Brown jacket

Brown jacket

The range of modern jackets is so rich that it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. The best solution would be a brown jacket, suitable for any element of the wardrobe. Neutral color allows you to create interesting combinations. And thanks to the variety of colors you can choose the option for any type of appearance.



Women's jackets brown range can be double-breasted and single-breasted. The second option now enjoys more love of fashionistas.

Fitted models in the mid-thigh length are more often used in business images. Jackets of direct cut create stylish street bows with a touch of easy carelessness.

Cropped models look amazing with dresses, skirts, shorts, tight pants and jeans. They can be fastened with one or several buttons or not have a fastener at all. Delicate feminine models can be decorated with bows or have a contrast edging.


Among men, single-breasted models are also more popular. Such a jacket can be fitted, loose, standard length, or shortened.

A monochromatic brown suit jacket will be appropriate both in the office and in everyday life.

The velvet jacket in casual style looks cozy and solid. It goes well with jeans, printed shirts and knit sweaters.

A brown check blazer jacket provides a casual look. Here, classic jeans or trousers are appropriate. Under the jacket it is recommended to wear plain shirts, sweaters and turtlenecks.


Chocolate-colored jackets are beautiful in business bows. With classic trousers, skirts, shirts and strict blouses, they look elegant and noble.

Red-brown shade gives the image of respectability. The harmonious combination of this color is obtained with olive.

Light brown (sandy) color refreshes and conquers with its warmth. He creates a beautiful set with cream and pale pink flowers, as well as bright colors.

Gray-brown - a little "powdered" shade. With blue, it creates a soft, calm combination. With white - refreshing. With cream - exquisite.

What to wear?

With white shirts

All shades of brown look great with classic shirts and delicate white blouses. For less contrast, you can choose a shade of cream or light pink.

With blue pants

A brown jacket goes well with blue pants and jeans of any shade. For a walk to the jacket you can wear a light T-shirt and athletic shoes in tone. For a more romantic look, a light blouse and high heel shoes are suitable.

White, light blue and beige shirts are recommended for men for jeans and a brown jacket. Also appropriate will be the belt and shoes brown shade.

With white pants

A fresh summer look can be obtained with a combination of a sand-colored jacket and white pants. You can wear milk or beige trousers with a dark brown blazer.

With gray pants

This option is especially relevant for men. This combination is ideal for work. Harmoniously complete the image of leather shoes chocolate shade.

With black things

Jackets of light shades of brown look stylish and elegant with black trousers, skirts and shirts.

With green things

A duet of brown and green creates a feeling of freshness. It can be pants, turtleneck or dress of any shade of green.

With yellow things

A sunny look is obtained by combining a jacket with yellow pants or a dress. In this case, you can choose both bright yellow and muted, light colors.

With red and orange things

The jacket of chocolate color with orange or red skirt and a white blouse will look spectacular and harmonious.

With golden dresses

The combination of brown and gold creates a sophisticated and luxurious look for evening exits. Especially spectacular with gold combines coffee and chocolate color.

With shorts

The brown jacket perfectly complements the sets of T-shirts and blouses with shorts. For such a summer bow is better to choose light shades of brown.

With dresses

Brown jacket is the perfect complement to any dress. It can be chiffon, lace, classic models, plain or with print.

Shoes in this case it is better to choose either the color of the dress or the color of the jacket. Do not forget about accessories, scarves and brooches.

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