Red jacket

Red jacket


The desire to look stylish and brightly natural for any fashionista. One of the secrets of attracting admiring glances is a red jacket. Whether you wear it with jeans, a pencil skirt, or a flirty dress, each look will be unique.

A variety of shades allows you to choose the option of red that is right for you. Scarlet color is perfect for light skin and dark hair. Blondes of "summer" type look good in wine color. Golden hair and brown eyes perfectly shade red with an orange tint. And women of fashion related to the color type “spring” will be unmatched in pure red.

As for the build, there are no restrictions. The rich red color of the jacket focuses attention on itself, distracting from the flaws of the figure.

Designers present us with a wide variety of styles and textures of jackets. It can be an elongated or shortened version, classic, fitted or loose fit. In any case, the choice will be successful and spectacular.

What to wear?

In combination with classic trousers and skirts, the red jacket fits perfectly with the office style. White shirt or elegant blouse will harmoniously complement the set. Bright color will refresh your everyday look, allowing you not to go beyond the dress code.

Wearing a cocktail dress, a red jacket will attract the attention of everyone around you. Such a bow would be appropriate at a party, in a cafe, meeting with friends, on a romantic date.

Looks great jacket red and jeans. Depending on the cut of jeans, shoes and other elements, you can create a casual look for walking, and a stylish feminine bow. Jeans can be flared, skinny and even torn. Under the jacket you can wear a T-shirt, T-shirt, chiffon blouse or cardigan. There are many options.

A red jacket in combination with pants or a skirt to match - a bold option for those who are not afraid to be in the center of attention. Accessories in this manner should be modest or absent altogether. Red in itself provides a stunning effect.

Looks stylish red jacket in combination with leather things. This may be a skirt, pants or shorts. Perfect fit in this image T-shirt free fit.

What colors combine a red jacket?

Red blends perfectly with black, white, beige, gray and blue. You can wear a red jacket with things of the same color or combine several colors from the above in one bow.

Monochrome red clothes - the choice of bold and determined ladies. Red pants, skirt or dress in combination with a jacket of the same color is a real challenge. Wherever you are, all attention will be drawn to you.

The classic combination is red with white and black. Pants or skirt in black and a white blouse with a red jacket always look perfect. Perfect image for office and business meetings.

Another option is black shorts, a white T-shirt and a red jacket. Elegant and bright casual bow. Black shoes or ballet flats will harmoniously complement the look.

The brightest and bold combination is red and white. White trousers and jeans are relevant for summer time. In this case, white or red shoes will look very appropriate.

A set of red jacket and white dress looks especially gorgeous. It could be a sheath dress, a flying chiffon outfit, or a flirty lace dress.

Red in combination with black is always elegant. With trousers and a black top, a red jacket will become a bright accent emphasizing the exquisite taste. And with a black dress, he will create a luxurious and mysterious image.

A set of red with gray is a calmer option.Skirts, trousers, dresses of gray color with a red jacket create less catchy, but no less beautiful images.

Red and denim - a modern and very spectacular combination. You can wear jeans, blue or blue shorts to your jacket.

The fantasy of creating images here is limitless. With a t-shirt, ripped jeans and red sneakers, a bright jacket will look defiant and original. With jeans of a classic cut, white tender blouse and stilettos, the jacket will create a romantic look with a touch of chic.

A red jacket with floral prints is a flirty and feminine look. Fluffy skirts and dresses with floral motifs look great with bright jackets. The main thing - to choose the right color print. It can be a black and white combination. A dress with red flowers on a gray, white or black background will also look great with a jacket.

The combination of red with pink is a controversial moment. But with properly selected shades of clothing such a set can be gentle and harmonious. It is important to consider the tone and warmth of the flowers. Pink and peach tones are suitable for scarlet color, and cold pink looks great with crimson.

Beautiful images

The classic combination of black, white and red looks very impressive. Open white top and narrow skirt emphasize the elegance of the silhouette and femininity. Red lipstick and shoes are in harmony with a bright jacket. A white handbag gives the image even greater freshness.

Denim shorts, T-shirt and ballet flats are a convenient option for exploring the city and meeting friends. A red jacket is a bright accent, giving a casual touch a touch of chic and femininity.

Another example of the perfect combination of black and white with a bright red. White shirt and cropped black pants look very stylish. Stiletto Heels and Black Bag are elegant classics. The red jacket harmoniously complements the image, making it bright and memorable.

A charming white dress with crimson flowers in combination with a jacket of the same color creates a gentle, romantic and bright bow. Shoes and a clutch to match the jacket perfectly completes the image. In a cafe or at a party, all eyes will be turned towards a fashionable woman dressed in this style. For a date, this is also an ideal option.

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