Women's Long Blazers

Women's Long Blazers

Extra long jackets are in the wardrobe of every woman of fashion. A properly selected blazer will not only warm shoulders in windy weather, but also balance any image, make it harmonious, emphasize natural femininity. To fit a fitted jacket into any elegant look, you need to know a few female tricks.

Which jacket is considered elongated

Short jackets are notable for their special doll elegance. Long models combine the image, make it whole, free and characteristic. Such a move as an elongated jacket allows you to harmoniously combine parts and accessories of different styles. The ideal length of such a jacket is mid-thigh or at least hiding the buttocks. Any jacket below the waist can be called a jacket.

The charm of elongated jackets in a light combination with tight-fitting and narrow details. They look great variety of accessories: belts, bags, boots and fashionable wedge, hats and glasses. This is such a wonderful universal story.


Especially popular are free models of straight silhouette called oversight.

Oversize (oversise) - this is the fashion trend of women's wardrobe, when things look like a unisex or if taken from the men's wardrobe. This effect helps to achieve a straight silhouette, a simple cut, the details inherent in men's wardrobe. The underlined simplicity and “coarseness” makes the image more refined and elegant. However, it is worth buying women models that sit around the figure and do not spoil the image.

In addition to overlays - free-style jackets, designers choose traditionally masculine versions, for example, double-breasted models. These blazers emphasize the waist and the upper part of the silhouette. Playing with the height of the cut, you can create a deliberately modest or feminine image. This jacket goes well with scarves of lightweight fabrics.

Traditionally popular remain single-breasted jackets models. Some of them are decorated with only one button, which emphasizes the seasonality of the dress. This simple elegance is perfectly combined with turn-down collars, short sleeves, gives lightness and elegance to the silhouette.

Summer models of long jackets without sleeves or vests - a special story. They are combined with other fashion trends (double-breasted, with one button) and easily turn a romantic and feminine image into a business style. This option is necessarily combined with T-shirts, blouses or dress.

Asymmetric length of the jacket (elongated back or floor) allows you to create an unusual and bright image, softens the sexuality of the bow and makes the clothes practical and comfortable.

Fitted options for elongated jackets - traditionally remain an interesting and popular option, easily creating summer combinations with simple silhouettes. They focus on lush breasts.

To divert attention from a modest bust, you can stay on a jacket with patch pockets. When choosing a jacket model, remember that elongated brutal oversizes land and eat up “growth”, and therefore go to tall girls. If your height is below average, choose shorter and non-standard options - with sleeve ¾, vests, asymmetric length. Visually, this will make the image more airy.

Popular colors

This season, designers offer a wide variety of colors. In fashionable wardrobes there may be jackets with a feminine floral print, striped, checked and not only. Such options should be chosen taking into account the features of the figure. Monochrome models are much easier to combine with other details, so they remain at the peak of popularity.

Black and dark blue, snow-white jackets remain relevant. In red shades, preference is given to crimson, pink, crimson tones. Of the bright options - blue, turquoise and shades of green. Delicious pastel - peach, pale blue, elegant lilac, resembling marshmallow, marshmallow and macaroons with their lightness and delicate color gamut are relevant as ever. The colors of the ocher scale (mustard, brown) differ in special chic.

Modern trend - a combination of two colors. The jacket can have a contrasting trim or sleeves. To make the image brighter help large or shiny fittings. It is necessary to combine it more carefully, however, the outfit is more interesting.


Natural or synthetic materials choose - a matter of taste and possibilities. The main requirement is that the material should keep its shape well and be non-obtrusive. It is more practical to wear blazers on a lining of smooth and natural fabrics. Original look jackets from textured canvas. The deliberate rudeness of denim jackets and waistcoats fits perfectly into casual bows.

What to wear

The eternal women's question "what to wear" elongated models of jackets is solved quickly and in an original way. It perfectly complements almost any style. Ideally, free blazers are combined with narrow dresses, and fitted models - with flying and voluminous bottom. In practice, there are unexpected and original bows that perfectly balance the female figure and make it delicate and elegant. Consider the main options "elongated jacket +".

The dress

Office model "case" looks great with elongated versions of jackets. However, really summer history is obtained if you combine a jacket with light chiffon dresses.

Blazers of delicate shades, fitted models, variants without sleeves will look advantageous. They are created for light female images, therefore they create surprisingly feminine combinations. The length of the dress is chosen to fit and grow.


Classic options for a long jacket and a skirt to the floor gain a new life. The fitted jacket perfectly complements the free wide hems of summer skirts. There are good and straightforward options. Sleeveless and oversay jackets with rolled or short sleeves are actively used in youth looks with short balloon skirts made from soft, beautifully draped materials. In this case, the bottom is often with a summer floral print, which adds femininity and tenderness to the image.


This is a pure summer combination that looks gorgeous in business and is actively used by fashionistas. This option is almost all girls. A similar combination can be tried with any extended jacket. Actual bow for summer will be appropriate in the office, on a date and walk.


Here, fashion designers and critics are harsh: if the length of the pants can be different (tall girls can experiment), then the silhouette itself is very strict.

For a beautiful bow, narrow or straight pants are needed. Free and flared shapes will add fullness and carelessness. Combine with jeans can and should be. And here you can make images with your favorite model, boyfriends.


Long jacket and oversight eat up growth. Therefore, tall girls can afford shoes and ballet shoes, use low shoes. In order not to lose height, the rest is better to use a heel, platform or wedge. It is desirable that the rest of the accessories fit the style and could make a beautiful ensemble, because it is the details that add organicity to the female image.

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