Denim jackets

Denim jackets

Unlike classic jeans, a denim jacket is a versatile and practical thing. Blazers made of denim delight with their strength and durability. This material is not so expensive, so denim jackets are available for both young girls and adult women. Yes, and they are combined with almost all the things from your wardrobe, due to the variety of colors and interesting textures.

For the first time, denim jackets came into vogue with the supply of Strauss. The first models looked like a blouse made of durable fabric with reinforced seams. The first jackets were not created specifically for men or women, this piece of clothing was immediately thought of in a unisex style. In terms of its structure, a denim jacket is very durable and comfortable. It can be worn for work or school, to the theater, for a walk with friends or a social event.


Modern designers do not get tired to please stylish girls with new models of a classic denim jacket for girls.


Timeless classics are always in trend. Classic denim jackets are also often decorated with voluminous patch pockets, button fasteners and a stand-up collar. A simple jacket with a collar and a classic V-neckline will look great. Such a classic can quite successfully replace a wool or cotton jacket.


One of the most popular models among young girls is a short jacket. Some jackets are so short that they can be called a denim bolero. Such models emphasize the waist, so if you have it far from ideal, better avoid shortened jackets.

Also in the trend and models with short sleeves. They are lighter and ideal for creating summer looks.


On the contrary, long denim jackets help to hide all the flaws in the figure. They visually pull the silhouette, making you slimmer due to the dense fabric and length.


Jackets sitting on a figure superficially remind classical models. They are well suited for creating romantic bows and are combined with dresses and light skirts. If you want to draw attention to the thin waist and sexy hips - choose this model.


Denim jackets, as if taken from someone else’s shoulder are also very relevant. Such jackets, like jeans "boyfriends" look on a fragile female figure very well. They are able to hide the flaws and problem areas of the body, so the owners in curvy shapes often choose the oversized jacket.

Hooded Denim Jackets

In addition to the collar and patch pockets, denim jackets sometimes complement and hoods. This gives the image ease, so the jacket of this type will easily fit into a youth or sports bow.

Color solutions

Previously, the only colors were blue denim jackets. Denim color ranged from deep blue to bleached blue. But now more vivid versions of jackets are coming into fashion. This season is relevant monochrome classic and neon shades.


Light white jackets look very fresh. Usually, bright girls try to avoid thick girls, because white visually makes the figure more voluminous. This color is best for summer, blending in lightweight looks with chiffon sundresses and short shorts. In addition, such a distinctive piece of clothing will look great in a business image.


The classic blue color is a win-win option that fits perfectly into any bow. Such a jacket can be worn, as a daily walk, and at a business meeting.

The black

Closer to the classic black denim jackets. They look as strictly and discreetly as possible.


Saturated shades of red - this is the perfect complement to the club image. To stand out from the crowd, choose a crimson, pink or coral jacket, decorated with rhinestones or interesting stripes.

How to decorate

Designers often complement their creations with rhinestones, sequins, embroidery and interesting stripes. But women of fashion themselves do not lag behind, displaying creative abilities and complementing simple classical models with an interesting decor.

Try to complement your free cut jacket with interesting stripes. In specialized stores also sold quite interesting accessories, which also can be decorated with a simple denim. It can be rivets, chains, rhinestones and other small parts.

What to wear

Lightweight denim jacket can advantageously complement any image.

To create a stylish everyday bow wear classic shirts, t-shirts or t-shirts in combination with jeans of any shades. It is not necessary for the fabric of the jacket to match the shade with the pants. They can be both lighter and darker. Romantic looks a jacket, thrown over the top of the sundress, dress or a combination of top and skirt for the knee or even on the floor.

For summer You can wear a jacket over light overalls or shorts in combination with a shirt or t-shirt. Overalls in this season are generally trendy, both short and with long legs. The choice of fabric does not play a role either - with a denim jacket it looks good and thin chiffon and tight, holding the form of cotton or denim.

Beautiful images

Let's look at a few interesting looks with a denim jacket, so that you can more easily create unique and stylish combinations based on it.

For everyday bow The perfect combination of a denim jacket and jeans. To make this tandem look more interesting, choose different things, for example, a classic blue jacket and white ripped pants in addition to it. If you want to look feminine - choose to such an image shoes with heels or platform, such as bright shoes or sandals.

Real girls can emphasize their femininity and elegancewearing a cute light-colored lace dress under a denim jacket. Pink shoes, which most girls dream of since childhood, will perfectly fit into this bow.

For summer You can buy yourself a white denim jacket, devoid of decorative elements. Wear a light dress or skirt under this jacket. A good option is a marine dress. White top and bottom in a blue-white strip even in everyday life will bring thoughts of vacation and the sea.

A variety of models of denim jackets allows you to find the perfect fit. Choose a product that will sit exactly on the figure and perfectly fit into your style, do not forget about the quality and durability of accessories, and the classic denim jacket will definitely become one of the favorite things in your wardrobe.

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