Shorts and jacket

Shorts and jacket

Thinking about a summer wardrobe, remember the shorts. However, they have long gone beyond the clothes for the summer, and some models can be seen at all in the options for winter. Jackets create a harmonious tandem with them.

Costume models

Suits consisting of shorts and a jacket can be worn constantly, because the fabrics for their performance are different. It can be:

  • cotton;
  • linen;
  • tweed;
  • wool.

The combination of thick warm fabric with shorts is always original and stylish. Therefore, designers are happy to implement such a fashionable solution, creating warm tweed models with a jacket, as well as from dense and the same time thin wool. Such an outfit will most likely not be able to match the working dress code, however, as an option for an informal setting, the costume is perfect. Another model for cool weather are suits, consisting of a leather jacket and shorts.

Summer also does not preclude wearing such a suit. However, now, they use lightweight fabrics, such as flax. Shorts have a loose fit, and some are styled in skirt-shorts. Jackets are girded with thin straps, creating slim waist contours.

Regardless of the temporary season, shorts with an overestimated waistline, complemented by a stylish jacket, are popular.


The variant of the suit “shorts + jacket” for men is a solution for the brave, thinly feeling style.

The selection of such a suit is complicated by a small number of ready-made costumes. However, mods do not want to give up this stylish tandem, skillfully combining various styles of shorts with jackets and blazers.

In these bold combinations, it is important to remember that:

  • shorts in the set should cover the line of the knee;
  • a jacket should be combined only with shorts of a free cut;
  • You can not wear sports shorts with a jacket.

In the remaining sets of restrictions does not exist. The main thing in the selection is to trust your own taste and vision of the beautiful.

We complement the image of accessories

Accessories always complete the look. In the case of the suit "shorts + jacket" accessories should not be too catchy, because the costume has already made a bright accent on slender female legs.

Stylists advise to complement the image of bulk monophonic bags. They can be put on a shoulder, and can have the small handle.

Designers decorate the neckline of the models with chains of various shapes, and the waist with thin straps in minimalism style.

What shoes to pick up?

In tandem with shorts, it is important to pay attention to the shoes. Most men's shoes are incompatible with shorts and a jacket and visually shorten the legs. In this case, stylists recommend buying loafers, which are considered open and at the same time classic shoes. Do not forget about the prohibition of wearing with a jacket shale, slap and other beach shoes.

For women, the choice of shoes is more diverse. The best solution is a model with heels. It can be pumps, sandals and ankle boots. For stately tall beauties fit oxfords and brogues.

Spectacular images

If the office style allows small liberties, the option with shorts will please the surrounding slender legs with beauty. To do this, choose a black suit made of thick fabric, complementing it with a white blouse. Black sandals with closed toe to complete the image.

For a festive occasion, a suit made of a short skirt and a cropped jacket made of costume fabric with delicate highlights is suitable. For You can wear a sexy jacket on a luxurious underwear, or simply dilute the set with a base top.

For a summer walk suit jacket and shorts with a print of lightweight fabric free cut. A white top will focus on tanned skin.

For men, a beige suit with knee-high shorts will be an option for an informal setting. A white shirt will accentuate the freshness of the set, and a thin scarf around your neck will make you look young.

Jacket and shorts, contrary to all stereotypes, are compatible and harmonious. This set will allow you to be stylish and modern, without departing from the classic look.

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