Jumper for girls - stand out from the crowd

Jumper for girls - stand out from the crowd

Even for young women it is important to always look stylish, elegant, and comfortable. Choosing a jumper for a girl - stand out from the crowd, because to be different from others, the individual is always interesting. The presence in the women's wardrobe of this thing makes it possible daily to create different unusual images. These clothes are very practical, comfortable and will help your girl to always look attractive and elegant.


Under the jumper is meant outerwear, which, as a rule, has no fasteners and is worn over his head. A characteristic feature of this type of clothing is the collar shape - it is round at the jumper. Translated from English, the word "jumper" means "jumper." This is due to the fact that before the sweaters were part of the wardrobe only athletes involved in athletics.

The jumper found its distribution only in the middle of the 20th century. He became the favorite clothing of both men and women. At this time, it is used even in a business style. The popularity of sweaters in the modern world of fashion is increasing more and more. This can be explained by its practicality, versatility and a large number of models.


Among the many styles of jumpers, there are several of the most popular. Given the nuances and characteristics of each of them, you can choose the element of clothing that is ideal for you.


When choosing it, consider the following:

  • if this thing has a large viscous, then visually it will increase the shape;
  • if you plan to complement the image with bright elements, then you should choose the product in monochromatic colors;
  • Knitted jumper can be supplemented with different belts, pendants, etc.


It refers to a jumper, which has a characteristic sleeve structure. In raglans, the sleeve does not extend to the shoulder, but to the collar of the product. A raglan sweater is more popular with women. Visually, the sleeve of this shape makes the shoulders more feminine.


Jumper on the type of trompe l'oeil is more popular among the male sex. It is a product whose collar resembles a shirt collar. This clothing is widely used for schoolchildren.

School models

Modern clothes for schoolchildren are diverse and have a wide choice. Due to the fact that the jumper is very comfortable and comfortable to wear, it also gained great popularity as a type of school clothes.

There are many school models for this product for both girls and boys. Among them, there are jersey-sweatshirts, cardigans, raglans, etc. Everything depends on the individual wishes of the parents, the children themselves and the requirements that the school makes to the uniform of schoolchildren’s clothes.

Actual colors

The color range of jumpers is very wide. You can buy a bright, colorful product, and you can give preference to soft, unobtrusive tones. For schoolchildren it is better to choose muted tones. If you don’t wear a jumper for official events, you can purchase a bright model.

Navy blue

Such a color will visually make the shape thinner and neater. The right model in dark blue will look elegant and elegant.


Sweaters in white are used as an element of business style clothing. White products look elegant and festive.


This color is very versatile and common.A jumper selected in warm, soft beige tones will perfectly complement your look, make it unobtrusive and pleasing to the eye.


From the material from which the jumper is made, depends on the appearance of the product, its quality, and how much this thing will last.


Things for the manufacture of which is used knitwear, become soft and comfortable. Knitwear is also popular for its natural origin.


Cashmere sweaters are especially soft. Touching the body of such a product is very pleasant, and the thing itself, with proper care, is worn for a long time.

Thread knitting

It is very common and is divided into several types: dense mesh, curly, simple, etc.

What to wear

Due to the fact that the jumper is distinguished by its practicality and versatility, it can be combined with almost everything. Often under a jumper wear blouses or shirts. Depending on the model and style of the jumper, you can pick up the rest of the clothes that will be perfectly combined with it.

  1. For the office image, a jumper is suitable, under which a blouse is worn. For the bottom perfect pencil skirt or pants.
  2. A jumper of a shortened or fitted type will look good with a lush lace, chiffon skirt or other light and lush bottom.
  3. Especially popular in tandem with jumpers are denim products - skirts and pants. This image creates a feeling of lightness and negligence.

Shoes in each case is selected individually. Everything should be selected with taste, taking into account the peculiarities of the figure and the harmony of colors.

How to choose

Choosing a jumper, it is recommended to pay attention to:

  • the material from which the item is made;
  • knitting density (if the jumper is knitted);
  • product model;
  • jumper color, etc.

There are several basic rules that help to choose a jumper for a certain body type.

  1. For women with a dense physique with full hips, it is recommended to wear a jumper of elongated type, slightly extended from the bottom.
  2. For the figure with wide shoulders and narrow pelvis fit tight, fitted jumper in combination with a lush bottom. Such a tandem will balance the top of the body and its bottom.
  3. Owners of lush hips and inconspicuous top fit three-dimensional model of a jumper, the bottom line of which should end above or below the line of the wide part of the thigh.
  4. Virtually any version of this product will be suitable for an hourglass physique. But you should consider the compatibility and harmony of the jumper with the overall style and image.
  5. A rectangular shape is recommended to emphasize the waist. To do this, a jumper for this type of bodybuilding should be selected with patterns on the waist line or select suitable accessories (belts, belts).

Model overview

You can find a large number of models of jumpers. Each of the models of these products has its own characteristics and features. It can be noted that they depend on the age characteristics that are presented to them. Each age has its own nuances, which designers and stylists pay attention to when developing models of jumpers.

For newborn

This kind of clothing for newborns is equipped with additional clasps to simplify the dressing of the baby. Such sweaters are made exclusively from natural materials that do not harm the child.

For girl

Little girls love everything colorful and bright. Therefore, jumpers for this age differ in rich colors.

For teens

At this age, I want to look stylish and attractive. With the help of a jumper, you can stand out, having picked it up correctly and with taste. Product options for this age category there are a large number. Everything will depend on preferences, individual expression, etc.

For girl

Jumper for girls should be feminine and gentle.Young women prefer delicate, pastel tones of a jumper with a fine viscous. Such products favorably emphasize the figure, make it elegant and fragile.

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