Sleeveless Blazers

Sleeveless Blazers

The jacket without sleeves has become the trend of this season. Gorgeous options on the catwalk and everyday bows of the stars are complemented by numerous options in catalogs and magazines. They are united by the fact that the sleeveless jacket is the basis of the image and fits well into any style. How to tame the current novelty and use in your wardrobe?


Jackets and jackets without sleeves do not have a special name, so they are often called vests. The actual item of clothing has a feature: it can also have shoulder pads, a collar, buttons, lining and trim. If fashionable women’s vests are sometimes worn “straight on the body”, then a sleeveless jacket requires an additional layer. But designers with great pleasure experimenting with silhouettes and length. Thanks to this diversity, each girl can find her own version and create a new image.


This season, the emphasis is on long and elongated models, so the floors go down far below the waist. Running length is approximately mid-thigh. As for the choice of silhouette, there are many options:

  • Popular overseas is a practical option for the street, it is distinguished by a straight and slightly loose fit.
  • The fitted options on its background become elegant additions that “correct” the figure and create a waist.
  • Wrap-free long jackets can compete with dresses. Such a jacket is better than the rest will complement the fanciful and elegant blouse.
  • Practical models with a longer back. Asymmetric length adds expressiveness and allows you to create unusual combinations, it is a compromise between fashion, dress code and style.


Vests are designed for windy and cool weather, so they use thick and warm materials to create them, which is not very common for the warm season. At the same time, the fabrics must be quite breathable and light enough to successfully form ensembles with the rest of the elements. Jackets made of natural textured fabrics (tweed, jersey, boucle, cashmere) look elegant and elegant. More rigid options keep their shape perfectly, but they require taste and competent presentation. These materials include leather.

A jeans jacket is best suited for casual and versatile options. It looks good in different models, combined with other clothes and accessories.

How to choose

In order that the purchased jacket pleased, it is important to choose it, given a number of points.

  • Seasonality;
  • Completeness;
  • Figure;
  • Own style.

Long and long versions are good in demi-season. In summer, combinations with short and elongated jackets are of interest (not less than the middle of the thigh), since this length is better combined with shorts and skirts. For the cold period, you need to choose short options: such a jacket performs a rather decorative function. Additional volume of long models and weight can be uncomfortable in application.

Bought a sleeveless jacket should be in harmony with things from your wardrobe. Actual universal colors (black, white, dark blue), bright shades can become a highlight, and pastel "marshmallow" tones will create a romantic soft image. Choose bright and pastel shades if you are confident in them and successfully combine them in your wardrobe.

The length of the jacket and its style should take into account the features of the figure. Long models are suitable for tall girls, for miniature short versions are good. Fitted jackets will help to "create" the waist, to emphasize it with a belt. This option can put emphasis on a magnificent bust. Patch pockets will help to divert attention from the top or create additional volume.

An interesting version of the selection of the jacket according to the type of face: classic forms, natural textured, slightly fleecy fabrics will suit soft and rounded features. This effect will add femininity, softness and romance. If you are prone to corpulence, then avoid the "fluffy" effect, preferring smoother materials. Sharp features, highlighted cheekbones fit "hard" options with elements of metal, leather and bright accessories, military style, khaki, options for "jacket". Such a jacket will add expressiveness to the features and complement the image, make it more sexy and organic.

What to wear and match

A jacket without sleeves is a bright and ambiguous thing, so you need to choose “companions” wisely.

Light summer version can be supplemented with a pastel shirts, shorts or skirt. If the shorts are chosen monophonic, focusing on the basic color scheme, then you can experiment with a skirt. Skirts of the free, easy and flying style, cylinders, etc. are good You can choose a floral print, and you can choose another popular trend and add a pleated skirt to the bow. Summer dresses and sundresses with pleats, free hem or fabric with a pattern in colors will be very useful.

A summer city look will easily complement small neat bags and clutches, platform shoes or wedges. With the height of the heel, you can experiment, given the characteristics of the figure.

A casual look is often complemented with jeans, with a sleeveless jacket this rule also works. Skinny, straight, skinny, leggings and pipes look great with oversizes and jackets with a straight silhouette. A bag of soft shape and strict shoes, ankle boots, platform and wedge will complement the image of an urban fashionista. It is often chosen for walking stars, because this option is versatile and comfortable, it can be varied with large accessories. Turtlenecks, T-shirts and sweaters, select in accordance with the season.

The dress to the floor, complemented by a jacket without sleeves, looks gentle and elegant. Fitted models of jackets and with the smell add bohemian chic and decorate the evening look. They can also transform a simple long dress and create the perfect pair for a date. This image is better to complement heels or classic shoes.

A beautiful combination can be assembled from a fitted jacket and a simple office option (sheath dress, pencil skirt) midi length. Use strict calm shoes and bag. A hat or a bright scarf will help to revive the image. A long black or navy sleeveless jacket looks good with pumps and a bold, loose-fitting blouse and straight trousers. This image is also considered universal.

A sleeveless jacket opens up new possibilities of style: you can play with a familiar wardrobe, update your look. You can create a completely different trendy bow by adding brightness and trendy elements. The jacket will add confidence and balance the image, making it a bit mundane. It is important that you feel comfortable in these combinations and you feel beautiful and stylish.

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