Yellow jacket

Yellow jacket

Bright colors in clothes are able to set you apart from the crowd and attract the attention of others to you. A rich yellow jacket refers to just such things. True, to combine it with other things is quite difficult. To make everything look harmonious, follow the advice of stylists and choose the right bottom, shoes and accessories.


Yellow color is considered to be the most positive and sunny. Juicy shades of yellow elevate mood and delight the eye. That is why wearing bright yellow things is recommended for people prone to melancholy and depression, especially in the fall, when most people catch the seasonal blues.

Bright yellow jackets are suitable for creating rich, spectacular images. More muted light yellow shades fit into any image much easier. Now in trend pale yellow, lemon and rich yellow.

Color combinations

But it is not enough to choose a trend-colored jacket, it is much more important to correctly combine it with other colored things in your image.

With brown

Rich yellow color combined with a cozy chocolate look very harmonious. Brightness of yellow color is muffled by a calm shade of brown.

With blue

Another interesting combination is yellow with blue. Yellow jackets with denim overalls or pants look good. A blue dress made of lightweight fabric, covered with a yellow jacket at the top, will look very light and elegant.

With red

Boldly looks like a combination of yellow and red. Such a tandem will suit confident girls. This combination requires careful selection of jewelry and discreet makeup.

With black

The classic combination of black and yellow is most relevant. Wearing a classic black Coco Chanel style dress under a cropped yellow jacket will make you look elegant but interesting. This image can even be used when going to work if you do not have a strict dress code.

With white

The most calm and discreet option is a combination of yellow with white or gray colors. These light shades soften your image and you will look feminine and tender.

With green

Fresh and summer-like look a combination of yellow and green. Colors can be both saturated and muted, depending on what you have the courage.


Fashionable yellow jacket is able to emphasize all the advantages of the figure. This is greatly facilitated by a variety of styles, among which you can find, both fitted and more loose.

Shortened jackets or fitted models up to the middle of the thigh are most relevant this season. Short yellow jackets are popular mainly among young girls who love to demonstrate all the advantages of their figure to others. But elongated models are able to hide a bulging tummy or rounded thighs, making your silhouette more elegant and attractive.

What to wear?

There are no strict restrictions in the list of things that go with the yellow jacket;. It looks equally good with skinny trousers, and trousers with arrows, and with skirts of any style. Actually and the combination of a light dress with such a bright and interesting top, like a yellow jacket. Tops and blouses under a bright jacket stylists recommend choosing the most concise, monophonic. Do not overload your image with decorative elements and accessories.

Jackets made of lighter, translucent fabric are recommended to be combined with simple cut T-shirts that fit perfectly on your figure. The color of the shirt can be both neutral and bright, for example, purple or blue.

Beautiful images

To better understand the features of the combination of things from your wardrobe with a stylish yellow jacket, let's look at a few proven bows.

The first will be an image designed for everyday wear. The image will be based on a combination of jeans and a yellow jacket that has been relevant for many years. In general, you can choose jeans of any color, from bleached to rich green or dark blue. But we recommend that you use gray jeans to create a stylish bow, which will muffle the brightness of the jacket and make the image more calm and elegant.

As a top, a white T-shirt will harmoniously look, complemented by that jacket of rich sunny color. Choose a model as simple as possible, you can even without a number of buttons. Complement the image of simple and comfortable shoes, for example, light ballet flats.

If you want to draw attention to your person, you can create more shocking image. To do this, wear a bright yellow jacket with pants to match him. Instead of a basic monochrome T-shirt, choose a transparent chiffon blouse of a beige shade. True, in order not to look vulgar, it is worth choosing a skin-colored underwear with a smooth surface. This image will look very stylish, but it does not matter.

More restrained will business bowin which, in the absence of a strict dress code, you can even go to work. The classic combination of strict dark trousers with an arrow and a white top will look less boring and routine if you throw a bright lemon-colored jacket on top. Shoes and accessories are better to choose classic, so that all attention is riveted precisely to the jacket, on which the whole image is built.

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