Burgundy jacket

Burgundy jacket

Jacket - a stylish element of the wardrobe, has long won the hearts of not only men but also women. Burgundy jacket - a special option that can make any image chic and noble. In the office or at a business meeting, the burgundy jacket will look presentable and solid. At a party or social event - smartly and solemnly.



With the help of women's burgundy jacket, you can create any image - from business and strict to glamorous and sexy. Classics lovers can choose a double-breasted model and combine it with strict skirts and trousers. Single-breasted jacket is ideal for romantic, festive and casual bows.

The fitted version will fit slender and curvy women of fashion. The model of free cut will help to hide the extra inches of women with curvaceous.

A cropped jacket looks charmingly with dresses, tight pants and long shirts and T-shirts. A model without a collar will create a relaxed, lightweight image.


Male models of jackets are represented by designers of double-breasted and single-breasted models. Jackets with two rows of buttons are traditionally considered classics. Single-breasted version is less formal.

The business option to wear a single-breasted burgundy jacket involves a shirt, pants in tune with a jacket or black and a tie.

The casual jacket is perfect for creating stylish everyday looks. This model can be combined with pants of any style and even with jeans. Under the jacket you can wear a thin jumper or T-shirt. Shoes can be different - from classic shoes to sports models.

Cropped jackets are also popular. True, the male version of the short jacket is slightly longer than the female version of the similar model.

What to wear?

The perfect combination - burgundy with black. The burgundy jacket looks great with black pants of any style and skirts.

Burgundy with gray is another option for creating a strict, calm image of not a touch of chic.

Combining a burgundy jacket with jeans is a more casual option. For jeans, you can wear a plain shirt or t-shirt. Shoes can be any - from classic shoes and shoes to sneakers and sneakers.

On the young women of fashion looks a combination of burgundy and light pink color. Bordeaux and beige are the most luxurious option. A beige pencil skirt, a flying chiffon skirt, beige skinny pants are a variety of options.

Courageous fashionistas can be combined burgundy jacket with green. A bright green skirt with such a jacket will look bold and original. A combination with a dark green color will look stylish and interesting.

Beautiful images

A burgundy jacket with a black knit blouse and skirt in black and white colors creates an elegant and feminine look. Massive decoration allows you to go beyond the classics. Bow perfectly complement the black boat and a small black handbag.

The perfect combination of burgundy jacket and white shirt is successfully combined with a color accent - dark green trousers. The shoes are in harmony with the color of the jacket, and the bag is matched to the pants. Perfect selection of shades.

The classic combination of black and white with burgundy is always advantageous. The velvet fabric of the jacket gives the image a special chic. Black scarf on the neck - an additional highlight.

Monochrome bordeaux is a smart option. Pant suit with white trim added bag to match. Black shirt blends in harmoniously with the kit. Open platform shoes and high heels lend an impudent sexuality to the image.

And here is the male version. A burgundy coat in combination with jeans and a light blue shirt looks simple but stylish. Comfortable shoes will complement this look.

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