Jacket with jeans (39 photos)

Jacket with jeans (39 photos)

Is it possible to wear a jacket with jeans

The fashion of the last decades presents girls with many pleasant and non-standard solutions, allowing them to combine seemingly incompatible things. The jacket has always been considered a classic addition to a skirt or trousers. These times are gone. Jacket and jeans - an attribute of modern women of fashion for everyday life and not only.

Now collections of stylists and designers include fashionable bows for any occasion. At the open fashion shows, you can often find models representing this combination of clothes. Or, for example, use this type of suit for office work. And of course for many modern girls is a convenient option for recreation. Such an ensemble is valid for girls of all ages.

But how to choose the right jacket and jeans? What to look for when creating such a fashionable image of girls, to avoid the absurdity in their appearance.

How to choose jeans for a jacket

Following certain tips, any girl can easily create her own unique look for a date or a rest. And also to surprise colleagues with their new outfit, emphasizing their impeccable taste.

Jacket and jeans should be combined in color:

  • Black jacket, classic, which is combined with jeans of any color.
  • For a date or a trip to the restaurant, it is better to stay in bright colors: light blue jeggings and a white or beige jacket. It is stylish and romantic.
  • It’s also better to give preference to a dark color that is close to the standard dress code: blazers can be black, brown, blue.
  • Going to the theater? It is a valid bow for a cultural event. In this case, you should choose a jacket and jeans to match each other. Jacket can be made of velvet or wool.

If a woman’s wardrobe includes a jacket and jeans, then every girl should know that the style of her jacket can both emphasize all the advantages of a figure and spoil the look.

  • Full girls should choose a blazer fitted cut. This will hide the flaws of the figure and give it slimness. Do not choose too tight jeans.
  • Happy owners of slender waist luckier. Here you can combine as you like. Low-rise skinny jeans and a short jacket.

Or, for example, high-rise boyfriend jeans and an elongated jacket. Too loose jacket model on thin girls will look baggy. It is better to refuse it.

  • The length of the sleeve of a jacket for all types of girls figure can be varied. A long sleeve blazer is a classic for any event. Models of clothes with sleeves ¾ are now particularly relevant.

Does not bypass the current fashion side and pregnant girls. Specialty stores always offer several models designed specifically for this delicate position of girls. Jackets and jeans are tailored with various inserts, elastic bands, not constraining the figure. On the contrary, the proposed models create comfortable conditions for a normal pregnancy.

Classic jacket and jeans

What is a classic jacket? This is a buttoned blazer. The neckline can be different: a lapel collar, a stand-up collar or a v-neck. Such clothing is part of the outerwear. Since it is used as a replacement for a regular windbreaker.

Blazer with jeans on the girls looks stylish and attractive. The jacket can be straight cut or on the contrary fitted with lapels. Jeans can be of any style: from narrow pipes to models of wider cut. Before you go shopping at the store, you need to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of your figure.

When choosing a trendy look, you need to pay attention to the time of year when you are supposed to wear a jacket and jeans.

  • For cool weather, fashion designers offer to wear blazers of denser fabrics that have good thermal conductivity and breathability: wool, tweed, corduroy.
  • Jackets made of lighter flowing fabrics are suitable for hot weather: satin, cotton, flax.

A good pair for a jacket and jeans can make a variety of blouses, shirts, turtlenecks. But not an office blouse. T-shirts and tops of a free style and contrast color will be excellent addition.

What to wear and combine such an ensemble. Choosing a shoe.

Shoes are the final element for any image. Shoes can be in harmony with other accessories: with belts, jewelry, bags. Boats, amazing sandals, ballet flats are suitable for a romantic walk.

Casual shoes should be practical and comfortable. A lot of daily meetings and shopping trips take physical strength and health from each of the fair sex. Female legs need a good rest. In this case, it is better to choose sneakers and sneakers. Pregnant girls need to choose low-heeled shoes.

Beautiful bows with ripped jeans

Ripped jeans are a fashionable bar in the clothes of many girls. On this occasion, released a lot of jokes. But it is not about the real holes punched from falling. The slit on jeans can have a different shape and is decorated with a small fringe. Torn jeans look good with a good wizard.

This fact deserves special attention: A special slot on the pants serves as a decoration. Therefore, having such a bow for a date does not require an unusual top.

Today, shops offer their women of fashion a diverse assortment of clothes: all kinds of jackets and jeans. Coloring, accessories for every taste of buyers. Jacket and jeans are distinguished not only by their beauty from other types of clothing, but also by practicality, convenience and elegance for any meeting.

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