Short jackets

Short jackets

Practical and stylish jackets came into vogue at the beginning of the last century. The models that appeared in England were short and had 3 buttons. To date, it is a shortened jacket is considered one of the most fashionable. Previously, they were exclusively official attire, but over time, "fit" in the everyday style, fell in love with young girls.

Now, with the help of a short jacket, you can always improve your image. The main thing is to skillfully pick it up for the peculiarities of your figure and not to be mistaken when choosing things to complement it.


Designers never cease to amaze us with new stylish models of jackets. Even short jackets may look different, despite the almost identical style.

Up to waist

The shortest models reach to the middle of the waist. Outwardly, such a jacket resembles a dense fabric bolero. Best of all these jackets are combined with short flared dresses.

To the hip line

Also popular models of jackets, reaching to the hip line. This style will suit even slightly stout women, especially if you wear a long T-shirt or blouse under it. A jacket of such length will hide the “ears” over the hips and the outlined tummy.

With a collar

Many models also complement the collars. They can be, both dense and resistant, and exclusively decorative.

From natural fabrics

If you want the jacket to serve you for more than one season, choose a model made of natural fabric.

For example, a stylish woolen jacket is best for winter, and for a colder season - a model made of natural cotton or flax.


Denim products are always in trend. Short denim jackets are no exception. In the summer of such a jacket - it's almost masthev. It can be worn with short shorts with a high waist, chiffon sundresses and light flying dresses.

In addition, designers recommend to combine short denim jackets with other products from denim, selecting items of different shades of blue.


Another win-win option is shorter leather jackets. In the trend models, decorated with various rivets, zippers and even epaulettes. In such a thing, you can appear as a romantic meeting, or on a walk with friends.

In addition to the classic black and beige models, the trend is bright colored coat.

Popular colors

Cropped jackets are now presented in different colors and shades, from classic monochrome to brighter.


Short white jackets look very cute and feminine. In the summer you will feel comfortable and easy in them, especially in combination with chiffon dress.


The trend is now blue and all its shades. Choose jackets in pale blue or aquamarine for summer, and darker and more saturated for winter and off season.

The dark blue color in its popularity may well compete with black, because it combines with the same shades, and also fits well with the official bows.


Stylists recommend combining a strict black jacket with contrasting delicate dresses or blouses. A dark jacket with a pastel-colored dress, such as peach, beige or pale pink, will look good.

What to wear?

Since the jacket is, first of all, a part of the official bow, it is best combined with strict things in business style. Try to combine it with straight or narrowed trousers in a classic style. If you choose pants with an arrow and complete them with stylish boats, your legs will appear longer.

You can also try more feminine combination with a skirt or a fitted dress. Such combinations are better to choose for girls with a slim figure, because a shortened jacket will not hide the figure flaws, which the tight skirts or dresses only emphasize.

However, dresses and skirts do not have to be business. Feel free to wear jacket over a light chiffon dress or a loose sundress and go for a walk, shopping or a date. For everyday bows, you can also choose jeans, overalls of any length and even stylish shorts.

Spectacular images

If you are still not sure that there will be a place in your wardrobe to the shortened jacket, we are ready to offer you several spectacular bows suitable for different situations.

For creating casual attire You can choose a jacket of an unusual color, for example, pale pink. Using such a feminine short jacket, you will get an elegant bow for meeting with friends or walking around the city. To add informality alongside, use ripped boyfriend jeans with rolled-up trousers and a solid-colored top, for example, a white jersey or t-shirt. Stylish beige shoes and a backpack in tone will complement this cute bow.

For evening "release" in the light Use the classic combination of black and white. Wear a short white jacket over a short black dress. If you do not like the classic, choose a denim jacket. With him looks good light striped dress. The ensemble will be complemented with simple dark shoes and some bright accessory, for example, a red colored bag.

For creating business image Combine a black blazer with tonal dress pants. A white shirt with a collar will complete this monochrome office outfit.

Try the suggested bows, invent your own ones, combining the shortened jackets with all the classic and trendy things.

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