Men's sweaters for obese men

Men's sweaters for obese men

Fat men are usually not very whimsical in fashion. For them, the main thing is that the clothes should be comfortable, do not hamper movement and fulfill their practical tasks. But a common mistake is to opt for loose, loose-fitting sweaters. Such decisions do not hide completeness, but only further emphasize it. Because it is very important to correctly choose a jumper.


  • Always give preference to jumpers made from natural fabrics with a slight addition of synthetics. Synthetics allows you to keep the shape, provide an attractive appearance, simplify the care of the product;
  • The jumper is presented in different styles, each of which has its own nuances and is designed for men with a certain type of figure;
  • Tight-fitting models, pullovers are contraindicated for obese men, so try to give them up;
  • The jumper can at the same time be profitable to be an independent piece of clothing, or be supplemented with shirts, T-shirts;
  • Initially, the jumper was the subject of sports style, designed for ordinary walks, everyday life. Therefore, when choosing the main focus on comfort and practicality.

How to choose a figure

  • Owners of a slim, athletic figure can safely wear tight models. They will emphasize your muscles, make the figure attractive even under a sweater and shirt.
  • If you have a slim build, tight-fitting sweaters will not work. Here you need to find a thin line between the product, which simply repeats the outlines of the body, but does not fit.
  • Full men should not give up the pullover. Just focus on the free cut. No covering elements. Also not recommended to wear a jumper with a horizontal strip. They will visually expand you even more. The optimal solution is vertical stripes.

And we will give a few more general recommendations that will make a really smart purchase.

  • Give preference to natural materials. They warm well, provide comfort when wearing a pullover;
  • Trying on a sweater, make sure that the shoulders are not shifted, are in place;
  • Do not buy too loose models, even if you have a full figure. Otherwise, you only aggravate your volumes;
  • The jumper should not hang or be too short;
  • Focus on your own feelings. If you are not comfortable, you should not buy, no matter how well it is suitable for other parameters.

Fashion trends

If not only comfort, convenience, but also compliance with fashion trends is important to you, then you should look at what will be relevant this season. The most stylish, fashionable solutions for a jumper include:

  • Color blocks. These are inserts of different colors that can decorate a jumper. Moreover, you can use inserts close shades, or completely diverse. It all depends on the purpose for which the pullover is chosen;
  • Sophisticated cut. Such models of pullovers can perfectly help to visually correct the complete male figure. At the same time, jumpers with a sophisticated cut look stylish and fashionable;
  • Fur, leather and velvet inserts. Perfectly complement the classic sweater, creating an original effect, giving the garment the desired appeal;
  • Knitted patterns. A practical, comfortable and warm sweater that emphasizes your original taste will provide a high level of comfort. Just make sure that the product was of high quality. The design welcomes discreet, since the model will be relevant for more than one season;
  • Without sleeves. An interesting option for early spring, autumn.These sweaters are recommended to wear with a shirt with long sleeves. But give up the option of wearing on a naked body or under a T-shirt, even if you have beautiful, strong hands;
  • Models with original openings and cutouts. A bold decision for men, but very attractive. Choosing a similar jumper, you definitely will not go unnoticed;
  • Geometric shapes, inscriptions, applications. All this very well, you can add a jumper, well-chosen specifically for your figure. For obese men, they are especially useful because they can hide some figure flaws;
  • With bright accents. It can be inserts of a contrasting color, a wide line or other elements that distract the main attention to themselves. Full beauties will be able to take advantage of this, rejecting the views of others from the bulging tummy.

What and how to wear

  • Thin monophonic models are perfect for business style. The jumper can be worn as an independent piece of clothing, which opens the freedom of choice of color. If you plan to wear under a jacket, or wear with a shirt, do not forget about the right combination of colors.
  • Models with a round neck look good on a naked body and in a pair with a shirt with a high collar stand.
  • Cuff shirt, worn under a jumper, feel free to show. Although for a more businesslike image it is better to hide them.
  • To ensure warmth in the first place, wear a t-shirt under the jumper that will not look out.
  • Jumpers-snag are relevant for those who do not want to wear a shirt under a jumper or the weather is too warm for such a combination.
  • A V-neck jumper is complemented by shirts and a tie. For obese men, this would be a great solution.
  • Coarse knit sweater looks good with jeans. Use a combination of colors. If the bottom is dark, choose a light jumper and vice versa.
  • When putting on a jacket over a sweater, make sure that the sleeves do not peek out from under the jacket.

Stylish images

  • Dark jeans, a bright jumper and a color shirt peeking out from under him create a beautiful, stylish bow;
  • Knitted and knitted jumpers not only warm, but also provide a magnificent image. You can add them with dark pants, jeans;
  • A sleeveless jumper with vertical lines hides the tummy, and a well-chosen shirt completes the original look.
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