Blue jackets

Blue jackets

Initially, the jacket appeared in the men's wardrobe. But he was so fond of women, that in the ladies' wardrobe, this type of clothing acquired a completely new meaning and played with new colors. Who knows, maybe several centuries ago, men on dates often gave it to their ladies to warm themselves. The modern jacket, of course, has little resemblance to the one that was the prototype, and the history of fashion has long since lost its tracks. It is believed that the jacket became popular due to the flow of feminism, when women tried to equalize their rights with men.


A blue jacket is a common model in a ladies wardrobe. The nobility of blue in tandem with a versatile jacket makes this clothing indispensable. The peculiarity of the jacket lies in many decorative details, which also serve as convenience. Lapels are involved in the cuffs to the buttons, pockets - for easy storage, buttons fix the jacket and slot - for comfortable movement, but many of these details may be completely missing.


Blue jacket today represents a variety of styles. Business, casual and even evening dress will not always be complete without a jacket. The blue jacket performs well in all three of these images. Moreover, it can be one jacket or three completely different jackets.

A blue jacket like a cherry on a cake will add zest to a woman's outfit.


In a summer blue jacket should be comfortable in the office and not hot under the scorching sun. After all, a woman can go to a restaurant or a movie after work. Silk, cotton, flax and other lightweight fabrics perfectly cope with this task.

Summer loves bright colors, as nature itself tells us. Therefore, a blue jacket can be worn with all the colors of the rainbow.


Options for blue jackets for autumn, spring and winter are no less varied in styles and colors. In addition, modern warmed models are so interesting that elongated blue jackets will easily replace the coat. Wool, tweed, denim, velvet and other fabrics perfectly keep their shape and heat. The paint palette is somewhat narrower, but no one forbids also to combine a blue jacket with bright colors.

Mysterious and mystical blue in the form of a jacket will surely make your image bright in gray everyday life.


Add to this jacket the depth and versatility of shades of blue ... The color of the sky, aquamarine, cornflower blue, azure and many other shades. Also, a blue jacket is able to reflect a variety of style directions. For example, a blue jacket will make the most boring outfit more spectacular, and too cheerful outfit - more stringent. Today, a blue jacket is softness, elegance, comfort and beauty.

Dark blue

Dark blue blazers are an expression of sophistication and rigor. One of the great options for office life. The most relevant for the combination are black, beige, gray and many others. These jackets look great with shirts, blouses, as well as strict black or similar shades of skirts and pants. Such a jacket with a little black dress and stilettos looks amazing.

Light blue

If you like to attract attention to yourself, then a light blue jacket will brilliantly cope with this task. Light blue blazers are an excellent option for creating non-dull images. By itself, the light blue color is bright and therefore such a jacket will always look spectacular. Glamorous light blue jacket will not meet competitors at a cocktail party. This model goes well with jeans and even shorts.

Bright blue

A bright blue jacket can decorate any look, and properly selected accessories will help you to look stylish and feminine.Wear a bright blue jacket with the same bright red trousers and add white in the form of a blouse or shirt. In this outfit you will be the brightest. A bright blue jacket can create a romantic look for a date, for example, with a pink dress or a white dress with blue flowers.

Do not forget to take such a jacket with you to the Cote d'Azur. The blue of the sea is well shaded jacket.


Blue jacket is a great background for a variety of prints. A floral, geometric or fancy print adds an informal blue and brightness to this jacket. This is a great option for fans of custom solutions. Jacket in a cage can perfectly reflect the style of country or other always fashionable directions: grunge, casual or classic. It should be noted that the blue jacket is perfectly combined with shirts decorated with a bright print.

What to wear

Blue jacket due to the versatility of the combination, which has a blue color, allows you to make a variety of different style of images. Designers offer fashionable women a blue jacket in practically which season in a row. A blue jacket makes excellent friends with both non-binding jeans, and with evening dresses.

If you also have blue eyes, your wardrobe will be incomplete without a blue jacket. Although this jacket any decorate absolutely any wardrobe.

With pants

Without a doubt, the blue jacket is perfectly combined with pants, they can even be called "relatives", because by definition, the jacket is part of a pantsuit. Modern fashion works wonders, so fashionistas have become available this season to wear a blue jacket with any shade of pants. The image of the brunette will be great with dark trousers of all shades. And sunny blondes can wear light pants with confidence. Although the combination exactly the opposite will look just as impressive.

With jeans

The current fashion trend is a blue jacket plus jeans. Unusually, interesting and not boring. Polo shirt or alcoholic make things partners. In this way, feel free to go to a cafe, for a walk, you are guaranteed a great mood. Jeans are very fond of shirts, so they are also allowed to work. It turns out a cute and laconic image, which is framed by a blue jacket.

With a blouse or shirt

Try on blouses and shirts that are tired of waiting in the wings on hangers. It is not excluded that you will be surprised at what miracles a blue jacket is capable of. He will definitely bring a highlight to your image. Colors shirts and blouses can be very different. Coffee, pale yellow and lilac shades can highlight the saturation of blue. Black, white color blouses - a combination that will be fashionable at all times and manners.

With t-shirt

T-shirts are an indispensable attribute of our lives. T-shirt and jacket is a kind of benchmark for street fashion. A cheerful T-shirt in one instant will “remove” all severity and boredom from a jacket. This combination is the most common in youth fashion. Therefore, all sorts of colors and colors of T-shirts, sneakers, jeans and the most ridiculous hats will be most welcome.

Spectacular images

Blue jacket can become a full participant in a spectacular image. In order to create a spectacular outfit it is not necessary to be a fashionable guru, we need a blue jacket and your fashionable intuition. The rest of the things can be bright or, on the contrary, neutral, so as not to distract attention from the blue. Practically all things of your wardrobe can go to create an amazing image. So start trying on!

Blue trousers in a cell or strip can become a favorite of a blue jacket, and the contrasting color can be any: yellow, black, white and red. Dress or leave a shirt the color of a cage, then in a strict style you will have no equal. A business meeting or business lunch will be successful.

Blue jacket allows for a tie, which is the apogee of style in the most stringent rules. In such an image, a woman should look perfect, so there are no minor details. Smooth hair in a bun, a strict bag and closed stilettos will complete the look. Special piquancy will add stylish glasses.

A bright red dress in tandem with a blue jacket will help you become a bright character at any event. Festive hairstyle and relevant MakeUp will give the right direction to the image. Please note that shoes and bag should not over-attract the attention of bright colors, so we choose them in a discreet design. Such a girl will be in the center of attention, even if she smiles sweetly all evening.

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