for evening bows better suited shoes with heels and stylish clutches.

Spectacular images

Business bow with corduroy jacket looks original and unusual. Textured soft velvet can visually fill you up, so it is better to choose strict dark colors. The combination of a white dress of dense fabric with an elongated velvet jacket of black color and shoes in tone looks good.

Light-colored jackets from the same material are suitable for young girls. On the basis of a pale pink corduroy jacket, you can create stunning everyday bow. Take as a base a simple black top and loose-fitting jeans. Brightness of the image will add a pink jacket and accessories in tone.

The velvet jacket is a peculiar, but very stylish piece of clothing. Buy a stylish jacket from such material, create interesting bows on its basis and be in trend!

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