White jackets

White jackets

The wardrobe of modern women of fashion is filled with trendy things. One of them were white jackets. For the first time such clothes appeared in the Gothic era and were called ordinary jackets. It was intended only for the male, had a shortened length and bag-shaped form.

Before fashion podiums saw a jacket the way we know it, mankind peremeryte its prototypes. This is a camisole in the time of Louis XIV, and a frock coat, a visiting card, and a tail coat from the 19th century.

Legendary Coco Chanel made life easier for girls in 1925, releasing a series of stylish jackets made of lightweight fabrics. Today, women's white jacket is the basic element of the wardrobe, combined with a different bottom: from jeans to short shorts, from cropped carrot to a skirt-case. With such a thing you can dress up on the first date, in the office, on the weekend in the cinema, restaurant and walk in the park.


Each fashionista will be able to choose a fashionable jacket, depending on their proportions, preferences and the rest of the wardrobe. Many varieties of white jacket create classic and informal images, decorating styles of smart-casual, romantic, business and casual.

There are several types of jackets:

  • Fitted models that create an aristocratic, noble look that gives confidence to a business lady, elegant girls,
  • Free-form blazers can be combined with absolutely any thing,
  • elongated products, advantageously emphasizing the figure,
  • short models that look stylish and nontrivial,
  • jackets with basque, used as an element of wardrobe, business style,
  • Peplum jackets, able to hide figure flaws, characterized by neat folds on the bottom,
  • models with asymmetry or a disproportionate cut specifically for those who love to stand out,
  • products without sleeves, but with a collar, cuffs, cuffs and other accessories, are relevant in the spring-summer season in combination with shirts, jeans, short pants, mini skirts or shorts.

Any version of the jacket can be competently combined with culottes, breeches, pipes and flare. Cocktail dresses and tulip skirts also do not throw in the far box. It is very easy to find a pair of classic shoes, boots, ballet shoes, wedge sandals to such an element of wardrobe.

Length options

If a woman is recommended to equalize the proportions (narrow hips and broad shoulders), you should throw elongated version of the jacket.

But the owner of lush hips, most likely, will wear jacket with long basky and classic pants.

Long white jacket suitable for business style "in the company" with a dress-case, a pencil skirt.

Create a relaxed and frivolous image with short models and short shorts, hide all imperfections of the figure under the long versions with the basque.

Among the models of modern jackets there are those that are made from:

  • velveteen or velvet,
  • wool or tweed,
  • leather and silk
  • Pleated with all kinds of suede, fur accents.

When determining the length of the jacket, pay special attention to shoes.

For elongated jackets, you can look after high boots on a solid sole, coarse shoes, and cropped products look great with a stud, wedge, elegant boats, ballet shoes, sandals and even sneakers. The greater the length, the more the jacket resembles a cardigan, cape or short coat.

By the way, there will be expensive fabrics and frilly trimming of flounces, lace, ruffling, if we are talking about the evening exit, club get-together, corporate party, dinner party. A long jacket and 7/8 trousers will set the correct rhythm in an informal setting.

What to wear and match?

It is quite easy to combine a white jacket with the rest of the clothes, if you understand what dress code is supposed to be. There is one “golden rule” for all look:: other things, accessories and shoes should be kept in the same spirit as an elegant white jacket.

Bottom can be represented by trousers of various styles. It is interesting to look with a strict jacket carrot, "Afghani", "pipes", "bananas" and riding breeches. Trousers with arrows create an exquisite office look, and shortened models - a few, hooligan.

Wear a white jacket and black shirt for a seriously casual look. Reserved and refined, it is suitable for office work, business negotiations, corporate meetings. Experiment with other colors, such as dark green, rich blue, cream.

If you put on a bright top under a white jacket and replace the laputens with comfortable ballet flats, you will get a young and carefree image of a graduate school, student, bride. An orange, menthol, green T-shirt or top gang under a white fitted jacket will bring cheerful notes to the image.

Seductive ensembles create a white jacket, faded or ripped jeans, a tight T-shirt and a high heel. T-shirt or blouse can be selected in a single-color design or with a print.

It's time to "arm" boyfriends, skinny or bold shorts with rivets. A catchy look is sure to come out if you wear a bright top with an interesting pattern under your jacket. Accessories such as watches, glasses, hats, leather thin strap will fit perfectly into the image of a fatal beauty.

Look for romance, elegance in a “duet” with silk skirts, dresses, dins with lace and fully matured white tonality of the top and bottom.

It is important to remember that it is worth experimenting with a white jacket with no more than 3 shades. Current this season:

  • turquoise,
  • chocolate,
  • beige,
  • lime,
  • soft blue
  • marshmallow or pink.

Bright and spectacular girls will allow themselves to change into trousers or skirts of burgundy, the color of pomegranate, marsala, cranberries or barberry. Dreamers will choose skirts from translucent fabrics with ethnic ornaments or low-key prints. The lovers of the “girly” will most likely get dresses with the technique of tie dye or floral patterns under white jackets.

Spectacular images

Scandalous or discreet, scenic or business, romantic or seductive - which image will you draw for yourself? White jackets and jackets create trendy combinations and stunning look for every day.

The monophonic set will help to save nobility: single-breasted jacket or with a stand-up collar, low-cut blouses, narrowed trousers and contrasting shoes, for example, d’Orce.

Grunge look can be achieved with the help of jeans with the effect of scuffs, flaws, checkered blouses or shirts, slipons or sneakers, hats, glasses, aviators, wi-fiers, etc.

Casual looknot devoid of sexuality, it is a white jacket with basque or asymmetrical sides, as well as short shorts, stockings, short tops, tight-fitting T-shirts and T-shirts. Here you can wear an elongated jacket and super short shorts in black. Golden sandals or ballet flats, a massive tote bag, a postman and funny bracelets on both wrists will make it look expensive.

Classics, which cannot be confused with anything, the designers present thanks to a snow-white jacket, trousers with arrows or carrot, as well as a free cut with black, chocolate or ivory blouses. Elegance will bring a miniature bag, clutch with chain, shoes with closed toe. Without thinking, use black and white classics, dresses in mint colors, shirts of blue shades.

Brutal and daring lady would prefer to complement the white jacket with boyfriend jeans, leather leggings or "bananas." Such a vintage and slightly rock style It is better to combine with high heels, slip-ons.

Flirt with the male sex will have to wearing trousers neon colors "tear out your eyes": pink, lemon, green, orange. The same can be a short skirt, summer shorts and a pretty sundress.

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