Gray jackets

Gray jackets

The classic jacket is one of the main places in the women's wardrobe. Universal gray jacket is able to give the image of rigor and sophistication. Although many consider this color to be boring and too serious, it looks very stylish, and goes well with almost all things, not just office dresses and skirts.


At the moment there is a huge number of stylish jackets of different styles.


Among young girls, short jackets are popular, which allow you to demonstrate the advantages of a figure. Such a jacket looks advantageous in a tandem with narrow trousers or skinny. Also often a gray short jacket is worn over dresses.


Jackets long to mid-thigh also look good. They should be chosen by girls with a pear-shaped body type, who in this way will hide excess volumes in the hips.


Blazers of a free cut fit perfectly in a simple democratic style. It can be worn at least every day, combining with your favorite jeans and shoes without heels. Informal jackets are suitable for youth style.

Loose jackets are recommended to wear owners of magnificent forms, because they do not emphasize any shortcomings. Also, if you are not particularly happy with your figure, try to buy a jacket with a basque. This simple element will easily hide all the extra folds on the abdomen and make the waistline smoother.

Shades and prints

Noble gray color has many interesting shades.

Light gray

Light gray jacket blends perfectly with pastel shades. For example, with beige, peach or cream. This combination looks very gentle and elegant.

Dark grey

More saturated gray color will suit bright trend colors: turquoise, blue, yellow or coral. Dark gray color looks great in official suits, because it is solid and strict.

In a cage

We should not forget about such a classic print as a cell. A checked jacket looks especially good with trousers of all shades of brown. The pink-gray cell is especially relevant now.

What to wear and match

It is important to create a stylish bow and the ability to properly combine things with each other. Let's look at what you can wear a stylish gray jacket to look fashionable and relevant.

With a blue shirt

To create a bow in a business style, as well as possible, fit a blue shirt. A product made of high-quality cotton with a resistant collar will look great in combination with a dark gray fitted jacket and cropped trousers.

With black shirt

A light gray jacket with a black fabric shirt looks elegant and stylish. Give preference to frosted materials so that the bow looks more expensive and stylish.

With dress pants

Classic straight cut trousers with arrows are best for creating a business look. If desired, pants can be selected in the same shade as the jacket, or vice versa, to experiment with colors.

Pants can be narrowed or straight. Pants in a loose fit fit better with a fitted jacket, while skinny pants are better suited for a loose jacket.

With blue pants

You can add color to your bow using bright bottom. An example would be trousers of a rich blue color, which are perfectly combined with a jacket of any shade of gray. It is best if the trousers are made of matte fabric, for example, thick cotton or knitwear.

With jeans

Wear a gray jacket and jeans for a comfortable, fresh look. Denim trousers are best combined with a loose-fitting jacket.A volumetric scarf and shoes on a flat turn, for example, monochromatic slipons or oxfords, will complement such a democratic image.

With skirt

Like dress pants, a skirt is the perfect complement to a gray jacket. With this, you are not limited in styles. After all, by choosing a pencil skirt, you can create an interesting office bow, and by complementing a gray jacket with a leatherette flared skirt, add a rebellious note to your image. The main recommendation of stylists - do not choose too bright and saturated skirts in addition to the basic gray jacket.

Gray color well underlines the brightness of other things, making them more expressive.

With dress

We should not forget about such a feminine outfit, like a dress. Light gray chiffon sundresses of different lengths, and a strict style of sheath dress look good with a gray jacket. You can also try to combine two trends of this season: a shortened gray jacket and a denim shirt dress. Such a tandem perfectly dilute your everyday style.

Without a doubt, a gray jacket is an excellent base for creating diverse images. Fill up your wardrobe with a classic jacket of any shade of gray, and create your own unique bows based on it.

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