Jacket french

Jacket french

What is a jacket-jacket

French - double-breasted fitted jacket with a turndown collar or stand-up collar, large patch pockets on the chest and thighs and adjustable cuff width. Jacket-jacket was coined and successfully distributed in the army by British General John French, in whose honor and was named.



French is a classic men's jacket. If the jacket-jacket is chosen correctly, it hides minor figure flaws, emphasizing its harmony. One caveat - men with short necks should be careful when choosing a jacket with a stand-up collar, and it is better to give it up. The collar is one of the highlights of the jacket french. With the help of an additional button, the soft-top collar was raised, protecting the neck from the cold, but without interfering with its movements.

When picking a jacket, the main attention should be paid to the coat hanger - they should be no longer and not shorter than the shoulder itself. The ends of the shoulders should stand where the shoulder passes into the line of the hand.

Having decided on the length of the shoulder, fasten the jacket on one of the buttons. At the same time, the outer floor of the jacket should cover the inner where the buttons are not buttoned. If this effect cannot be achieved, it is worth looking at a larger model. Buttons should be fastened easily. In a buttoned-up jacket should be smooth, without wrinkles and folds.

The jacket-jacket has undergone many modifications in the XX, and already in the XXI century, and today can complement any image - a solemn, formal business and even casual, depending on the material, colors, style and combination with other clothes. The most successful jacket looks with pants of the same shade, jeans, shirts without a collar, T-shirts, sneakers and shoes.


Since emancipation began its victorious march around the world, women have won from men not only places in the Duma, but also various details of clothing. Jacket-jacket - a clear confirmation of this.

Women's French models have undergone even more significant changes than men's. When moving from a male wardrobe to a female, the jacket was adapted to the female figure - shortened, made in the shoulders and created an emphasis on the waist. Designers skillfully set off the "rough" military clothing with the tenderness and sexuality of the female image.

This spring, the couturier focused on materials - classic glossy leather or leather with delicate embossed, suede, cashmere or fine wool. Vivienne Westwood was not afraid to use in his collection even velvet, giving the image a discreet chic. Various length variations are also considered: from classic “to mid-thigh” to elongated models and raincoats.

Color helps to emphasize the femininity of the image: in addition to the classic for French gray, jackets of deep and saturated shades are in fashion. Leather french deep burgundy color - the hit of the season. For women of short stature, a wonderful solution is a service jacket with a sleeve. This is not only surprisingly convenient, but also allows you to visually adjust the shape - "shorten" the hands and focus on the bottom.

What to wear

The uniqueness of the jacket is that, depending on the effect you want to achieve, it can be combined with almost anything.

Want to look elegant and stern? Supplement white french with white straight-leg trousers and a narrow black tie. Need a more romantic look? Combine an airy chiffon dress in the floor with a jacket of gentle pastel shades.

Ideal for any style - black jacket-jacket. He looks impeccable with a light colorful dress and classic trousers. An interesting combination with shorts in the same style with a jacket. Choosing shoes stop at feminine shoes with heels or brash shoes with lacing.

In the summer and autumn of 2016, a light casual denim raincoat is extremely popular. Want to look stylish in a denim raincoat - do not be afraid to experiment. What you should pay attention to:

  1. Choose bright colors.
  2. Add inserts from different materials (for example, leather "patches" on the elbows)
  3. Emphasize the waist with an interesting belt.
  4. Do not forget about the shortened sleeve.
  5. Self-made embroidery or appliqué will make your cloak a real work of art.

Perhaps all these rules are suitable not only for a denim coat, but also for any jacket-jacket. The most important thing is to find your individual image and do not be afraid to show it to the world.

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