School jackets for girls

School jackets for girls

School uniform is not mandatory for wearing in many educational institutions. But parents are increasingly coming to their own decision to choose this classic type of clothing. Psychologists say that jackets and jackets discipline, help to tune in the right way and more calmly perceive knowledge.

Manufacturers of children's clothes offer various models of school jackets for young students, surprising with an interesting design, texture of fabrics and shades. This is no longer a boring model model, and stylish products from practical material. To create a simple but beautiful image of a little princess, you can offer several basic styles:

  • Classic: it does not give up its popularity and is acceptable in a girl costume of any age. Straight or fitted cut is complemented by fold-down sides, small pockets and button closure. For a change, the lapels are supplemented with textured lining of brilliant satin, may have a rounded or sharp shape.
  • Blazers: jacket for a modern teenage girl, having a narrowed silhouette. The basis for it served as a club jacket, so the products are concise and noble. It is elegant blazers that form the basis for school uniforms for elite European institutions. Metal buttons, patch pockets on the chest and waist serve as an interesting decor.
  • Chanel: a jacket in this style looks soft and easy, revealing the face, forming a pleasant image with French charm. It is ideal for school ensemble, especially in a monophonic performance. Sewn from traditional tweed or wool, it has no sides, it is fastened with textured buttons and complemented by small pockets.

Color solutions and prints

The dress code of the school does not imply bright colors and multi-colored ornaments, but you should not opt ​​for a dull black or brown color. There are several simple colors and patterns that can be an excellent basis for stylish and comfortable everyday patterns:

  • Spectacular burgundy: the basic shade in many collections of school uniforms, which is combined with any skin type. Practical burgundy looks fresh with white blouses, golf, dark bottom. It does not get dirty for a long time, it is relevant in different styles, with metal fittings, it is not boring monotony.
  • Bright green: all shades of this color remain popular and are suitable for everyday wear in an educational institution. Manufacturers sew jackets for schoolgirls dark emerald, olive or coniferous tone. This allows girls to choose the most interesting option for themselves and create non-dull everyday ensembles with it.
  • All play of gray: this season this jacket will be relevant. It looks fresh and modern, slightly diluting the severity of the form with the elegance of color. Even a flirty Basque at the waist in such a tone looks simple and appropriate.
  • Blue: this color is again in trend and appropriate in making a school jacket. Universal blue looks great in any style, being considered a classic option. To revive it, the designers add metal buttons and stitching with contrasting thread on the lapels and pockets.

In a cage

The most popular print is a variation based on the Scottish cell. To preserve a certain formality, it is added in the form of parts, pockets and turn-down lapels. You can choose a school jacket in a large cell of a simple color combination, but then it becomes the main part of the set.

What to wear?

Any school jacket goes well with a simple shirt cut blouses.They do not require decor, but you can dilute their severity with an original stand-up collar, tie imitation or a small brooch. On cool days, the blouse will be replaced by the usual cotton golf white or a suitable tone.

A jacket can make a beautiful ensemble with straight cut trousers or a classic pencil skirt, in a thin or wide fold. Slender girls fit the original skirt style balloon or flared, trimmed on the bottom of the fabric in the cage. In the new collections, designed for high school students, there are fashionable products with a high waist, bold details and combining several shades of material.

Regardless of the color and model, the school jacket should be made of pleasant-to-touch fabric, practical in everyday wear, in order to provide comfort for the child during the school day.

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