Checkered Jackets

Checkered Jackets

Women's checkered jacket in the new autumn season is again at the peak of popularity. However, to choose a truly suitable option, you need to take into account the parameters of your own figure, current trends, and features of cut.


Modern stylish jackets in a cage are varied in cut - in the fashion as the classic fitted options with one or two buttons, and oversize blazers. In addition, the shortened jackets on the figure with a turn-down collar or without it look interesting.

When choosing a jacket in a cage, you need to pay attention to several parameters:

  • The size of the cage: a large figure will fit slender and thin girls, and a small or medium pattern will fit a full figure;
  • The fitted short jacket will look good on an “hourglass” or girls with a “rectangle” type figure;
  • The free model will like high, thin or stout.

All these models are relevant and go well with everyday, business or other things in any women's wardrobe. The materials used for fashionable checkered jackets are also varied in the new season — both natural wool, cotton, and blended fabrics.

Popular colors

Today, fashion designers do not stop at the classic color variations of checkered jackets, offering interesting and not boring models. For example, a blazer of blue or azure shades will give a fresh look to the image, and the variant in a red-brown cage will be appropriate in both day and evening exits.

A large or small cage is a pattern that in itself attracts attention, therefore, when wearing such a thing, the rest of the clothes should be chosen that are calm and muted in colors. But if bright colors do not suit you, then you can choose a standard brown cage. Such a jacket will go well with a beige-cream gamut.

The gray cage also does not go out of fashion - such a jacket made of good woolen fabric will be an excellent wardrobe base. But whatever shade you choose, the main thing is to combine it with the rest of the clothes.

What to wear?

A simple single-breasted jacket in a mid-gray or brown mid-cage blends well with business clothes and affordable jeans. This may be a strict black pencil skirt, skinny pants, skinny or loose "boyfriends."

Under the jacket you can wear a top with thin straps, cotton or denim shirt. As shoes, it is better to choose shoes with heels, men's shoes, boots with thick heels.

In addition, the jacket in a cage is combined with a variety of dresses:

  • Casual options cut "half sun" (jacket in this case should be shortened);
  • Business dresses - strict and their dense fabrics;
  • Cocktail models - short, with a full skirt, long, etc.

The cage in clothes requires a minimum of jewelry in the image, so putting on such a jacket is better to abandon fashionable volumetric necklaces, long earrings and massive belts. It is better to choose inconspicuous everyday stud earrings, original rings or a chain with a small pendant.

Such a universal thing as a checkered jacket is useful in any case, but it is worth remembering that such a thing focuses all attention on itself, so the rest of the clothing in the image should be calm in color and without unnecessary details.

Stylish images

A checkered jacket is an integral part of the look for any season, especially for the autumn-spring one. Actual trends of this year dictate several basic principles of a stylish combination of such a jacket with the rest of the clothes:

- single-breasted jacket in a large cage with things preppy style (short pleated skirt made of woolen or cotton fabric, knee-highs, shirt with a women's tie);

- image in the style of "country": fitting pants or jeans, jockey boots, shirt and cardigan;

- an elegant classic in combination with a tight-fitting midi skirt of a length, a monophonic top, stilettos and a jacket in a small cage. Such an image is absolutely timeless, suitable for girls of any body size;

- the image in the style of "boyfriend" for young and daring girls (loose jeans with torn elements and scuffs, T-shirt and jacket oversized in a bright cell) Sneakers, trendy sneakers or loafers are suitable as shoes. You can also add suitable accessories, but not too massive, for example, a leather bracelet or a large ring. The jacket here must remain an accented thing.

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