Single breasted jacket

Single breasted jacket

What is a single-breasted jacket

Often, details of a particular style become a universal and fashionable addition in any situation. These items of clothing include women's single-breasted jacket.

Today jackets are represented by designers in a variety of styles and colors. They are relevant not only in the office or at a business meeting, but also in clubs, restaurants, city walks.

Jackets are always in trend. Depending on the material, color and cut, they can be used to create images for any occasion and any mood.

What is different from the double-breasted

Single-breasted jacket resembles a double-breasted. What is the difference? The main difference is one row of buttons in the first case and two rows in the second. Despite the attractiveness of both options, modern women of fashion often prefer a single-breasted model.

Usually on such a jacket are located from one to three buttons, sometimes more. The bottom button is often kept undone. This allows you to sit down and move freely without feeling discomfort and constraint of movement. Such a nuance gives the image of coquetry and a feeling of slight negligence. There are also models that do not require fastening.

The length of the jacket can be different. Whether you choose an elongated model, or whether it will be a shortened version - depends on the individual taste, type of figure and style features.

When choosing between the fitted version and the free one, you should also pay attention to the build. Slender girls fit absolutely any style jacket. Ladies with curvaceous better to opt for models of direct cut.

Sleeve lengths may also vary. Summer jackets often have a cropped sleeve. Blazers with standard sleeves tucked in the style of the 90s, create a slightly daring image.

Fabrics from which single-breasted jackets are made are very diverse. It can be a thin, lightweight version for summer days or a thick model that replaces a windbreaker or raincoat.

What to wear and match?

Due to the variety of shapes, textures and colors of single-breasted models, the creation of images knows no boundaries.

The classic version of the combination of a jacket with pants and shirt is a great option for business women. For office it is better to choose elongated straight or fitted models. In the absence of strict dress code, the shirt can be replaced with a delicate blouse. And if you wear jeans instead of trousers, an outfit will be ready for walking and meeting with friends.

Depending on the chosen model of jeans, pants, and shoes, the images may have a completely different mood. Modern women of fashion wear a jacket and jeans not only with pumps, ballet shoes and stilettos. Original looks in this image and sports shoes.

An extended jacket with jeans in combination with a chiffon blouse and high heel shoes will create a romantic mood. The combination of a jacket and jeans with sneakers and a T-shirt is casual, giving freedom and comfort.

With short models of jackets it is better to wear shoes with heels or platform, especially with a small height.

The combination of a single-breasted jacket with dresses looks gentle and feminine. This may be a classic dress with a straight silhouette, and a flying chiffon outfit. To any style you can choose a suitable jacket model. It is only important to remember that its length should be shorter than the length of the dress.

With short dresses and skirts, a jacket that goes to mid-thigh looks harmonious. For dresses to the knee, maxi and pants, you can choose an elongated model. Dress with a high waist perfectly complements the shortened version of the jacket.

It is worth remembering about accessories that easily transform a casual look into an evening and elegant.

Beautiful images

Single-breasted snow-white jacket is ideal for summer time. Combined with blue jeans and a delicate white blouse, he creates a fresh, romantic look. White stiletto sandals and an elegant handbag harmoniously complete the bow.

The beige model is another basic option for summer. He looks great with denim shorts and a white shirt. A high heel gives the image a special chic. A great option for a date or party.

A single-breasted black jacket with a black frank overalls is an evening version. Daring, sexy and elegant at the same time. Sandals, handbag and jewelry in tone - the perfect solution.

Color print on a jacket in combination with a monophonic dress looks very tender and feminine. Light-colored shoes and discreet jewelery perfectly complement the outfit.

A gray single-breasted jacket looks great with skinny pants and a black jumper. Black and white lace-up shoes fit perfectly in the image. Comfortable casual bow with a touch of understated elegance.

Bright sneakers, loose-fitting jeans, a printed T-shirt and a tote bag. In this sporty image a light jacket brings a touch of femininity and charm. The original, non-standard combination looks very stylish.

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