What can I wear with a pink jacket?

What can I wear with a pink jacket?

Jackets have appeared a long time ago, initially being an attribute of only men's wardrobe. They were a great set with classic pants that were not customary for women to wear. But with the passage of time and changes in fashion trends, jackets began to be popular among the fair sex.

Initially, girls wore jackets only in a pair with a skirt, and a little later with trousers that make up a pair of suits with him. But, as mentioned earlier, fashion does not stand still, and now the jacket is used as a separate piece of clothing, living an independent life. Let us consider in more detail the most popular models of jackets, as well as the most stylish images in combination with them.


Of course, among the abundance of fashionable clothes at the present time, designers have not spared the jackets, developing new types of models. We present to your attention the most popular and stylish models of jackets this season, past which no fashionista will pass.


Jackets with a fitted cut are very popular this year, but it will fit you well only if you have a slim figure and a flat tummy. Since this model focuses attention on the waist, it is better for full girls to avoid buying such a jacket, so as not to pay attention to the figure flaws.

As for slim, to emphasize the slim figure and make the image more stylish and attractive, you can use a thin leather strap and fasten it to the waist.

English collar

English collar is a classic version of a jacket collar. In addition, the model with the collar, buttoning on one button is quite popular this season. Such a jacket can be both standard length and elongated, and shortened, and it will still look stylish and fashionable. It is worth noting that this model jacket is suitable for both slender girls and owners of magnificent forms, especially if it has a slightly free cut.

With short sleeves

For a long time, lapel pants that look incredibly fashionable have been successful. Recently, a new trend has come into vogue, calling for wearing jackets with somewhat shortened and rolled up sleeves. Such a model looks easy, defiantly and in a sense even hooligan. A blazer of bright color with short sleeves will be a great complement to the summer look.


Baska is a kind of frill, quite wide in size, which is usually sewn into the waistline on skirts, jackets, dresses and sometimes even pants. Jacket models with basque are incredibly popular this season because they look stylish and unusual. Basque can also help to visually adjust your volume, emphasizing the waist line and slightly reducing lush hips.

For a more feminine and elegant look, you can add a thin strap to the area where the Basque begins. This will emphasize the waistline and make your look even more stylish.

plus size

This model is a jacket of a free cut, looking to some extent even as a man’s, but decorated with beautiful buttons. This model is suitable for girls with figure flaws who want to hide excess amounts under their clothes. It is worth noting that such a thing looks good or with very tight trousers, or with light airy dresses or skirts.


Due to the furious popularity of pink lately, every woman of fashion will want to have such a jacket in her wardrobe, but it is worth being careful, because not all shades of pink can be relevant and be combined with things of other colors. Let's take a closer look at the most popular shades of pink and their most successful combinations with other colors.

Light pink

Light pink jackets look pretty cute and romantic, so in combination with any other things will give the image a little femininity and reverie. But light-skinned girls should be more careful with the jacket of this tone, because you risk simply getting lost in his background.

Light pink shade will look great on the skin with a touch of light tan, as well as on a well-tanned girls. Against the background of dark skin, a light pink jacket will stand out favorably, emphasizing your bronze tan and focusing on the merits of your figure. It goes well with colors such as gray, menthol, light lemon, blue - jeans, light blue, white, cream, champagne, ivory and even black.


The color of fuchsia, in fact, is purple, and its name comes from the name of its creator - Leonard von Fuchs. Being a very bright, flashy and saturated color, you can safely wear it regardless of the color of your skin, because it will stand out in any case, making your look unforgettable and unique.

A jacket of this color is perfect for the warm season, as a light addition to the dress, and especially stylish in this tone will look a model with short sleeves and an English collar, on one button. But it is worth being careful, combining this shade with other colors, since it is dangerous to combine several bright color spots in one outfit, you can simply look bad and ridiculous in the end.

The color of fuchsia combines well with white and black colors, as well as with dark blue, light shades of blue, pink and yellow tones, as well as dark gray and pearl colors.


Crimson jackets have long been considered a hit, and for good reason, because they look just amazing. They look slightly restrained, so the crimson jacket of a classic cut can even become part of an image in an office with a not very strict dress code. Crimson color goes well with almost any dark color, and also goes well with light bedding, but it is better not to mix it with bright, rich colors.

Extra long models

The elongated models of jackets, to some extent, look like trench coats, so many girls prefer to wear them in cool weather, for example, in the fall or spring. Such a model jacket can have from one to five buttons, and in any version will look great, betraying the image of sophistication.

An elongated jacket is best combined with skinny pants and high heel shoes, this will allow you to visually adjust the shape and slightly stretch the silhouette. It is worth avoiding puffy skirts and dresses, because with such a jacket model, they will look ridiculous, but a narrow sheath dress or pencil skirt is fine.

The summer version of the combination of an elongated jacket with other clothes can be shorts, completely different lengths - up to the knee, to the middle of the thigh, or very short, but you should understand that this image is preferable for girls with a beautiful figure and long, slim legs.

Sleeveless Blazers

The jacket without sleeves, which is a vest with sides, is wildly popular this season, because it looks incredibly stylish and can be ranked as an accessory among clothing. Such things perfectly complement both everyday images, suitable for an informal atmosphere, and office bows, which need to give a stylish zest and special personality.

It is worth noting that the sleeveless jacket looks like an elongated vest that covers the buttocks, and it is worthwhile to combine it with shoes with heels, so as not to reduce its height visually. In addition, this model is perfectly combined with light tops, blouses and cotton shirts, creating a stylish image with a certain presence of light relaxedness.

What to combine and how to wear

Options for combining a variety of models of jackets with other things are very large, because, to a greater extent, the jacket is used as outerwear and is, in some way, a unique thing. With a jacket will not be combined, perhaps, sportswear, since it will completely stand out from the image with a jacket.

It is necessary to take into account the color solutions, when drawing up an image with some shade of pink jacket. In addition, as mentioned earlier, you can complement the image with a thin strap or light silk scarf around the neck.

Beautiful images

Let us consider in more detail what kind of stylish images you can create for any situations. How and with what things it is best to properly combine them.

In cool weather

To feel comfortable in cool weather, but at the same time looking stylish and feminine, you can create a rather interesting image. For a fairly simple combination of black tight-fitting trousers and a white turtleneck, you can add a light pink tweed jacket with a straight cut. Fill the image with fine details, such as high dark brown boots, light pink tippet and stylish glasses - cat eyes, and you will look amazing.


To create a business image, we can also use the traditional combination of black bottom and white top, wearing narrow black pants and a light white blouse made of chiffon, without any prints and embroideries.

We will complete the image with a slightly elongated jacket on one button, light pink, with sleeves turned away. And, of course, you need to complement the image with stylish accessories: put on black pumps with a small heel, golden watches and sunglasses of the classic model without unnecessary details. In addition, it is worth considering the choice of bags and pick up a model in a classic style with short handles, in one color, suitable for the tone of the shoe.


To create a summer look, we will take the same jacket of a soft pink color, slightly elongated model, with one button and sleeves turned away. We will choose a light knitted blouse with embroidery in the form of a flower and a light romantic ryushka in the cutout area for this jacket, combine it with white shorts and a floral print.

In addition to the image, neat white shoes with heels, possibly sandals, pumps or ankle boots of the summer version, are perfect. The image will turn out bright in summer, romantic and suitable, for example, for a date.

Weekend look

For walking with friends and spending time in an informal setting, you can create a very bright and stylish bow. Take a black shirt, tight-fitting model, combine it with ripped denim shorts and jacket fuchsia. Complement the image with bracelets and stylish watches, as well as sneakers or popular slip-ons and you can safely go for a walk.

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