Women's jumper 2019

Women's jumper 2019

What it is

A jumper is a regular sweater, but with some distinctive features, such as the absence of a collar and various button closures and zippers. Most often, in a women's jumper, the neckline has a rounded neckline. The attributes of women's sweaters, by the way, were borrowed from the male half of Coco Chanel in the 19th century. Thanks to Coco, this thing literally merged with the wardrobe of most girls.


The very purpose of a fairly universal, exactly as its composition, and execution. In this accessory it is quite convenient to take walks, and maintain the image of femininity.

In addition, it is warm enough and will save from cold in a cool season, which is another advantage. The main features of the sweater are its versatility, a variety of styles and styles. Due to this, every woman is able to find her own version, despite her individual needs and characteristics.

Popular styles and models

In terms of their level of popularity, many sweaters are almost in the first place for women, often not yielding to accessories such as skirts and dresses. Especially noticeable are such as the classic models, which have a tight structure and a standard cutout of a rounded gate.

No less popular among most women and girls and a model with a collar. This option is able to add much elegance and rigor.

Also worth noting is the peculiarity of the elongated model of a jumper dress. Such a style is usually a free cut, or sometimes, no less remarkable bag-shaped form.


The peculiarity of a sports sweater is that you can get to it without losing attractiveness, any bottom is enough. Including tights or leggings.

It should be noted that the word jumper in translation also means "jumper", explaining its original direction.

Without sleeves

Today there is a rather fashionable trend of sleeveless jumpers. Their special purpose is especially appreciated in cool time. Due to this convenience, many girls have stopped attention in this style. Such a jumper will not only add chic to your image, but will also warm you in a winter cold evening.

On lightning

Here you can say in different ways. On the one hand, a jumper with a zipper, some kind of hit or novelty, quite fashionable and picky. But if you look differently, it is the jumper with a zipper or in a different sweater and is the progenitor of this direction of outerwear.

A jumper with a zipper is a rather diverse accessory, its execution is possible not only in a standard form without a collar, but also with a stand-up collar. Including with a fairly wide and warm, able to warm the collar.


Raglan sweaters are quite unique in their own right; its special one-piece sleeve design makes it possible to create the most unimaginable ensembles.

Particularly appropriate sweaters cut raglan with a bottom of tight-fitting trousers or jeans of strict form. Also looks good combination of various skirts of dark colors.

With hood

To emphasize femininity, many, especially young girls, prefer a jumper with a hood, this kind of jumper is able to transform the refinement of the figure and movements.

With V-neck

Another classic version of jumpers, V-neck collar, especially enjoyed popularity in the 80-90 years. In our time, the fashion trend for them has fallen somewhat, but who knows what will happen tomorrow. No wonder they talk about the unpredictability of fashion.


A thin jumper will be quite practical on a warm summer day. Unlike their counterparts, knitted jumpers, such models are usually made of knitted fabrics. The duet of a thin sweater and a maxi skirt can become an ideal combination.

With throat

A high-neck jumper is a pretty fashionable thing. In a properly selected ensemble from a jumper and, for example, a pencil skirt, an image of a strict business lady is instantly assembled.

The combination of this sweater with wide pants can cause a touch of individualism and femininity.

Large sizes

Cardigan is a very versatile accessory for women’s wardrobe. Women of any age and build can walk in it. A variety of styles and styles strongly rescues the representatives of magnificent forms. It is with him that they feel complete comfort and convenience, both in everyday life and at various celebrations. For obese women, this is a kind of a magic wand that can create an image of femininity and inconstancy.

How to choose a figure

The figure is the main argument for the correct choice of style, style and size of jumper.

Given its features, you can achieve great success in your appearance. For example, the owners of the “apple” figure are more relevant to opt for elongated models. And a fitted jumper is able to create an image of elegance to representatives of the “inverted triangle” figure.

The variety on the jumper prints and patterns with bright colors will be the best solution for girls with the figure of "rectangle".

Actual colors

The question of what color should be a jumper, or how to choose it, starting from the color palette there is no definite solution. Again, everything is individual. But if you are an ardent associate of fashion trends, then it will be more relevant to pay attention to such colors as: indigo and gray, black and white, blue and its shades, light pink, yellow and burgundy, red and light green.


This coloring is quite charismatic in its version. The rather natural look of the indigo jumper looks great on a summer day in a compartment with tight-fitting trousers. It is best to choose a jumper made of soft yarn.


Classic gray color is best combined with round neck jumpers. This combination can give femininity to everyone who decides to try it on.

The black

The black color of the jumper is capable of becoming a fashionable solution in an ensemble of dark sneakers and rather narrow dark blue jeans.


White color is a symbol of perfection. A beautiful combination to a white sweater can be blue jeans, stitched with a simple cut. This classic version is not the only one. Also looks good ensemble white sweater with a pencil skirt and shoes with high heels.

Navy blue

The differences between a dark blue sweater and indigo are few, the same design options, the same style. Similar combinations of these color compositions do not exclude the individual approach of the chosen jumper. In the most optimal way, a dark blue shade looks on raglan-shaped jumpers.

Light pink

Light pink tone by its presence creates lightness and tenderness. According to many psychologists, the pink color symbolizes vulnerability. However, this color is very popular with the female population. Perhaps for their ability to rejuvenate. Any woman wearing a pink jumper seems kind and naive by default.


Yellow, the color of the sun and life positive. The yellow jumper will not let you fall into depression even in the most overcast autumn evening. Yellow-colored sweaters are quite individual, and therefore it is worthwhile to approach this choice slowly.

Light green

Harmony and composure, with such psychological qualities is associated appearance, wearing a jumper in a light green tone.

Such a jumper is perfectly combined with any skirt of black and beige tones.However, like any bottom.


Bordeaux jumper. The business image of such a sweater will be perfect at business meetings. When choosing a burgundy shade worth paying attention to the fact that this type is most suitable for older women. But young women of fashion can try on such a jumper without fear for the relevance of their appearance. It is only necessary to create a monochrome image.


Red color is probably the only one equally suitable for young and not so much, for full and long-legged beauties. One has only to dilute the shade or try the original bottom on the red jumper and you will be reincarnated beyond recognition. Another main feature of red is that it can be combined with absolutely any color and shade, from which you can only win.


A rich selection of prints diversify any jumper. Every woman will find any print, among those presented by modern fashion, to your taste and color.

Especially popular prints are openwork prints, stripes, drawings with braids and abstraction.


Striped print firmly ass in modern fashion, including women's sweaters. The peculiarity of jumpers a la vest looks quite original on young girls, especially in a duet with a mini-skirt. Also quite fashionable and original is the ratio of red-black stripes of the vertical type.

The advantage of this print is its ability to visually hide various flaws of a female figure. As well as adjust in the desired direction with the right combination. That is, thin to become more voluminous, and lower girls visually add growth.

With braids

A print with braids on a women's sweater is no less popular than a striped print. This is his own image sign of national chic. This print is able to drastically change the image of a woman by her presence. Pretty beautiful in any combination and relatively inconspicuous. The ideal print option for relaxing walks, or a cozy home evening.


Sweaters with lace are fashionable enough for more than one season, and it seems that they are not going to give up the position. The most attractive look sweaters with lace openwork print in coffee tones. Open print is a trend beloved by many women.


Wool, knitwear, viscose, etc. Variety for sewing and knitting jumpers can surprise every woman. Thanks to such a large selection of fabrics, it is not difficult to choose your material for yourself either in the summer or in the winter cold.


The combination of such a popular accessory as a jumper, and material for its tailoring as knitwear, allowed numerous designers to create the impossible. A huge number of positive qualities of this material allow you to create convenient and practical things for any woman.


Wool sweaters are an excellent choice to warm up in the bitter cold. It is not only not scary to go for a walk on a gloomy winter day, but also to appear at a dinner party by candlelight. Women's wool sweaters are quite comfortable and convenient. In addition, their use in everyday life does not look too mundane and permanent.

Of mohair

A good alternative to woolen jumpers are mohair products. Mohair yarns are incredibly lightweight and comfortable. Such products create a special comfort to their owners, and besides, it will not become particularly hot in view of the air flow properties. Romantic and glamorous look will help to create a fitted leather skirt of medium length or tight trousers with thick-soled shoes.


Viscose is a very popular fabric. Viscose sweaters are incredibly soft and very pleasant to wear. Such models look great on any woman, and are able to distinguish her against the general background with its lightness and delicacy.

This fabric appeared quite a long time ago, and has not lost success in use today.

100% cotton

The popularity of cotton jumpers for women is due to its simplicity and convenience. Due to ventilation, it will not be hot even in summer. The perfect combination of almost any options makes more and more to attract attention.

Cotton sweaters are almost the perfect choice for lovers of natural types of fabrics.


Such important elements of a sweater as its length depend primarily on its style and model. Most often, the basis for choosing the length is the female figure itself.. For example, cropped sweaters will simply be a perfect option in combination with midi skirt or maxi.

Long sweaters, a thing no less unique. Due to the fact that some models have a length below the knees, they are able to replace such an accessory as a dress.


A short women's sweater, rather a youth version. He creates a style of openness and impermanence. It combines mainly with shorts, light jeans or a skirt of medium length or mini.

If you wish, you can wear this jumper in the fall or just a cool evening, then the best duet underneath will be a regular T-shirt, but not a shirt.

A long

Any woman in a long jumper can be an ornament to the evening. Her external image is able to create a highlight in the atmosphere and give its owner inconsistency. The perfect cut of a mohair sweater is able to protect from the cold, and a similar knitwear option will spill your sexuality and enchantment on everyone’s envy.

What to wear

A variety of models of women's jumpers and color diner divides a great variety of options with which to combine it. In the case of a voluminous jumper, for example, the ideal combination, a duet with trousers or jeans will become. Also no less expressive is the ensemble of a jumper and a narrow skirt.

The color scheme of the sweater also dictates the combination of accessories. If the white jumper is the ideal version of high shoes and black leather skirt, then when you choose a red jumper, the combination is completely different.

There are no losing options in combination with a jumper, just a little effort and patience, and the most banal variation will become unmatched and irresistible.

With shirt

The combination of sweaters and shirts is quite fashionable tandem. An option to choose can be any shirt of a wide variety of tones and colors, including jeans.

Any variant of combining such accessories shows the stylishness, inconstancy and courage of its owner. After all, it is enough to put literally a little imagination in creating your image, and you can conquer absolutely any style, the main thing is not to overdo it.


The use of various accessories is the best way to quickly and with taste to bring a zest to the created image. In this case, the optimal solution when choosing a style, use a variety of belts. They emphasize the importance of the chosen image. As a supplement, manipulations with large earrings and bracelets over a jumper are possible. A necklace or necklace will make a final touch of sophistication.

How not to wear

In this case, there are practically no recommendations. With any choice, the main thing is to know your goal, and during experiments to prevent brute force. The main points that require attention is still to adhere to the features of the figure and take into account the color palette.

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