Trendy Cashmere Cardigan

Trendy Cashmere Cardigan

Cashmere is one of the most expensive types of wool. As a rule, cashmere is wool of goats, living in the territory of eastern countries. Going wool by hand. After gathering wool, the fluff is washed and cleaned of unnecessary undercoat. Cashmere things to the touch are very soft and pleasant. Things do not prick, and unlike all other woolen products, they do not cause allergies.

Wool is almost not subject to the formation of pellets. Easy to stretch. The material is resistant and durable, has the ability of self-healing, which allows you to return the product to its original appearance. Cashmere retains heat well. Today, cashmere sweater has become one of the elements of the basic wardrobe of a woman.

Fashionable styles

Among the popular models of cashmere sweater followed by highlight style with a small collar. This model is a practical version of this product. This version of the sweater, especially the snow-white color, will be easily combined with any bottom, from a small skirt to regular pants. A cashmere sweater can be shortened. This option looks interesting with long skirts.

Another interesting model is a jumper with a round neck. It combines well with simple trousers and jackets. The most unusual model is a jumper with a dress silhouette. This option should be complemented by a wide or thin belt.

With v-neck

A cashmere V-neck sweater is one of the most sought after styles. This is a universal and classic model kits. With him, well-fitting shirts or thin blouses that can be worn under the bottom look good. Complement the image of pants or jeans. Among the skirts, you can choose straight or slightly flared. Such things are very convenient and comfortable.


A classic cashmere sweater should be monochrome, of noble material. A fresh cut is a slight asymmetry of the neck. Small blotches or ripples are possible in the material.

Actual colors

The most relevant colors of cashmere products are pale blue or lilac. Popular and popular beige shades. The base colors are dark, especially classic black or any gray tones. The most charming is white.

What to wear

A cashmere cardigan looks interesting with shirts or thin blouses. Best of all, if they are monotonous. They can be worn under the bottom of the jacket, complementing such a tandem is not flashy jewelry or accessories.

Jumper can be combined with pants. This option will be an excellent solution for work and office. Another office option is a straight skirt in combination with a cashmere sweater. An interesting jumper looks with jeans. This option can be supplemented with shoes with thin soles or shoes. This image is suitable for evening city walks.

A jumper with a collar can be worn under a coat. Such a thing will save the neck in heat. This is a very practical and at the same time stylish solution.

How to choose

Choosing cashmere stuff is not easy. The first thing to consider when choosing a material is what it feels like. Cashmere should be soft and tender. It is worth shaking the product, if threads or fuzzes begin to fall off, it means that such material is of poor quality and maybe not even cashmere. Check the product for elasticity. If after stretching cashmere returns to its former shape, then it is of high quality. The composition on the label should read "100% cashmere thread" and not cashmere blend, although it is allowed to add high-quality silk. The yarn must be very fragile.

Stylist tips

Stylists advise when choosing a cashmere sweater to pay attention to the colors of the body, which will be most in harmony with appearance: eyes, hair and skin color. If the top is decorated with various patterns, the skirt or pants should be monotonous and vice versa. A classic cashmere sweater is completely different with coarse metal or leather accessories.

To create a solemn look, cashmere should be combined with items of brilliant textures and complemented with bright decorations. A brownish jumper ensemble with floral print items will look very romantic and unusual.

Stylish images

The actual decision of the urban style is to choose a cashmere sweater with jeans. These can be black skinny jeans. Under the bottom of the sweater, you can pick up a shirt of dark colors. In terms of shoes you should choose smooth shoes made of black leather. If we are talking about a colder period, then over a jumper you can wear a park or a leather black jacket. A classic rectangular bag will complement the image.

For a more office version of the image, you can choose a black skirt with a beige jumper. Look the best you possibly in in a black leather skirt. This option will be interesting to combine with shoes with heels with a pointed toe.

A more summer version is a combination of a cashmere sweater with a round neck of bright colors with plain white trousers. If you choose a jumper of light blue shades, then a marine and even a few cruise image can come out.

A short jumper will look attractive with high-waisted pants. Such an image can refer to the style of Audrey Hepburn. This combination looks harmonious and stylish. In terms of shoes you can pick up loafers. Bag can choose a similar to the portfolio.

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