Fitted jacket

Fitted jacket

The women's fitted jacket is a very fashionable and comfortable piece of clothing and accessory at the same time. The story of the appearance of a women's jacket is shrouded in riddles and secrets. Fashion researchers did not agree on how it came about. Some people think that feminists who wanted to stand on the same level in everything with men entered his mass fashion. A lot of women's strokes made and Coco Chanel, which made him an indispensable attribute of his contemporaries.

Women "tried on" almost everything that is in the men's wardrobe: pants, shorts, shirts, T-shirts and more. Not stood aside and jacket. But it has long been irrelevant whether a women's jacket was “taken off” from a man’s shoulder or appeared independently, because a women's fitted jacket will not interfere with women's wardrobe. Most of all fashionable fitted jacket "begs" in the business wardrobe lady. But there are no fashionable taboos that would prohibit other women from wearing it.


Modern jacket with an emphasis on the waist today is presented in a wide variety of options. Elongated, shortened, decorated with a belt, complemented by pockets and other decorations, colored and plain - this list goes on and on. Each season, designers come up with new incarnations of women's jacket. The production involves a variety of fabrics: tweed, wool, silk, linen. Women's jacket can be presented in a very different format: tuxedo, jacket, cardigan, classic.

The range of application of women's fitted jacket has no boundaries. A cropped jacket decorated with pearls or lace can be an excellent companion to an evening dress. Strict with pockets and lapels is a choice for office life with a strict dress code. A casual jacket in a casual style will make your look stylish and interesting while walking. In whatever incarnation you choose a fitted jacket, it will definitely bring new bright colors and subtle notes of style.


Long, fitted jackets are popular with women of all ages. Such a model jacket can favorably emphasize the advantages of the figure, as well as hide flaws. This is where the play of color and special cut comes into play. Correctly selected such a jacket can visually make the figure higher. Such a thing is simply necessary for cool days to any woman.

A jacket at the waist is a purely female model. The extended fitted jacket acts both in winter, and in summer option. He can enter into a formal suit, and can act as an independent part of the wardrobe. Modern fashion paints jackets in a variety of colors and shades. Therefore, every skillful fashionista will find her perfect jacket with an emphasis on the waist.


Fitted jackets in a shortened version are also presented in many versions. In the youth environment, these jackets are very popular. In strict execution of such jackets they are a symbol of elegance and restraint according to all canons of a strict genre. Such a jacket can look like a classic, only in a shorter version. Best of all, such a jacket looks on slim girls and women.

The shortened fitted jacket can be presented both in the strictest genre and in the brightest unrestrained colors. Lightly insulated jackets of such a plan are great replace jackets. These jackets are perfectly combined with different types of clothing. Pants, skirts, jeans of various styles fit perfectly into a bright duet. A shortened, fitted jacket can come up with similarly shortened sleeves.

With patch pockets

In a fitted jacket, as in any other, there can be patch pockets. This detail, as a rule, distinguishes a free-style jacket from a strict one and makes the model interesting and unique. There are models in which the pockets are made of another fabric or the fabric may be different from the main fabric material. Beautiful convenience in the form of pockets easily replaces the bag.

Sometimes such a jacket is accompanied by a belt that looks a bit like a jacket. As a rule, a model of such a plan will decorate and warm a woman in early autumn. A tweed or woolen jacket with pockets is a classic of the female jacket genre. Very interesting knitted jackets in modern design. A huge variety of models allows any woman to find exactly her model.

How should sit on the figure?

The main highlight of this model is that the attention of such a jacket is drawn to the waist. By the way, if the waist is your problem area, then some models can visually make the waist thinner. In addition, mark the waist can help you a beautiful belt. The fitted jacket in a shortened version will be an excellent addition to the youth wardrobe. And the elongated fitted jacket will perfectly fit into the image of a serious lady.

The fitted jacket is a kind of must have of a modern woman. If you choose him correctly, he will certainly underline the beauty of the female figure. The jacket with a deep neckline will emphasize the perfect chest due to the correct cut, the V-neckline works best in this case. In tandem with straight trousers or jeans, such a jacket will make your legs long and your figure closer to the ideal.

What to wear?

Today, fashion allows you to wear a jacket in a variety of ways. Therefore, a fitted jacket will fit absolutely into any wardrobe of a modern woman, adding to it novelty. In addition, the jacket has long gone from the strict framework of its original purpose, as a result of which the same jacket can act in a strict style and in everyday life.

A velvet jacket in combination with openwork sleeves will be an excellent addition to the evening dress, where the little black dress plays the main role. In this decision can be involved any theatrical bag and studs. Wear the same jacket with strict black trousers and complement the blouse of any bright and pastel colors. In both cases, the jacket will be a bright attribute of the image.

The fitted jacket looks great in casual style. Pick a sandy, brown or purple model, add a plaid shirt with the same color, and here you are the queen of street style! Wear the same jacket with a black skirt and turtleneck. You got a great look for working everyday.

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