Women's sweaters from Vis-a-vis

Women's sweaters from Vis-a-vis

Comfortable and cozy clothes should not be devoid of taste and style. These are exactly the women's sweaters from Vis-à-vis, - concise, practical, at the same time elegant and original.

About brand

The brand has firmly established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality lingerie and clothing for all occasions. Vis-a-vis is a Russian brand oriented towards middle-income buyers. The main principles are affordable prices, high quality products and a wide range of current things.

Features and benefits

A team of designers, who follow the latest fashion trends, bring their original ideas in the form of contrasting combinations of colors, fabrics and finishes, working on the appearance of the products.

Vis-a-vis strictly monitors the quality and safety of products. All materials used are environmentally friendly and do not cause allergies.

The three main characteristics of the brand - comfort, practicality and affordability.

The range is really wide. Women's clothing is represented by a wide range of styles - from home suits and pajamas to business dresses and romantic skirts. The same goes for materials. These are chiffon and silk, cotton, viscose, polyester and lace.

Vis-a-vis makes clothes for women of different builds. In the store, you can easily find yourself a suitable thing and a thin, and magnificent girl.

The range of lingerie is huge. There are hosiery, bras, panties and underwear with a slimming and corrective effect. Products look nice and comfortable to wear.

Model overview

vis 0011

A soft and cozy jumper with a boat neck and an original armhole. It is appropriate in business style in combination with a skirt and trousers and for everyday wear with jeans. Available in three colors - peach, red and yellow.

vis 0239

Stylish knitted jumper with pockets. Due to the soft texture of the material and the direct silhouette, such a model fits well on any female figure. There are two options for colors - burgundy and cocoa.

vis 0007v

Original lengthened jumper with asymmetrical hem. The back is slightly longer than the front. A three-quarter sleeve with a lowered shoulder will beautifully emphasize the elegance of the hands. You can choose a peach green or purple tint.

vis 0013

Elegant jumper with cuffs on the sleeves, raglans and elastic at the bottom edge of the hem. Made of fine knitwear and stylishly decorated at the bottom. Perfectly sit on a full woman, hiding all the flaws of the figure. The model is presented in gray and peach colors.

vis 0012

Nice-fitting sweater from knitwear. V-shaped neck beautifully emphasizes the chest and neck. Great model for slender girls. It is appropriately combined with both skirts and trousers. Three color options - red, yellow and turquoise.

vis 0041

An elegant, laced jumper with an elongated cut for a sweet and romantic look. To emphasize the delicate texture of the fabric, under the bottom is to wear a white T-shirt. Beautifully fitting figure, this model will be a godsend for everyday wear. You can choose a pink or gently blue tint.

vis 0018

A bright and unpredictable decision - a jumper with short sleeves and a deep round neck, made in contrasting colors. Three wide transverse stripes of white, dark blue and pink color make it possible to combine a jumper with trousers or a skirt of different colors. It is possible to go to a party or a walk.

vis 0236

Warm elongated sweater of the original colors perfectly warm in bad weather. Orange asymmetrical stripes on a gray tone look bright and uplifting. Such a model fits well on any shape.

vis 0009v

An elegant jumper with a decorated neckline and short sleeves is represented by mint and red colors.Thanks to the elegant style, it will be a great addition to a business skirt or trousers.

vis 0289

An open-fitting, tight-fitting jumper with a round neck will suit slim girls, emphasizing a slim silhouette. This model is appropriately combined with leggings and tight jeans. You can choose white or mint color.

vis 0254v

The original orange jumper cut short-sleeved bat is an excellent choice for the warm season. Openwork top and tight bottom emphasize a beautiful chest and hide flaws. Suitable for full women.

vis 0101

A stylish short jumper with imitation of a top-bando due to the texture of the fabric will be a convenient and practical thing in the wardrobe of any girl. He looks great with a skirt of any length and with pants of all styles. The color options are fuchsia and blue.

vis 0257

Classic laconic jumper made of viscose - must-have in the wardrobe of every woman. Bright blue or orange, it is not only comfortable to wear, but also looks stylish on all body types.

vis 0272

A fun yellow knit sweater is a great option for everyday wear. It is comfortable and pleasant to the touch thanks to cotton and acrylic. This model can be easily combined with any pants, skirts and even shorts.

vis 0269

A stylish white sweater with a bright floral print on the chest and shoulders will become a favorite thing for a girl with a sense of style. Tight-fitting silhouette and drawing on the chest correctly emphasize the dignity of a beautiful figure.

vis 0290v

A cotton short-sleeved T-shirt will be a real boon for a hot summer. Rich green or delicate pink - colors for any image: romantic or perky. The unusual texture of the fabric makes the jumper truly unique.

vis 0249

A soft, cozy free jumper will win the heart of a girl who loves simplicity and convenience. The laconic finish in the form of three miniature buttons on the neckline adds some feature to the model. Made in coral and dark blue color.

vis 0280v

A bright turquoise or yellow cardigan T-shirt will adorn the casual look with its uncommonness. The decoration of rhinestone on the neck makes the jumper elegant and romantic. It goes well with feminine skirts and stylish trousers.

vis 0234

Tight and warm knitted sweater of elongated cut will be a stylish need for frosty evenings. The model is presented in white and gray colors, but does not look boring due to the original mating on the shoulders and chest.


Most women, who at least once have come across the products of the Vis-a-vis brand, get the best impressions and are happy to share their opinions with others.

The main advantages of the brand, in their opinion, compliance with the level of quality that the manufacturer claims. Things are well worn, do not shed and do not stretch. Materials are pleasant to the touch, do not cause irritation on the skin, durable, weevil and picky in the care.

Can not but rejoice and a wide range of products. Girls easily find their own underwear, dress or sweater to their taste for any season and for different situations.

Vis-a-vis products are a real find for obese women. They easily pick up stylish clothes and underwear, made as if individually tailored.

Lots of products are not large, which means that things have a certain level of exclusiveness. You do not have to meet on the street with a girl in the same sweater from Vis-a-vis as you.

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